/ Updated on November 30, 2021

The new Aldi grocery story is up and running. Located in the old K-Mart space near Chick-fil-A, this is just one in the plan to expand to even more stores countrywide. Other Aldi stores in DE are in Wilmington, Dover, Middletown, Smyrna and Camden-Wyoming.

Current store hours are 9am to 8pm, every day.

Photos courtesy Michael Gennett

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  1. Avatar Suzanne Goode says:

    So have only been to store once, as sorta waiting for crowds to die down a bit. On Friday 11/12 at 6:30 pm, not crowded at all (it closes at 8 pm daily as you note). So the inventory was low on some items — understandable given the opening crowds– but pretty impressive in most categories. And I was blown away by the helpful and energetic team — including a cashier who was a pro — but he told me he previously worked at the Camden-Wyoming store, so he knows the drill! with putting your order in another cart and how the items have the UPC on up to 6 faces, so scanning is rapid. They have French & Swiss cheese, including Papillon Roquefort, at prices easily 35% lower than Giant Food, plus an assortment of holiday butter cookies & chocolates imported from Europe — get ’em while they’re still available as when they’re gone, they’re gone — usually by January but given out-of-stocks, could be earlier:-) I had shopped at an ALDI in Gaithersburg, MD occasionally from 2010-2017, and the product assortment hasn’t changed all that much. The produce is good quality and includes quite a few organic offerings — all at about 20-30% below conventional grocers. Their private label stuff isn’t always my favorite so I will still buy Fage Greek yogurt at Giant, for example. But for what ALDI stocks, including some of the generic dried fruit & nuts, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, etc., the quality is pretty high. Congrats, and don’t forget to have a quarter at hand for the shopping carts. Bring your own bags, but ALDI gives away the partially knocked-down cartons if you forget (and they sell re-usable bags for 25 cents, I think, which are sturdy — whatta deal compared to $1-2 for re-usable bags elsewhere)

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