Forgotten Mile Ale House CLOSED

/ Updated on January 13, 2020

Forgotten Mile Ale House, the brainchild of upstate restaurateurs Steve and Mike Lucey, will be closing for good as of Sunday, Jan. 5th, 2020.

The Lucey brothers are the owners of Wilmington's Ulysses Gastropub and Hockessen's Six Paupers Pub. Their downstate venture served up pretty good pub fare, with some outstanding highlights. But low visibility (advertising-wise) and issues that have plagued that location since the closing of  the Lynch family's successful Captain's Table restaurant eventually contributed to their demise.

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  1. Avatar dee dono says:

    I have be in there many times. Food was never the problem, it was good all the time, for what it was trying to be. The service finally made us stop going in.

    • Avatar Andy Brittingham says:

      Food was good, the few times we actually were waited on. The last two visits this summer we never got service and walked out. It’s a shame they’re gone, but their service was terribly lacking. Hopefully a lesson to use with their other restaurants.

  2. Avatar Jack Bostic says:

    We visited Forgotten Mile a number of times during their early years. Food was always unique and very tasty. But the service was irregular at best. The location was close to Bin 66 and should not have been a deterrent along with a sizeable and accessible parking lot.

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