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/ Updated on September 11, 2016

Gelato Gal's sadly short-lived gelato/barbecue/candy operation on Oyster House Road across from Big Fish Grill has now become the sadly short-lived and now closed Anderson’s Produce.

Prime mover (and Johnson & Wales culinary graduate) Kevin Anderson and his delightful wife sold homemade baked pies, breads and pastries, as well as fresh veggies/fruit. You could also get flowers, vegetable plants, local honey, jams, jellies, and private-label jarred items such as apple butter, salsa and pickles. Sadly, that just wasn't enough to tempt customers to negotiate that rather difficult location.

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  1. Avatar JayW says:

    Already missed. Kevin was such a nice guy and loved to talk about his offerings. I guess the rent was too high. I wish him good luck and hope to see him reopen again!

  2. Avatar karen hirst says:

    We tried twice to go there a few weeks back, and no one was there. The second time we waited till after 10, when they were supposed to be open. Several customers there, but no staff. We all left and went to Fresh Market.

  3. Avatar Missy says:

    There was nobody there when I went by (twice!) last weekend. Very sad – their produce was great, the service was friendly, and the location was convenient. I’m sorry they’re no longer there.

    There were a lot of plants out front that were busy dying. I hope they’ll get rescued.

  4. Avatar Stacy Anderson says:

    Thank you! Our only location is in Rehoboth now, we moved the business from Greeenwood to Rehoboth.

  5. Avatar Donna says:

    I stopped by last Friday at 11 am and no one was there???? Very disappointing! Hope they are open every day at least a few hours a day. Would be nice to have their hours posted on door so we would know.

  6. Avatar Cindy says:

    Stopped by last week and looked in the window, nothing seems to be happening at all. Has the plan changed?!?! Disappointing if it isn’t happening.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Yes, I did the same thing. Kevin said they were there…but the place is still vacant. I am researching.

  7. Avatar Mary Jo says:

    Open all year round!! YAHOOOOOO

  8. Avatar JenM says:

    This is a great spot for produce. There has been a huge void since Bozies closed.

  9. Avatar Jake Woods. says:

    I always stopped at Anderson’s on my way to the shore.. Now it will be right at my fingertips.. Great produce, baked goods and plantings.. will be a big hit

  10. Avatar Karen says:

    Awesome!!! Love Anderson’s produce! Everything is so fresh and delicious. If you are unsure of whAt you need in a dish just ask.. The chef in Kevin comes out.. He will assist you in Any way. So glad it’s coming to the beach!!!!

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