M&G Cheesemongers Closed

/ Updated on September 14, 2014

Proprietor Andy Meddick has permanently closed Morgan & Gower Cheesemongers on Baltimore Avenue. The sporadic hours over the last few months suggested that the cute store's sad demise was imminent.

The sign on the door says that they will reopen in another location, and we can only hope that that will be the case. The cozy fromagerie was a welcome spot for turophiles up and down the coast — when they could catch the place when it was open. Oh well, back to Trader Joe's….

By the way, it has been brought to my attention that this article was “snarky” and “mean.” I truly intended no snark or meanness in this article, just facts and a bit of conjecture, which is my job, after all. After Andy contacted me, I went back and removed one sentence about his closing of Good For You Foods — also a factual statement, by the way. If any unintended snark was perceived by anyone, I apologize – most especially to Andy Meddick. Nobody promoted his store more than I did, both here and in the local newspapers.

  1. Catherine Hester Catherine Hester says:

    M&G was not consistent. It seemed that the owner was busy being a Realtor and didn’t seem to invest time and passion into the cheese shop. And I agree with Anna — Patty’s in Georgetown is awesome! I’m addicted to her Cotswold cheese. She is always on-site, available, friendly and knowledgeable.

  2. Anna G. and Larry Anna G. and Larry says:

    My husband and I tried several times to get into the cheese store, but they were either closing or closed. But we have found a great spot in Georgetown where we buy our cheese now, Patty’s on S. Bedford St., about a block west of 16 Mile. We love the place, and Patty is delightful. And they carry the 16 Mile-infused cheddar (a magic ingredient in my mac and cheese). [Click here to see the article about Patty’s — ed.]

  3. Terry B. Terry B. says:

    I see no meanness in your posting. Reads like a news story written by somebody who liked the store. Oh well each to his own.

  4. Avatar Michele says:

    Wow! Such a snarky article:( Sounds like you are almost glad the business failed. Thats sad. Really sorry the store is closing. It was always a stop for us when we were in town. Hope he does well in his new location. I will look forward to it.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      I loved the store, and I’m not sure what you felt was snarky about it. Everything I stated was a fact. If you remember, I constantly promoted the store both on this site and in the newspapers and magazines when it first opened. I’m as disappointed as anybody.
      Any snark you might have perceived was not meant as that and I apologize if it came across as that.

  5. Avatar Bunnygrl says:

    Where is a local Trader Joe’s? I always stop when I go to PA, but I haven’t found one nearby.

  6. T&T T&T says:

    My wife and I love that place. We are sorry to see them go!

  7. Avatar Tanyua D. Wilkens says:

    This really sucks. I loved this store. Great cheese, great staff. No Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods here in Sussex County, either. Sad news for me.

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