El Azteca Open

/ Updated on August 14, 2016

El Azteca Restaurant is open! Get a sneak peek by clicking here!

The new eatery is on the Forgotten Mile next door to Delaware PC Services computer repair and across the highway from the Luxury Motors used car lot (formerly Mark Slaughter cars).

Check their hours be calling 302-278-7507

Check out the menu here.

We will keep you informed.

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  1. Avatar "fin" says:

    1st of all….welcome to the neighborhood to Memo and the crew… the place has somewhat of an industrial appearance inside but the food is pretty good, the drinks are tasty and pretty big, although some of the top shelf drinks are way to expensive….if i had any complaint it would be that they offer any type of happy hour specials…
    Also, maybe throw in a mariachi band during some of your weekend dinner hours to give it a more authentic atmosphere…
    All in all…i had a a pleasant experience and will be a regular

  2. Avatar Doogal says:

    I got a tour today; they have done an amazing job – it looks fantastic! They said they hope to open the end of this week.

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