Thank you, Mr. Foodie!

We live in Lehigh Valley, PA. My family visits Rehoboth Beach every year with our three teenagers and my mother. We always argue over where to eat. We found your website on Google last winter, and we decided to let “The Foodie” pick our restaurants this year, and stop the arguments.

Each of us was assigned one of your categories (two of us got “American'Traditional” since it's so big), then each read all the reviews in that category, then selected a place. The selection was non-negotiable! We have NEVER had so much fun! We ate at all new places, consulted your menu suggestions on my iPhone in the restaurants, and ordered your favorites.

We agree with your opinions. It was so much fun we are going to do it again in September. Thanks, Mr. Foodie, for a GREAT vacation in Rehoboth Beach.

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