Springtime for Sancerre

/ Updated on December 5, 2014

With the first rays of sun, tiny buds appear on the branches before the opening of the foliage. A few weeks later, the formation of grapes suggests the future harvest. Under the watchful eye of Jean-Yves Delaporte, the ripened grapes are eventually hand harvested. Then crafted into this aromatic and complex Sancerre, reminiscent of Spring itself. A little “racy,” with lemon fruit complemented by aflinty mineral nuance, and a hint of grapefruit many Sauvignon Blanc fans look for. This beauty is a true expression of the terroir and the Delaporte family who have been farming the land since the 17th century.

Located in the heart of Sancerre (in the Loire Valley), Domaine Vincent Delaporte's 24 hectares are situated in the charming village of Chavignol, already famous for its goat cheese. Seventy-five percent of the flinty/limestone soil is devoted to the noble and ancient Sauvignon grape. The average age of the vines is thirty-five years. No insecticides or herbicides are used. Instead, the Delaporte family farms the old fashioned way- tilling the soil mechanically to control the weeds.

Overlooking the Loire Valley, Sancerre is a hilltop Medieval town almost in the dead center of France. A 2 hour drive from Paris, you come upon a cobweb of twisted streets with many buildings surviving from the Middle Ages. Suddenly, you are transported back in history. Sancerre was the site of the infamous Siege of Sancerre in 1572 during the Wars of Religion where the Huguenot population held out for nearly eight months against the Catholic forces of the King. During the French Revolution, Sancerre was the site of a royalist rebellion. Then during WWII, Sancerre became the regional command center for the French Resistance.

All the passion of the French people is unmistakably translated into one of our favorite wines. When we visit the Loire Valley next October (before our Bordeaux River cruise) we hope to introduce you to one of the most quintessentially charming French appellations we know. In the meantime, enjoy this Sancerre with your favorite goat cheese, or octopus salad. Happy Spring!

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