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/ Updated on August 7, 2015

Our last few visits to Baywood Greens were the first in almost 8 years. Our experiences back then were, in terms of service, lackluster at best. Baywood Greens went through a reorganization in the food service department, and I began to get emails that things were different. Well, after two visits (one incognito and one not-quite-so), I have to tell you that things might – or might not – improved in both the service and food departments. Responses to this article via email and as posted comments seem to indicate that there might still be issues with consistency. And, as an aside, that’s too bad. A more beautiful venue for a restaurant you would be hard pressed to find. But when you have to chase down a server (many are adept at avoiding eye contact), or walk to the bar to get service because a server is engaged in a personal conversation… that’s not a good thing.

That being said, I want to dispel the general impression that Baywood Greens is not open to the public. It certainly is, and the crowd there on our most recent Thursday night visit definitely attested to that fact. We are planning our third review visit, but in the meantime take a look at the gallery for some of the dishes we have had so far. Everything has been good in the food dept., and on our last visit, our server (I think her name was Caitlin) was exceptional.

Baywood Greens is about 10 minutes west of Coastal Highway on Rt. 24 before you get to Long Neck Road. Take a look at the restaurant section of their website here.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Had the So-del $19 Sunday dinner special tonight at Baywood Greens. (cheap eats says it is $25) First time back in YEARS and we were not disappointed. Husband had the short rib with roasted brussels over mashed potatoes and I had the Salmon Entree with asparagus (a mornay sauce?) over grits. Spot-on perfectly wonderful as anyone who eats regularly at this group of restaurants would come to expect. The starter was a delicious homemade chicken noodle cup of soup with big tender chicken in there. We arrived around 7, that is late for Baywoods on Sunday apparently. By 8 PM we were the last people in the joint! The promised creme brulee was sold out but the substitution was a chocolate marshmallow bread pudding with a scoop of frozen creme fraiche. Not sorry that happened! I have been making a point to call my fave so-del places to see what the Sunday dinner special is, and this one sounded like the winner tonight. We sat in the more informal bar area, very comfortable and husband likes it that “the game” is on. Baywood Greens is a really pretty well appointed place. We showed up around 7 PM and by 8 were the last ones in the joint, so keep that in mind. Hats off to the server, he was prompt but did not make us feel rushed. Baywood is back in the rotation for me, especially now that 24 is not gridlocked.

  2. Barbara Teal says:

    Had the snow crab special at Baywood Sunday evening, 1 1/2 lbs, and it was delightful. I love eating on the verandah, the entire meal was perfectly prepared and presented. I have loved the food at Baywood since the chef changed a couple of years ago. Prior to that, I went for the ambiance in the summer, but thought the food needed a great deal of help. Now I find that I thoroughly enjoy everything I’ve ordered there, and I eat there frequently in the summer.
    Also, I found that the service was greatly improved Sunday evening. I have found it problematic in the past with obviously inexperienced servers. This was not the case Sunday. I found ours prompt and appropriately attentive. I made the same observation with the tables around us. All in all, it was a nice evening. I was entertaining a friend from Palm Desert, CA, and we both left happy.

  3. Dick C. Dick C. says:

    I posted a less-than-flattering comment a few weeks ago (see below), but I have since returned and I need to give credit where credit is due. Four 4 of us dined at Baywood on Tuesday night and had a very, very good experience. Service was first rate (a bit of a wait for drinks, check – but that seems to be a tradition there, I can deal with that) and the food was very enjoyable. My neighbor also dined there late last week and had a very nice experience with his mother – 92, and they took advantage of the very gracious offer of a birthday discount. Very nice touch on birthdays, anniversary, etc.

  4. Faithful Foodie Matt Faithful Foodie Matt says:

    After reading your latest update regarding Baywood, we ventured their this past Monday. We arrived at 5:30 and told of a 20 minute wait. I walked around the restaurant that I know so well and counted 9 tables occupied along with 11 patrons at the bar. I questioned the hostess and was told that they hadn\’t hired all their summer staff yet! We waited 45+ minutes for salads, however they were above average. We can’t say as much about our entrees. I ordered the pork chops; expecting the traditional chops with the curved bone and small amount of fat on the side. I received two slices of pork tenderloin, tuff but slight pink in the middle. The server never came back to check on us, pour us water, etc. We still had to ask for the bill after being there over 2 1/2 hours for a simple meal.

    • matt says:

      My son and his girlfriend went to Baywood last night and he told be that except for waiting awhile for his first drink, the service was quite good and he was extremely happy with the Seafood Pesto Di Pomodoro. Now the question is which experience is the norm?

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