Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill

/ Updated on April 16, 2021

Established in 1991, Gary’s has been a locals’ favorite for healthy foods in a casual atmosphere. The menu features a variety of favorites such as egg sandwiches, fruit smoothies, turkey cheesesteaks, catfish and jambalaya. Gary is partnered with Adam Newman, owner of Rehoboth Ale House in Rehoboth Beach and also one of the nicest guys around.

Fresh seafood entrees include tuna, salmon and crab cakes. Gary's also serves sushi!

The menu is divided into starters, salads, small bites, from the grill, big bites, Dewey Sushi, sides and dessert. Purists will also appreciate the small selection of Sashimi and Nigiri.

Don't confuse Gary's with a 100% health food joint. The food there ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD! One of my go-to dishes “from the grill” is Gary's famous Turkey Cheesesteak. I have to tell you that it is so nicely spiced that I had a hard time telling it from a quality ribeye cheesesteak. Another high point on the menu is a selection of Cajun goodies, including Dirty Chicken, Cajun Catfish, Etouffee and Jambalaya. We had the jambalaya last time (see it in the gallery). It is deeply spiced, yet surprisingly light.

I owe Gary's Dewey Beach Grill a couple more visits before I present an actual review, and I can't wait to go back. I want the Dirty Chicken, the Turkey Burger and the Caesar.

Gary's has a tiny brewery on premises with a very clever name: 38° – 75° Brewery. Look it up….

Gary's is on the ocean side of Coastal Highway at 2000 Coastal Highway directly across from Jimmy's Grill. Call Gary's to check hours or make weekend reservations: (302) 227-8519. Hours under normal conditions are 11 – 1 Monday thru Friday, Saturday 9 – 1 and Sunday 10-1.

See the website HERE.

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  1. Avatar Always Hungry says:

    Still great food–the best turkey cheese steak anywhere, in or out of the Delaware beach area. But the service — I score zero. I’m the first one to sympathize with restaurants being short-handed, given the trend against work today. Restaurant owners everywhere are short-handed. But there were two available servers/bartenders at a relatively uncrowded time more interested in the football game and their phones than myself. I couldn’t finish my excellent sub due to choking without the benefit of a second drink (which I ordered, but the football game and phones took priority, it seems.) Three times in my 58 years I have not tipped. Just 3 times; and this was one of them. Probably won’t go back, but it’s not because of the food.

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