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/ Updated on July 30, 2016

Preshy's is a difficult place to review. I've heard mixed opinions from many people (just look at the comments below!), so I dined there several times to be sure to provide you with the most accurate information. On my fifth visit I was joined by a party of ten, so I got a good look at (and taste of) a number of dishes, along with LOTS of bad attitude.

If you must eat there, stay with the basics. Fortunately that isn't hard, because most of what they serve is limited to the basics. A restaurant should obviously concentrate on what they do best. The prices are quite low, and that can be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. Sadly, you pay for that by putting up with a fair amount of rudeness from the owner, Roberto. Perhaps he is resentful that his prices are so low? Not sure, but don't believe me; see the reader comments below.

The main courses come with soup or salad. Observation of other tables convinced me to try the soup, as the house salad was ridiculously small (in its defense, it's only $2.95 a la carte, anyway). The soup du jour was lentil. It was simple, straightforward and obviously homemade with fresh ingredients. I would have preferred it a little more boldly spiced, but I guess that's why they put salt and pepper on the table. I also had the Caprese salad. It was cool, crisp and actually pretty generous. The dressing was tasteless; I suspect it was nothing but oil.

The people at our table who visited there most often all ordered the Veal Marsala. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan. I regretted not ordering the veal. The chicken was thinly pounded, but I prefer a parm dish lightly breaded and a little crunchy. The red sauce was ordinary and not even as good as some bottled sauces, and there wasn't a lot of cheese topping. And there was an undefinable taste (rare for me) that was not pleasant. Like chemicals of some kind. The Veal Marsala, on the other hand, was good. The brown sauce was savory and rich, and the veal, though a tad overdone, was still tender. Consider yourself warned.

Others at the table got the Penne Puttanesca (Puttanesca = a dish, usually pasta, topped with a spicy sauce containing capers, tomatoes, anchovies, garlic and sometimes olives). Sadly, it wasn't nearly as spicy as this dish is supposed to be. The remaining diners had the spaghetti Bolognese (Bolognese = a sauce made with meat). It was a too salty to clearly identify the meats in the sauce (usually it's beef, maybe some veal and perhaps some sausage or chopped and fried pancetta (Italian bacon). The salt hid it all. I wonder why?

I believe that one evaluates a restaurant on price and what they claim to do best. Preshy's dishes up basic Italian at a surprisingly low price (most of their entrees are around $14). Roberto, the owner, was our waiter. If he doesn't approve of some combination that you order, he will make that very clear to you. I, like many, originally found that amusing (though many find it annoying, especially when he does it to kids–see below). But it quickly becomes tiresome.  Dealing with him during the ordering process was an ordeal to say the least. From an entertainment point of view, it was the high point of the night. But this place is not worth the trouble. I'll happily give a few more bucks to another restaurant that actually tries to make dining a pleasant experience. Take that as you wish.

UPDATE: I continue to get comments and emails about Roberto's attitude with diners who have the nerve to ask for unreasonable things like a different table, a napkin, or (God forbid) dressing on the side. We went back recently just to refresh. I won't bore you with the details, but it all comes down to this: Preshy's food is NOT good enough for him to behave in that manner. Frankly, and I have never said this about any local restaurant, I hope I don't have to go back any time soon.

Again, I've had so many people tell me different things about Preshy's. Have you been there? What did you think? I personally like somewhat larger portions, a greater variety, and a nicer presentation. But if it's cheap food you want, Preshy's fills the bill. (Remember – the cheaper it is on the menu, the less he paid for it. That might not be a good thing….) As a site visitor said below, you get what you pay for, and, if reader comments are to be believed, rudeness/offhanded comments and insults seem to be handed out liberally in exchange for cheap eats.

Preshy's is apparently open for lunch during the week, and opens late afternoon on the weekends. The breakfast entrees are pretty standard breakfast stuff, but I am intrigued by the French toast with a creamy orange sauce and also the gorgonzola omelet. Lunches are similar to the dinner menu, and they add some “lunchy” sandwich offerings such as  BLT, turkey club, etc. The lunch prices (and portions) are reduced to about half of that of dinner. Note that they only serve beer and wine. No hard stuff. The wine prices are quite low.

UPDATE: I decided to give in and try Preshy's yet again. It is early summer 2016. We walked in – the place was empty. We stood obediently at the front door for a good 5 – 7 minutes. Nobody. Nothing. At one point a woman in the kitchen saw us and looked away. There are waaayyyy too many restaurants in this area who value their patrons, for us to stand in this rather dirty storefront begging for what will probably be mediocre food. Scroll down to see commentary after commentary that seem to point to one factor: Those who actually like Preshy's are those who like it because it is so cheap. Of course, this information is gleaned only from the reader comments and my experiences there, but one reader made a good point with an old adage from author John Ruskin: “There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man's lawful prey.” I suspect there are enough people in this area who fall into that category to keep this restaurant afloat. Me? I think I'll pay a bit more and be treated fairly and in a civil manner. It's not worth it for a couple of bucks.

Preshy's is at #14 Midway Shopping Center (to the right of the theaters), directly across from the Midway Outlets, just north of Rehoboth Beach proper. Check to make sure they're open in the off-season. (302) 645-8300. Preshy's has no online menu available, but click here to visit their Facebook page. The Facebook page won't help you much – as of this late summer 2015 update, there hasn't been a post on there since 2013. (L., D.) Price Range, Inexpensive -.

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  1. Avatar Har Tadar says:

    Roberto is an ass who needs professional help.

    My wife and I stumbled upon this seemingly quaint, tasty, and modestly priced restaurant and quickly decided that it was going to be our spot. We went back repeatedly in a short period of time. However, Roberto was always rude toward us, mocking me for not drinking alcohol when I was trying to dial it back for medical reasons, putting up a fuss if we asked for water or bread, and the like. His behavior was annoying, but also seemed charming to a certain extent. However, this all changed when Roberto aggressively grabbed the fork out of my hand for no clear reason as I attempted to try my wife’s dish. Roberto made no apologies and was rather proud of himself as we called him out for his aggressive behavior, which violated numerous basic norms of civil conduct. It was the rudest I have ever been treated by any form of restauranteur and what was once our favorite restaurant is now the one that my wife and I will not step foot in.

  2. Avatar Bill says:

    I saw in yesterday’s Cape Gazette that the entire Preshy’s establishment is up for sale, lock stock and barrel, through Lingo Realtors.

    So if you want to be antagonized for one last time, you better get there as it is nearing the end. Hopefully the new owners will be more customer friendly.

    This is breaking news. I am surprised there wasn’t a major announcement here on the Rehoboth Foodie.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      I have been aware of the sale for a few weeks. Given the number of negative reviews/guest comments here and elsewhere, I don’t feel it’s all that big a deal to promote. Hope a restaurant with better service moves in! Thanks for the note.

  3. Avatar Sarah says:

    wow I have been considering going because there aren’t too many authentic Italian places around here. These comments scare me and I don’t want to dine at a place that thinks they can treat people so rudely. I’m honestly appalled by what I’m reading. I don’t think I’ll be trying this place lol

  4. Avatar Colleen says:

    On June 17, 2022, my husband and I visited Preshy restaurant in Rehoboth, Delaware. We paid via debit card and left a tip In cash of $6.00. My husband crossed off the tip area on the receipt. The actual charge was $32.40. I just got our bank statement and saw that he charged us another $7.00 equaling the amount of $39.40. That is fraud. We plan to do further action. DO NOT use your credit/debit card there.

  5. Avatar Dave D. says:

    A group of us went for an early dinner before taking in a movie a few store fronts away. About half of the group has eaten here before and claimed: “The food is decent, has small portions, and you’ll get a kick out of the owner’s personality.” The price was certainly right and the portions were on the small side as they had warned. As I’m really not into experimenting when it comes to cheap Italian food, I ordered the Grilled Chicken over Caesar Salad. Asking for the chicken to be blackened though was my misguided blunder. I assume we must be short on seasoning, as the owner just looked as if I asked him to stand on his head. Plain, grilled, thin chicken it is then! Anyway, the presentation was just like my mom would present this dish back in the day…very plain, and very, eh. It was just ok, but for the price it did it’s job to stave off the hunger.
    My wife asked for Sauvignon Blanc with her meal and Roberto, the owner, just blurted out “White”. Other’s in our party asked for different red wines and a similar response was given as, “Red”. That’s what you get, Red or White. Probably a common table red and white ordered with the owner’s shipment of seasonings. That’s it.
    A bit into the meal we asked for water but were told by the owner that he wasn’t the water guy. We had to ask later again from a server and she responded that she was busy delivering food at the moment. Halfway through the meal we did get some water…on the 3rd request. (Not sure if water gets delivered with those seasonings.)
    One of our party ordered the Chicken Parmesan and waited to start so he could ask for additional cheese to sprinkle on top of his dish…as is a usual custom in any Italian restaurant I’ve ever come across. The server came back after her visit to the kitchen (I assume to retrieve this precious commodity), and stated that additional granulated cheese would be an extra $3.00. This man in our party wisely declined such a fabulous offer.
    All-in-all, the total bill was quite low compared to the many fine establishments in this area, and we did receive the quality one would expect, I guess, with that price. It was an ok meal at a low cost, but when we do go out, my wife and I are looking for quite a bit more than we received here. My concern would be if an owner is cutting corners in every way imaginable, in what way is he doing so with his food supply orders?
    Many in our group have been to this restaurant on more than a few occasions (Must questions our friends’ dietary tastes, but that’s for another review), and I’m sure they’ll go again. We won’t be back, there are way too many great places to enjoy great food and pleasant service in this area. Thanks.

  6. Avatar Thom Guerin says:

    5/13/22. Had the worse experience of my life. Owner approached our table and my wife asked for a glass of wine and I asked for a glass of water with lemon. Owner stated for me to go down the road and get my own lemon. He walked away. Came back with the glass of wine, but no water. Again I asked him for a glass of water. He mumbled something and walked away. While later I saw him with four glass of water and gave to another table. After receiving our meal owner came to table and asked my wife for another glass of wine. I again asked for water and he stated that he was the wine guy and walked away. I received the bill, gave owner my credit card. He came back to table and threw bill in front of me. I gave zero tip (0) because of being disrespected. I also wrote on tab the reason why I was giving no tip. When we were both leaving table he picked up receipt and saw no tip. He said NO TIP and I said to him because I never received any water when asked. He raised his voice in front of other customers and told my wife and I never to return to his restaurant. I was informed by other customers in the Rehoboth area that the owner keeps the tips and his waitress Sarah receives none of it. Again, this owner was disrespectful to me and my wife during our time at Preshys.

  7. Avatar Bill says:

    Roberto, has changed, albeit not a lot.
    He still has his short and abrupt personality but it appears “he’s working on it!.
    His entrees are small but very flavorful and very reasonably priced.
    Roberto does most of the seating, order taking and most of the serving.
    Don’t expect any welcoming or endearing conversation from Roberto….it’s simply not forthcoming. Most of the time he does everything except the cooking. Occasionally they’d is a bus person or two but usually that’s all the do and speak very little English. So the fact the he retains the tips is questionable….he is doing most of the work.
    I’ve been coming here for seven years the food is well the price. If you have an enormous appetite you’re not going to be satisfied. If you’re an average person you will have a good meal with bread, salad . , Although it’s advertised, I’ve I never remember soup ever being served. Wine is fair( two kinds, white or red) don’t ask for anything else.
    Both Flounder on Talapia are on the menu but in the last 7 tears only Talapia is ever available, salad is small but flavorfully dressed.

    Yes, I say go….. just consider it Dinner with a show.

  8. Avatar DinerDimitri says:

    Preshy’s: very tasty dishes & prices. Problem is : Roberto gives zero tip $ to waitresses. It is said that it’s best to slip the wait persons their deserved tip. May be best not to add a tip on the Visa charge at all. You figure it out.

  9. Avatar Denise says:

    We were curious about Preshys and tried it last night. Initially did not care of Roberto, found him rude. He took our order, chicken soup and warm bread was brought out quickly. The soup was excellent, the bread was warm and soft. Salad with grilled shrimp was quite good and the Pasta Bolognese was excellent in an ample portion (leftovers!) and it reminded me of my mom’s recipe.
    After dinner conversation with Roberto, he warmed up, was engaging and friendly. We plan to return.

  10. Avatar Elizabeth Snyder says:

    It’s ok but I’m at the beach to enjoy..the owner is rude & food mediocre. Great for young kids on a budget but I’d rather spend more.. & have better wine & great service!

  11. Avatar Wm. LeChard says:

    We moved to Delaware 3 years ago. At that time we asked a friend of a friend to recommend an Italian restaurant. They said Preshy had good food at reasonable prices but warned us about Roberto. We decided to chance it and honestly the food was very good, the prices very fair and Roberto was as big a jerk as we had been told. We did, however, continue to go there. The prices and the quality helped us to ignore his attitude. Fast forward to about a year ago. My wife wanted to go there for her birthday and we and my cousin and his wife went. We were kind of taken off guard as Roberto was something he had never been before; pleasant. I do not know what happened (suspect he has a twin no one knew about and that is who works the front now and the family keeps Roberto tied up and gagged). Quite honestly the change is unbelievable. Last time we were in he actually smiled and joked with me. Don’t know what happened but it’s for the best. Bravo Roberto!

  12. Avatar Chad Roscoe says:

    Wow. It seems like if you don’t like Preshy’s you’re a gluttonous diva who doesn’t like pasta in this godforsaken part of the world.
    Three questions for the non-gluttonous divas: (1) Do you imagine the mistreated people are making up their stories? (2) Do you think Roberto’s treatment of them or his staff is okay? (3) If you think our beach area is godforsaken, shouldn’t you find another place to visit?

  13. Avatar Lorraine Piper says:

    Seems to me that these negative commenter have no concept of a trattoria and have never been to italy. Most don’t have a menu you get what they found fresh that day. No you don’t get Ranch dressing you get house or oil and vinegar. I also noted several ppl. Went back several times sounds like the compitition is trying to taste their way through the menu and copy it or just envy because she’s selling it cheaper. I know the resturant busy is dirty but this is obvious . It’s the best northern italian food in Sussex cty. Don’t let bad reviews deter you from a cozy wonderful meal !

  14. Avatar Debra Swartzlander says:

    I have never experienced such bad service in all my life. Went in to get take out, Asked about the Soup, was told no soup. Asked for Chicken Parm with Angel Hair Pasta, told “no” Penne and the menu was snatched out of my hand. Never in all my years have I had someone so rude. I don’t care if the food was free, will never go there again.

  15. Avatar Mark Alexander says:

    There is a reason Roberto (field marshal Goering) is maitre’d ,waiter, busboy, bartender and cashier. Nobody in their right mind could work in such an oppressive, hostile work environment.

  16. Avatar Liz S. says:

    4/7/18 – going to see a movie and then Preshy’s – will have our armour on LOL – review later today – wish us luck !!!

  17. Avatar Fran says:

    I love Preshys. I also love that the babies who need to be coddled will stay away. The owner is funny in my opinion. He doesn’t put up with whiners and good for him. I also find his sarcasm hilarious. All those with sticks up their bums, yes, please do go elswhere. The food is delicious and actually reminds me of a cafe in Italy. And you can’t beat the price. Molto bene!

  18. Avatar Jim Austin says:

    Roberto. Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi was cloned from him. (Nothing wrong with that…)

    I found him to be obnoxious, and I think he enjoys it. Others think he is the most humorous charming old man. You decide, but if it’s good Italian cooking you’re hoping for, you won’t find it at Preshy’s. It’s a mix of the bland and the inedible in my opinion.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Bingo. The difference is that the Soup Nazi’s food was excellent. If you’re going to act like that (take the Palm Restaurants for example – their stock in trade) then your food has to be beyond reproach. My experience suggests that is NOT the case at Preshy’s. But some people will eat – and put up with – anything if it’s cheap. There is SO MUCH better Italian food around here. Oh well, to each his own.

  19. Avatar Cheryl says:

    Roberto, the owner of this restaurant threatened to punch my elderly husband on our recent visit to this restaurant. Out-of-town friends wanted to go there for dinner even though we advised them the owner was rude and abusive to his customers and wait staff. Our friend asked for extra salad dressing and was reprimanded. Our waitress told us to please hide the extra butter we asked for or she would”get in trouble.” Our request for extra grated cheese was rudely denied. A glass of wine is only $2.95 but tastes like wine vinegar!!! Having previously been told by friends that he keeps the tips of his wait staff, we chose to quietly tip our waitress in cash. When it came time to pay the bill, we did not add a tip. Roberto saw this and loudly yelled at us in front of the other patrons and threw us out, telling us never to return.

    Unfortunately, my husband had to go back in to retrieve his sunglasses. Roberto saw him and ran and blocked the door so my husband could not leave. He then raised his fists and threatened to punch him. My husband then raised his fists to defend himself, and told Roberto we would never be back. Roberto finally allowed my husband to leave.

    There are too many good restaurants in Rehoboth for anyone to be subjected to this abuse. The only positive thing I could say is the prices are cheap but if one is looking for cheap, then go to any of the fast food establishments in Rehoboth.

    • Avatar Michael says:

      Sounds like your husband was assaulted. This was traumatic for the other patrons as well! If children were present and witnessed this, it could have a lasting effect. Roberto needs to retire or be forced to close.
      I was asked to leave because I was a party of one and he only seats two or more.

      • Avatar Barbara Woods says:

        Yes, the owner of Preshy’s, Roberto, behaved outrageously and someone took the time to write about their really bad experience, and I agree with Michael that the authorities should have been called, but — it just goes on and on, for years now. I see servers being bullied and getting no tips (which is illegal according to the Delaware Dept. of Labor) and patrons being bullied and abused, talked down to, refused service for ridiculous reasons, patrons writing about Preshy’s falsifying their credit card receipt adding on bigger tips, and finally people complaining to the local Better Business Bureau to no avail as this restaurant is not a participating member.
        Comments like “this place should be shut down” seem to indicate that indeed patrons should try to avoid it, but yet Preshy’s seems to just get away with its clearly illegal and offensive practices year after year. It’s sad that this online review entity has not updated its opinion of Preshy’s in a more definitive manner, giving it the truly bad review it needs instead of relying on out-dated experiences from years ago, Wake up Rehoboth Foodie! PLEASE.

        • Avatar Mark Alexander says:

          The pasta nazi is such an arse people go there just to see him in action. I used to be an Orioles fan just to see Earl lose it.

          He gets away with it because his prices are cheap. Lets face it Barb. we could open up a restaurant in RB , serve dirt and dog food in the summer for $27.95 and the shoobies and bennies would gladly wait in line.

    • Avatar Michael says:

      Sounds like your husband was assaulted. This was traumatic for the other patrons as well! If children were present and witnessed this, it could have a lasting effect. Roberto needs to retire or be forced to close.

      • Avatar GlennF says:

        I would of called the cops on him! He’s a miserable person and should be incarcerated!! He is a thief and should not be making money off of innocent workers and customers!! He tried to steal from me with adding on to my credit card and giving himself a bigger tip. I would never go there and have told everyone I know not to go!!!

  20. Avatar Linda M. says:

    updated visit.
    friends in town wanted to go there and after the last experience, and we filled them in, they said, “let’s give it a try again” again rude service coupled with indifference. 2 of us wanted no dressing on our salads, and we were rewarded with eye rolling and mumbling. We asked for lemon in lieu of dressing and none was delivered …and none with our water either. surprisingly every other diner received lemon with their water, I suppose we were being punished. Another chance confirms, we are no longer returning.

  21. Avatar Penny says:

    Delicious food, great service and homemade bread. What could be better than that!!

  22. Avatar Linda M. says:

    We ate at Preshy’s quite frequently due to the close proximity to our home. Food was ok, prices good, but that all ended for us about a month ago. My husband loves the mussels in a nice spicy red sauce. Big serving and served over pasta. We came in around 5:30 asked what specials there were. The arrogant owner said no specials that evening. We were served what we ordered and began eating when we overheard Roberto tell the table behind us the special that evening was MUSSELS!! We were ticked off to say the least. My husband said, “I thought there we no specials tonight!!??” Roberto said, the mussels had just been delivered. What a liar. We paid our bill, didn’t tip because HE KEEPS THE TIPS! and we told him quite loudly we will never EVER return. I don’t pay to be treated like garbage.

    • Avatar Glenn F says:

      If you paid by credit card, check your charge. He ADDED tip to mine!! I hope you paid cash, he’s a thief on top of being arrogant and down right horrible human being!!

    • Avatar Michael says:

      He clearly doesn’t care. His treatment to his patrons is really out of control. Everyone is treated the same, poorly. People go because it’s inexpensive and entertaining. However, when he’s rude to them, they cease coming. The food is just ok and barely enough. If you go early, you surely will be hungry later. Portions are small.


    • Avatar Barbara Woods says:

      Wow, Linda. Good for you, especially not paying any tip.

  23. Avatar GlennF says:

    Seems that if the owner/waiter/host doesn’t like the tip you leave him, he changes it!! After being treated like we were trying to jip him out of 45 cents, YES 45 cents!! The owner was down right RUDE, throwing the credit card receipts on the table and storming off. Needless to say, I was annoyed that he treated us that way, we have been there many times before. I felt he deserved a bad tip (10%). Well, I checked my credit card on line today and he added $3.00 on to my credit card OVER my tip and $2.00 on my friends tip as well!! Sunday night was the last time I will ever eat there. Owner/host is nasty, ignorant and down right RUDE. Changing the amount of the tip on a credit card even if it’s a penny, is not only dishonest, it’s stealing!!

    • Avatar Michael says:

      Report him to the Credit card company and the police. If he has done it to you, he probably has done it to others. It is theft!!
      I reported my incident to the BBB.

      • Avatar GlennF says:

        I did report him to my credit card co as well as my friend did too. The credit card co credited both of us the extra money he tried to take. That’s all they would do! Very discouraging!

        • Avatar Michael says:

          Report him to the Rehoboth police department then. They will open a complaint and investigate the matter. He will at least get a visit which may deter him from doing it again to someone else.

          • Avatar Barbara says:

            To Michael and all the others having problems with PRESHYS
            Since mid summer 2016 I have been complaining about this restaurant, for one reason, that the owner abusively treated one of my Ukranian J-1 students who worked her 2nd job there, by taking her tips. He broke many Del labor laws and I reported him, not only to the Del. Dept of Labor but to the State Department. The problem is, in this circumstance, is that the victim of his fraud is from a country that has no trust in government so she, the waitress, just will not file a complaint against this restaurant to get her approx. $5k worth of tips back, as hard as we are trying to convince her that it is ok to do this in the U.S. It is a tragedy.
            I can say that it pleases me that others have finally decided to stop writing glowing reviews about the place.
            I have no respect for this person and hopefully the Better Business Bureau will take notice, but I think you have to belong to that group for them to be able to do anything.
            So Preshy’s will just happily continue with people writing how “gracious” and “charming” he is. Sure, because he is stealing the server’s tips.

  24. Avatar Lisa says:

    After previously eating at Preshy’s my father decided to go back, this time he was by himself and got turned away. He was turned away because he was told “sorry my friend, I do not have tables for one”, even though he had 3 open tables. To discriminate against someone because they are eating alone is despicable. Stay away from Preshy’s and the nasty owner who does not value his customers no matter what the size of the party.

  25. Avatar Michael Steinberg says:

    Just ate there 2 weeks ago and although very small portions, it was good.I was with my neighbor who introduced it to me. Last night, Nov. 5, 2016 I returned as a single and although there were at least 3 empty tables of two, he refused to seat me. He said he doesn’t serve parties of one. I just drove up from my Bethany (vacation) home specifically to eat there. I’m in the area at least one or two times a month off season and constant during the summer. I’m a creature of habit and was hoping to make this a regular dining spot for myself while on business and just in general. Obviously, I will never return and side with those who criticize!
    This is not a place to take a family for fear of Roberto’s behavior may offend children. His rudeness shouldn’t be over looked because it’s cheap to dine their. For a few bucks more, many other establishments are available. BTW, ended up at Touch Of Italy and it was great!!
    Thank you Roberto for steering me clear of Preshy’s and giving me a story that I can share with others to avoid going. I did file a complaint with the BBB.

  26. Avatar Patricia says:

    Just finished a meal here and I can tell you it is the most authentic REAL ITALIAN food that I have ever had in USA. I have spent a great deal of time in Italy and this restaurant serves the real deal. We had no issue at all with Roberto, in fact he was very gracious. I wonder if commenters here have actually been to one of the many family run restaurants in Italy. I certainly will be back, as the food is very good and better than I’ve had in more expensive, more “American-Italian ” restaurants.

    • Avatar Barbara says:

      Good for you, Patricia. But when you pay your bill make sure the server gets the tip in her hand. If Roberto takes the tab I guarantee he pockets it. That is so gracious of him, right? Taking money from international student workers?

  27. Avatar Joanne Sheldon says:

    Hello Rehoboth Foodie: I read your entire article on Preshy’s Italian Rest and I totally disagree with all your comments, starting with how you described the appearance of the entrance as being filthy; it was immaculate. The food was exceptional, the service and Roberto extraordinary. I don’t know what you were expecting, but my husband and I were greeted with huge friendly smiles, a great conversation with Roberto, taking the time explaining the ordering process (I had to wait for bread until I placed my entree order), and the cleanest place I’ve eaten in for sometime. Preshy’s was recommended by friends, so I immediately looked for reviews and came across yours’…..Me, being, a self/thinker had to find out for myself. My husband and I had our first of many visits to Preshy’s tonight and looking forward to many more. You having to visit the place five times tells me that you also enjoyed, but held back for some reason on being totally honest. You should be careful with comments such as you made; it could ruin a business, due to the fact that so many people can’t think for themselves and listen to folks who really don’t understand what exceptional food should taste like. Thank you for listenening.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Perhaps you should read the article again. I did not use the word “filthy” regarding the restaurant. In fact, I made no comment whatsoever regarding the physical condition of the place. That word was used by one (or perhaps a few) of the many people who went there, were unhappy, and expressed their comments on this site. Rather than advising me to “be more careful,” you might consider taking that advice yourself when quoting an article.

    • Avatar Mark Alexander says:

      He must have taken his prozac and his lithium that day. lol

  28. Avatar Will says:

    And…..be very sure check your credit card bill – One charged twice for the meal – second time both friends tips were increased by 100 percent – FRAUD! reported to both BBB (he is not a member – imagine that) and the DE attorney general’s office – this place should be shut down!

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Interesting. I have received several emails claiming that very same thing, but I chose not to post them. I wonder if this is a common practice at this restaurant?

    • Avatar Barbara Woods says:

      Hi Will.
      Did you know that Roberto hires J-1 international visa students and pays them $11 an hour, and NO TIPS. Roberto takes the server’s tips and puts them in his own pocket. He watches them like a hawk and tells them not to even look at the check. I know for a fact he is breaking Delaware Labor Law and is probably the most unscrupulous employers I have even heard of. He should be shut down.

  29. Jerry T Jerry T says:

    Interesting… I came to this site to read the comments because of Walt’s post on Facebook. After reading the comments, it seems that the majority of people who like this place end up commenting that it is cheap to eat there. I will never go there again because he was rude to one of my kids when she asked for more water. It made her cry. I guess some people will put up with anything to save a couple of bucks. It’s not worth it to leave there pissed off. Never again. There are lots of restaurants out there that are run by nice people who work hard and who are not so full of themselves.

  30. Avatar Walt Hetfield says:

    The food was okay, the price was decent. BUT, we waited thirty minutes to cash out. When I brought this to the attention of the boorish owner (who was in the weeds because the place was actually half full) he insulted me! I’m not coming back. EVER. Like it’s my fault he can’t run a restaurant? Sheesh!

  31. Avatar Nancy says:

    We’ve been going to Preshys for a few years,and it has become our favorite while visiting the beach. Oddly,Roberto does not bother me. We always allow a couple hours and enjoy talking and taking our time.Do not come here if you are in a rush.Food has never disappointed.

  32. Avatar Judy Lippe says:

    We have been customers for years. We find that Roberto likes a good friendly challenge and as a regular treats his customers well. For example, when my husband requested a different table and Roberto said no, my husband said oh yes and Roberto agreed. When another couple requested glasses for their beer, Roberto said there were no clean glasses, so our friend said, then go wash them because we do not drink beer out of a bottle.

    I am more upset in restaurants when our server asks “what can I get you guys”- I am not a guy. Or when they ask “are you finished working on that” -I don’t work on food, I enjoy it. I like the food and the homemade gnocchi, when available is fabulous. We have sometimes been disappointed in the food, but for the most part, really enjoy the atmosphere, Roberto (he is a trip) and the food. Anita Peghini-Raber’s art work is worth the trip alone. If the customer wants high end service and food, this is not the place, if the customer wants a “hometown” restaurant with fun, this is it.


  33. Avatar Charles and Tim says:

    If you can stand the Roberto the owner you will be in store for many insults. “Did you read the sign”? Evidentllly I had the audicity to seat myself since the place was empty and he had seated me at table for two earlier in my recent visit. I must say the food is standard, good prices, but the owner is a “trip”. If you like a snarky owner this is the place for you – I will be looking for another Italian restaurant in the vicinity, don’t need a hassle .

    • Avatar Charles says:

      I can see why no one was in the place when I had lunch there. The owner Roberto as rude and I won’t be back. If you like a “cheap” place to eat lunch then you have picked the right place, just ignore the owner – he can’t help it if he is “down right rude” at times.

  34. J.T. and S.C. J.T. and S.C. says:

    Interesting. I posted a comment a while ago. I’m the guy whose child the “snarky” Roberto made cry. I also tried again and could not get seated – though the restaurant was empty. As I browse the comments about this seriously flawed restaurant, they all have one thing in common: People like Preshy’s because it’s cheap. Pretty much EVERYONE mentions the prices. And they put up with the owners rude antics and abuse in exchange for not having to spend money. You get what you pay for. I’ll spend a few more bucks for politeness and consideration for a child asking for water or a second napkin. I don’t need to be abused just to save a few dollars.

  35. Avatar Julian Karpoff says:

    I have been to Preshy’s many times and it has always been very satisfactory. So Roberto is a little snarky sometimes. Take it as a floor show. Notice the restrooms, the men’s room has a floor lamp and other decor. Dinners for $12.95 and wine at $2.90. If you want swank you won’t be happy. If you want camp, this is the place.

    • Avatar Julian Karpoff says:

      Let me correct myself. The entrees begin at $8.95 and top out at $12.95. It takes one back to the Carter Administration.

  36. Avatar george wilson says:

    went for a early dinner saturday the 14 nov. before movie , i was greeted with “did you call” my answer was no i didnt did i need to ? the owner turned away and went into the kitchen . only two people in restaurant at the time , so i left drove back by after a great meal at another restaurant to park for the movie and behold the restaurant was not even filled, pletely of open tables. Wonder how he is still in business with customer service like this , he belongs on seinfeld as the soup natzi

  37. Avatar Sandy & Gene Fake says:

    I have to disagree with you. Everytime we come to DE for vacation (we are part-timers here) our one stop is Preshy’s. Yes, Roberto can be difficult sometimes if you ask for a change, but it is his restaurant and he can choose to do what he wants. Our meals have been great and the pasta is top notch. No complaints about the food. The prices are good and the restaurant is always packed with people waiting in line. So, I guess people want prices over taste otherwise they wouldn’t be here. We won’t stop going to Preshys. Gene & Sandy, York PA

  38. Avatar Al Hendershot says:

    We really enjoy Preshey’s. Fine, simple meals that are not too big or too pricey.
    I enjoy bantering with Roberto, and I enjoy his laughs at my terrible Italian. By the way, his wife is the cook. I think those who have commented negatively have never left the U.S. and are basically coming across as rather shallow. By the way, where else can you get a bottle of Yuengling for $2?

  39. Avatar Rich Miller says:

    Worst restaurant I’ve been in in my 83 years—Roberto is an ass. What I don’t understand is how he stays in business.
    Once we seated ourselves we had to call him (Roberto) for service. I asked for White Zin wine and he said he didn’t have any. I pointed to it in the menu—he still said he was out. A man came and sat at the next table and he got-you guessed it-White Zin.
    We will never go back and will warn every one we know.

    • Avatar Diana says:

      Rich you are so right!!!
      He charged us for grated cheese for my pasta!! $2
      Never well we go back again!

      • Avatar Mark Alexander says:

        you have to sneak in your own grated cheese and crushed red peppers. Don’t let him catch you. He will throw you out.

  40. Terry and Jen Terry and Jen says:

    My husband and I decided to give this place the benefit of the doubt, since the food is so inexpensive. We walked in and an older man (the owner?) looked at us, then went back to whatever he was doing. The restaurant was empty. We stood for another couple of minutes, then left. Sorry foodie for doubting you. We will not go back. Cheap prices are not worth the aggravation.

  41. Avatar Susan says:

    The owner was so nasty, called my husband crazy for merely ordering dressing on the side. He also ordered us to leave after we complained about his attitude. The food just is not that great to put up with the owner’s disrespect.

  42. Avatar Sid Lionberger says:

    My wife and I haven’t been to Preshy’s Restaurant in a few years. Since that time, we had read the negative comments on the Foodie and haven’t been back. We went to a movie matinee on June 4, 2015 and our car was parked near Preshy’s. After the movie, it was dinner time and as we walked to our car I noticed that Preshy’s Restaurant was almost full on a Thursday night. So, we decided to have dinner there. It was a positive experience. Roberto takes everyone’s order, and it seemed like he had taken a happy pill. He was very cordial and pleasant. I had the veal parmigiana and my wife had penne pasta with shrimp and a basil olive oil sauce. Once you order your dinner, the salad and bread comes to your table very quickly. The bread was very good with butter, but the salad was small, which I didn’t mind, but it had little or no dressing that you could taste (I will order the soup next time). My veal was somewhat over cooked but was tender and very good. However, it could have had some more cheese on the top. The penne pasta with the marinara sauce that came with my meal was also good. My wife said her meal was delicious and more food than she could eat. The price of our meals were $12.95 each and our Chianti wine, which was good, was only $2.90 a glass (I don’t think you can buy a glass of wine anywhere in Rehoboth Beach for this price).
    I can only tell you what we experienced on June 4, 2015 and that we will go back for another dinner.

  43. Avatar MGM says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk! They Veal Marsala and Penne Vodka are absolutely devine. Roberto has been delightful and his staff is quick and easy to deal with. I guess a few of you don’t enjoy delicious Northern Italian food that is very hard to find in the God forsaken area!!!!!!

  44. Avatar Max says:

    We were also warned about Roberto. Tried it out anyway and fell in love with Preshy’s. The food is fresh, drink is good and you can’t beat the prices. Service has always been consistent!

  45. Avatar tom shaffer says:

    The people on here are confusing a nice little trattoria with very reasonable dishes with some upscale Italian restaurant that basically serves the same things at very inflated prices. It is good food. It doesn’t cost a lot. The owner/ waiter was very nice to me, probably because I wasn’t some obnoxious slob who wanted something other than what was served. I have been in Italy many times and this is the sort of place I seek out–good wholesome food at reasonable prices. Want something fancier? Head for downtown and you will find several places happy to charge you 3 times as much and put up with your whining.

    • Gerry & Joe T. Gerry & Joe T. says:

      “Nice little trattoria?” With all due respect, it might be little, and maybe it’s a trattoria, but “nice” it is not. I have watched the owner insult children who request water or salad dressing he chooses not to carry. And woe to the person who shifts their chair to get out of the sunlight. No, this guy trades cheap prices for rudeness. To some that may be a bargain, but I feel that the dining experience should be more than just a plate of food a few bucks cheaper than far better restaurants.

      • Avatar Diana says:

        Gerry & Joe!!! Right on target!!!
        Roberto is a miserable [graphic expletive deleted]!! And he treats not only his customers horribly but his staff as well!!! The food is mediocre at best!

  46. Avatar Gary says:

    Preshy’s is the worst place I have ever walked into! The owner is extremely rude! He would not give us a credit for the meal that was sent back twice and never eaten! I was told that when ordering Salmon you need to specify how you wanted it cooked! Really!!! It’s not a steak! He threatened to call the police if I didn’t pay for it! We walked out on the entire bill! Avoid this place!!!!

    • Avatar David says:

      Not to be disrespectful, but it’s not uncommon for a temperature to be asked when ordering salmon. This probably means it’s actually fresh. I have personally enjoyed the owner’s presence myself and his snarky, no frills attitude. Actually, I find it refreshing that he doesn’t put on airs in an attempt to curry favor. The food is fresh and simple, and you can’t beat the price. My favorites are the penne ortolano, or, if you enjoy REAL heat, the penne arabiata.

  47. Avatar Pat says:

    What a Mess – Fine dining it is not. Cheap but believe me you only get what you pay for – 2 out of 3 dinners we OK the 3rd Nightmare – Salmon came out 1/2 raw when sent back – came back out so hard you could have thrown it at the plate glass window and broken it. Roberto the Half Ass owner refused to credit the salmon which wasn’t eaten and sent back and when we asked for a credit on the salmon he wouldn’t take it off. The wife is a cook and needs to stick to Spaghetti Also found out the Waitresses who were very good weren’t allowed to keep their tips. He paid them by the hr. We are going to report them to the Health dept and the labor board.
    Avoid the place whenever you can – a nightmare.

  48. Avatar Stacie says:

    The owner appears to take great pride in his food, however,could care less about customer satisfaction. His people skills are less than desirable. I have seen him be smile, but in general, he is not so nice. I called to order take-out soup. The owner just told me to come at 5:00pm. When I arrived, the waitress said, “Oh, we don’t serve take-out soup.” When I told her I spoke with the owner, he came out and wanted to know where my “containers” were for the soup. I was confused, because what restaurant makes you bring your own containers for take-out?? When I asked him what he meant, he replied with a stern look, “Madame, you must bring your containers.” I had to go home and bring back a container for the soup. Then when he asked how many servings of soup, I told him, “4.” He then said, “I only give you bread for 2!” All in all, the lentil soup was good, but a bit bland, however his attitude really turns you away. Sad. No wonder I haven’t been back in years.

  49. Avatar David Strolle says:

    I can not believe the people who make positive comments about Preshy’s. Two years ago I went to Preshey’s and what I experienced was a disgrace. At the time I had recently moved into the Lewes Delaware area and I was seeking new decent places to eat. Do not bother with Preshy’s. I have eaten at many fine Italian restaurants and a family member at one time owned one in South Philly that was a legend. No one will confuse Preshy’s with any of them. I ordered the house salad and was served a small dish with some wilted pieces of packaged lettuce with little to no dressing. My wife and daughter attempted to up grade to a Caesar salad but were denied so we paid extra. McDonald’s serves a better salad than what this place tried to pass off for as a Caesar salad. The soup of the day, lentil, tasted more like an onion soup and had few lentils but was at least tangy. We noticed that some tables were served what looked like decent Italian bread although the owner must reserve that treat for his regulars. We were served a bread that was more like a giant stale crouton. By this time we were almost hysterical with laughter knowing that we were probably in the worst restaurant we had ever visited. We could not wait for our main course – veal parmigiana. What we received was a small piece of veal reasonably prepared and a small quantity of penne with so little sauce and so dry they appeared to be leftovers. Once done eating we decided to skip desert and get out. We paid our bill and left in shock only to go down to a Wawa and buy a hoagie to share since we were still hungry. Look, I have eaten in worse places like Turnpike diners, etc. But you expect lousy food in those places and at least dinner is not 60-70 dollars for three people. I’ll never go back and I thank God I did not bring guests. The place was busy so either the folks are first timers like me who got ambushed or the owner plays favorites and treats his regulars better. I’ll never find that out because I will never go back!
    One additional item – The owner worked the floor but gave us the cold shoulder the entire time we were there. He did not even acknowledge us when we left. Maybe that was a good thing because I really wanted to tell him how lousy his place was but did not want to cause a scene.

  50. Avatar S & C says:

    We went here for Valentines Day because of a recommendation. We were pre-warned that the owner was rude so that was expected and actually funny to us. When we arrived we were ignored for 15 minutes waiting for someone to seat us. The two young waitresses had no customer service skills and were literally yelling how the customer was paying to the person in the back “credit card” “cash”. When they served our appetizer, we were told they are out of knives. When they served our entree, I asked for a knife and the waitress went to the back and was wiping the knife off on her apron as she approached us. We are not picky eaters at all, but this totally grossed me out! The food was okay, but not “great”. It was cheap and I guess that’s why the owners not nice and the waitresses are lacking class! We will never go back there and I have no clue why people would.

  51. Avatar Lyndee DeMeo says:

    LUV’ PRESHY Don’t eat here if you’re a glutinous diva – or need food your way, not the right way! DO EAT HERE if you care about fine food, made-to-order with fresh ingredients – served in civilized portions at low prices! Roberto, the crotchety old Italian owner is very matter-of-fact and temperamental (most artists are). Respect his menu & he will prove to be a most generous person. I’ve been a customer for many years and it is the most consistently delicious food at the Beach – at ridiculously low prices (more proof of his craziness). I often see the owners of several of the finest (& most expensive) restaurants dining there – and they get the same “Roberto charm” but go back for more. I dread the day he get’s tired of the haters and gives the biz up – no one will ever replace his beautiful wife’s cooking (she’s the chef). Prima Donnas stay away – but if you want a down-home delicious experience at a bargain – go to Preshy’s & tell Roberto “yes Sir – as you suggest is fine”

  52. Avatar Camille Frezzo says:

    What a truly unpleasant dining experience. Sure, it’s cheap, and the food isn’t bad at all–very tasty pasta primavera. BUT you shouldn’t have to wait 10 minutes for set-ups, another 10 for salad dressing, all the while staring at a sea of tables full of dirty dishes…and forget about asking for water! One diner had to get up to get the only waitress’ (besides the owner, the infamous Roberto) attention to ask for a steak knife, only to be told that she would see if they had any..amazing. With no hostess, we watched people leave after growing tired of waiting to be seated…the owners need to learn how to run a restaurant and make people feel welcome.

    While my husband feels we should give them a second chance, once was more than enough for me.

  53. Avatar Unhappyw/ says:

    The ower was the rudest person I have ever dealt with in a restaurant. He rolled his eyes because I did not hear him say soup or salad. Then omg i didnt know what salad dressing they offered so I assumed ranch was a safe bet …guess again it wasnt. I have never been more uncomfortable by “customer service” in my life. His food was ok but cheap but I much rather pay 3 times that amount and not be disrespected. I will never ever subject myself to that treatment again. That was a one and done for me.

  54. Avatar C&R says:

    We love preshys. We always order pasta — either bolognese or with tomato sauce. Sauce, bread, and pasta all taste homemade; they are among the best we have had. (definitely did not find them salty, and we do not eat much salt.) We like the owner. We read the reviews in advance, so we do not make special requests. If you want great homemade food at very low prices and can avoid special orders, this is the place. Not for everybody, but a real gem for those who appreciate it.

  55. Avatar SJ in Reho says:

    We recently went here and the service was absolutely horrible. The owner was downright ignorant. We left a $3.00 tip on a $23.00 bill…trust me it was far to generous for the service received…. Low and behold the owner took it upon himself to ADD MONEY TO THE CREDIT CARD CHARGE ! We called and confronted him and he said there was a 15% minimum gratuity regardless of service quality. Needless to say I will do everything I can to get the additional charge removed out of principle ! NEVER AGAIN ! There are too many restaurants in this area to eat at without dealing with this guy.

  56. Avatar jack knight says:

    We stopped going their because Roberto was so rude to us. I asked for Ranch dressing and he told me to go to Superfresh to buy it. We ordered the Antipasta which was sparse and he said, “that’s how it is”. I did enjoy lunches with the lentil soup,bread and a small salad and Peroni (cheap). But we said we were not going to patronize this place the way he insults us.

  57. Avatar sam says:

    Roberto is a hard on to tolerate at times, he is old fashioned and doesnt always understand the american way of life. when people assume he is being rude its usually because he feels insulted. Hes a very nice man with different views and values. The food is incredible and made by Robertos incredible wife that works her fingers to the bone. They are both good people that work too hard for their own good. Your poor reviews wont damange the wonderful impression I have personally gotten from the two of them. Charming in everyway.

    • Avatar Susan says:

      The owner’s rudeness is not cultural, he is a bully. My husband asked for dressing on the side, and the waiter, owner yelled at my husband and said his food is only served as in Italy. Excuse me, but I’ve been to Italy many times, and the waiters wete accomodating. Also, they didn’t serve soda in cans, like at Preshy’s, nor were there mice traps in the bathroom like at Preshy’s. The owner is a kook, and we will not return there!!

  58. Avatar Lucky mom says:

    The food is awful. The decor or lack of it is appalling . I continue to be amazed how, with all the wonderful alternatives for a meal out in this town, anyone would go here. Maybe Roberto is cranky because he is open for three meals a day. No excuse.

  59. Avatar Rehoboth Gal says:

    I can agree with many of the different reviews on Preshy’s. Roberto is obnoxious…and while this might be part of his old-world Italian personality, I personally do not find this ‘cute’ when I go out for a meal. I want a friendly, inviting environment with good food. The portions are decent, the prices are good, the wine/chianti prices are great. The art is horrible. The place has been saturated with the Anita Peghini work for years and it needs to go! It’s actually depressing and it’s everywhere. Change it up already.

  60. Avatar local hunger says:

    This guy roberto is off the charts. He actually told my grandson he can not get fettuciinni because it is not on the menue—can’t you read? He also serves any kind of wine he wants—not what you order—inexpensive though at $2.90 a glass. My grandson ordered a sprite—it came with the can and no glass, ice or straw. This guy will not last—stop in soon to see the show and don’t get mad as you will want to do bad things to the owner`–Roberto—an cocky little guy.

  61. Avatar Ed and LK says:

    After the way my wife and I were treated there I wouldn’t be sad if I heard that Roberto, his attitude and his restaurant went away.

  62. Avatar Sandy & Tom says:

    If Preshy’s food was better, it might make the owner’s nasty attitude “cute.” As it is, the food is terrible and his attitude is just plain obnoxious. Most of the people posting good comments here end up talking about price. Sorry, we’d rather pay a little more and get a decent dinner and decent portions. And maybe even not be afraid to ask for more water or a napkin.
    My husband reminded me of an old saying that applies perfectly: “There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper. He who considers only price is that man’s lawful prey.”

  63. Avatar SAM W. in Milton says:

    Went to Preshy’s last night. The portions were reasonable and the prices very cheap. I had been warned that the are “not nice” to you but I was still taken back by Roberto. We did wait for 5 minutes at the door and did wait longer for our dinner that usual but not too long. The salad was small and I was told that the Chef dresses the salad so no choice of dressings were available. I was afraid to ask for lemon in my water or even more water because of our Waiters’s demeanor. We had the veal and chicken Parmesean and they were both decent. Better than the first meals we had at Villa Sorrento, they were so bad that we have not been back since. I will go back to Preshy’s to try some of the other dishes mentioned by other Patrons. When I was leaving Roberto (I assume) actually gave me a big smile when I told him how good the food was tonight. Maybe we can become friends!

  64. Avatar Sheri in Reho says:

    My neighbors, a retired couple, love Preshy’s because it is cheap, and because they find Roberto’s antics amusing. The wife’s favorite is Chicken Gorgonzola. The dish I enjoyed most was a salad entree topped with pecan-crusted chicken breast.

    I’ve been 2 or 3 times with neighbors or friends. The best I can say about it is that it is cheap and close by my home. The food, while not awful, is not exceptional in any way, and I personally don’t like being treated like a criminal while I’m trying to order, eat and talk to my friends.

    I “get’ that some people enjoy the entertainment that Roberto provides, but that is not what I personally enjoy.

  65. Avatar Fan of The Buzz says:

    About a year and a half ago, my partner and I went to breakfast and waiting for over 45 minutes to get served for simple eggs and toast. Meanwhile, two other tables (it was quite empty) were served first and had come in later. When we asked the owner/host what was taking so long, he completely became enraged and extremely NASTY! He stated that we should go to McDonald’s for fast food and that it takes time to prepare at his restaurant. As foodies who frequent many restaurants (both domestically and abroad such as Paris, San Sebastian, Rome, Monte Carlo, etc.), we were totally shocked by the owner’s response and attitude. My partner and I have not returned and have shared our negative experience with friends and neighbors. While we have been invited recently by friends to join them to Preshy’s, we have not accepted nor will we go back. There’s so much competition among restaurants that we want to frequent those where patrons are treated well.

  66. Avatar Billy B says:

    The ONLY thing Preshy’s has to offer is price. If the only criteria is price, why not just stay home? At least you can get your water refilled or an extra napkin.

  67. Avatar Bob says:

    I believe Preshy’s is a price performer and I don’t need anything but good food and service to enjoy an evening out. I frequent many places in and around Lewes & Rehoboth were I can pay several times more and enjoy the food and service less.

  68. Avatar Kathy the Falcon says:

    A small gang of us hang out together and occasionally go to Preshy’s, which we plan on doing this week. All you have to do is be nice to Roberto and he’ll be delightful and accomodating. Our friends like his wine and I like his Perroni beers (way better than having too many American beers and ruining your golf game the next day.) Food is good basic Italian and cheap. Those looking for upscale should seek other venues .Roberto is really a nice man, whiners stay away–try to enjoy.

  69. Avatar Gregory Kohs says:

    I can understand that if you don’t know what you’re getting into, Roberto will have the potential to offend a patron or two. But, if you’ve read these reviews and you are still willing to go into Preshy’s, you are in for a treat. Just go along with his demands, and in return, you will enjoy an incomparable meal at a low price. Sure, if the service were more saccharine, then the place would be standing-room-only, the prices would go up, and then we’d have an experience just like 12 other Italian restaurants in the Rehoboth Beach area. For me, I prefer the quirky, immutable, and delicious outcomes at Preshy’s.

  70. Avatar Jake says:

    My girlfriend and I love going to Preshys.. The first time we went we both thought the experience was kinda weird but I enjoyed the food and the prices so we went back. My girlfriend fell in love with the homemade gnocchi as did I. He doesnt have it all the time but he should!!! Roberto is the man! He is a character for sure.. but he seems to be just an old timer set in his ways. I suggest you try lunch there.. VERY affordable and really good. And be patient with the man.. he’s not so bad lol

  71. Avatar Janine says:

    I’ve gone to Preshy’s for the third year in a row with the Rehoboth Film Festival. My first year I ate there every day and loved in and tolerated Roberto. When he didn’t have what i wanted he even went “off the menu” for me. Last year I ate there once. It was very busy and was standing awhile seeing that he was busy. Then I seated myself. He got very huffy with me and though i enjoyed my meal I had wanted dessert but he didn’t offer it. I didn’t go back last year. So I tried again tonight and loved the food, got dessert and loved the new artwork. I bought a painting. I’ve loved every meal. Yes it is simple and the prices are good. The servings are really sensible. I called my daughter whose fiance is italian and works in Rehoboth and recommended the restaurant. i referred to the waiter as Mussolini. She said she’d pass. Oh well. to each his own.

  72. Avatar rose says:

    i really enjoy roberto and his food..he is a little off the wall..but his food is really good…his soup is so tasty…homemade..portions are small but that is what i am after..i eat there often and love it…thanks

  73. Avatar Sam From NYC says:

    The evening started with our entrance, which my 3 kids and wife observed the entire restaurant grew slient and heads turned, seemingly because an actual family decided to interrupt the apparently regular crowd of blue plate and early bird diners. We seated ourselves and waited nearly 1/2 hour to be waited on, watching other similarly ignored patrons vanish. Sensing an evening of laughs was in store for this meal, we stayed, and patiently awaited the 1+ hour delivery of our meals, sampling pastas and chicken. To be fair, there was some taste to the sauces, but no taste would have been preferable. The food was awful, and the attention to our table was worse. And drink, I would challenge national buyers from Walmart and Costco to identify the several house brands of wine, vodka, gin, and spirits that were offered. But the cans of Pepsi had their familiar taste. Preshy’s offers uneven service and less than modest fare at fair prices.

  74. Avatar L. Bixby says:

    I went to Preshys for dinner and the food was good, however The owner was quite rude. He indicated obvious displeasure when I did not want wine with my dinner. He refused to give me a lemon in my water and so on. Obviously customer service is not the forte of this restaurant.

  75. Avatar T&T says:

    You get what you pay for. I’ll put up with the arrogance if the food is good, or vice versa. But NOT both. I’ll pay a little more and get a decent meal somewhere else.

  76. Avatar MM & JM says:


  77. Avatar Dee Zabec says:

    Love the food,love Roberto I agree if you become a regular and have conversation with him, he really is a nice person. He handles the entire front of the restaurant and does a great job. The bread is made fresh every morning and is yummy. I love the lasagna, and spaghetti w/meat sauce. Everyone we have taken enjoyed everything.

  78. Avatar Dee zabec says:

    My husband and I have been there many times and were actually impressed with Roberto, we do call him the soup Nazi, but we love him. The food is great, everything we have asked for we have gotten, meatballs, chicken Alfredo instead of marinara which is not on the menu and actually he gave us extra homemade bread to take home( which is great) and also 2 glasses of orange liquor on the house. We both treat him with respect and that’s what we get back. We have taken many people there and they have all loved it.

  79. Avatar T&T says:

    The place is terrible. It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and about Roberto, if my wife and I want theater, we’ll go to Clear Space. The reviewer was much too kind. The only reason why anyone could like this place is because it’s cheap, and some people will eat anything just so its cheap.

  80. Avatar Local Gal says:

    My husband and I and young son went to Preshy’s and will never go back. First off, when we walked in with our son (3 years old), the owner glared at us like we had the plague. He said to sit wherever we wanted and then we waited for 10 minutes with no menus and it sweltering hot. There was no kid’s menu and when I asked for a small portion of pasta and a meatball for my son, he acted annoyed.

    We ordered water and got the same attitude. Food was sub-par. Never going back. I usually give a place a second chance, but not with that type of service and attitude. Can’t believe it’s still open for business.

  81. Avatar Lyndee DeMeow says:

    I LOVE PRESHY’S AND ROBERTO! the food is fresh & fabulous – a real bargain – I cannot believe he can sell it for so little. The creamy lasagna w/ homemade noodles – gnocchi, little clouds of basil flaked whipped potatoes swimming in garden fresh marinara – grilled Portabella salad $4.95 – and Arabiatta only “iffa-you-likey-really-hotta”. We affectionately call Roberto “the Pasta Nazi” (Seinfeld) he’s the mad artist & serves it up his way – WHICH IS AWESOME! I am happy for the civilized portions at cheap-cheap prices – it’s perfect. If you need to be a glutton – order two $8-$10 entrees – you will still be paying less than most restaurants charge for one. Take-out portions are larger. It’s fun to humor the mad genius – and once you become a regular you will find Roberto to be both kind and generous. So Prima Donnas stay away – but if you want a down home delicious experience that’s a bargain — go to Preshy’s and tell Roberto “yes Sir – as you suggest it will be just fine”

  82. Avatar Tom and Abbey says:

    We have enjoyed the modest prices and good food at Preshy’s numerous times. Roberto is priceless. Get him to laugh, speak to him in French or Italian, or talk about Anita’s art on the wall, you will experience his warmth in return. If you accept the “rules of the game”, you’ll have a pleasant experience and at such a good value, you’ll eat there every week.

  83. Avatar frances says:

    I agree with most reviews above, we visit Preshy’s often enjoy the food and prices,do not enjoy his lack of respect,we have made many excuses for him,this last time he was expecting a large party and was arranging the tables into an L shape, after he waved to us to sit he continued to do this and totally ignored us, finally we ate, there were 3 other couples there at tables for 2 there was only tables for 4 left,a couple walked in and he refused to seat them at the 4 table and stood over us 2 glaring at us while we finished our wine until we finally left the couple at the door where so embarrassed for us as we were for them and they said this to us as we were leaving, the food is not worth this kind of treatment

  84. Avatar Frygirl says:

    It is what it is. Great for a quick lunch or dinner, very inexpensive for basic Italian. The veal is excellent at a riduculously low price. And Roberto can be dealt with…although I am waiting for the night when I too, will be insulted and never go again. In the meantime, see you there for lunch.

  85. Avatar Jones says:

    We have been to Preshy’s twice. We went on a friend’s advice and we enjoyed the food at a resoniable price. Though we were warned that the owner was a bit different we enjoyed the atmosphere and his sence of humor.
    Last night we took a couple of friends with us who read the other reviews before they went but trusted us that the food was good. They are glad that we invitied them to join us and enjoyed the dining expereince there.

  86. Avatar Barbara says:

    My sister and I popped into Preshy’s before Sunday matinee. My sister got the cesare salad and pasta e fagioli soup. I ordered a lemon chicken dish. My wine was $2.90 a glass. The food was wonderful, and the bread on the table was dark and delicious. Yes, the decorating is odd, the waiter/owner seemed to have trouble understanding us, BUT the food was enjoyable enough to return. The candy nachos and popcorn were not tempting at all.

    An aside, I make my Cesare salad from scratch and have had the unfortunate experience of someone asking for the dressing on the side. In my opinion, it’s not really a Cesare salad if its lettuce with a bunch of premade dressing dumped on it. Perhaps that is Robertos problem. Haha.

  87. Avatar crar says:

    The owner of Preshys is his own worst enemy. I made the simple mistake of asking for salad dressing on the side and he practically read me the riot act. He told me they did not put it on the side and that if I wanted it on the side I should go to my local food store and buy it there. Asking for water was another no-no. Asked twice for it and still never got it. Needless to say, I (and my party) never went back.

  88. Avatar Dr. & Mrs. G. says:

    We have dined at Preshy’s about ten times, sometimes with friends. We were able to laugh at Roberto’s indiosyncrasies and inflexibilities. We learned what to expect. Simple requests or changes were not tolerated. This weekend, our friend asked the waitress for a second napkin. The napkins used are the cheapest, smallest, thinnest quality — not fit for a pasta restaurant. When the requested napkin did not arrive, I took one from the table next to us. Roberto immediately came to our table, stood over me, and stated that I should not have gotten up and taken the napkin. He said I should have called him (although he was not on the floor at the time). He continued his lecture even after I explained that we had asked the waitress for a napkin. He said to me in a very stern manner, “Don’t you move!” Roberto is his own worst enemy. He has successfully lost two regular and six sometime customers.

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