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Executive Chef Pete McMahon and Highway One Group offer the beautiful Ivy space as a hi-tech event space on the water. With well over 100 weddings booked just for this season, the decor and lighting at Ivy are just as good as ever, and as the sun dips below the horizon, the visual experience ramps up appropriately. Hundreds of snow-white books are illuminated in deep colors. They can accommodate very large groups and can include a huge tent on the beach by the bar.

Ivy in fact represents a good value for your wedding, charity event or whatever. Check it out! CLICK HERE to see more and to book your event.

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  1. Avatar Nancy Hoffman says:

    I don’t care about cheap~~just want good value for my money, and at $4.50 for the 2 bites, I can find a better value. The waiter told us there were 3 (wow!) cocktail crab claws in that order. Tapas are indeed supposed to be small plates; however, I consider 3 to be a joke. The risotto cake under my scallop was about the thickness and diameter of a quarter and with no garnish whatsoever. (A sprig of Thai basil or even parsley would have been a nice touch.) Also didn’t care for their ambiance, as it seemed all they were doing while we were there was tweeking the mike and getting the sound set up for the music later. Think I’ll stick with Matt Haley’s restaurants~~ fresh food at reasonable fine dining prices~~not cheap but consistently good.

  2. Avatar Tom in Lewes says:

    “For the prices they’re charging?” Really? No disrepect meant, but the prices are $3 to about $4. How cheap do you want it to be? Just wondering.

  3. Avatar Yummy bear says:

    Went for happy hour with a 4some of budds and ordered the grand poohbah of the 16 items.The HH drinks were half priced at $6 so be careful otherwise.Consensus of the 16 were big likeys for, the Lamb Pop,Kobe Beef slider,Glazed Pork shank,open face Lobster sammy,Grilled grilled cheese,Sage Blue cheese truffle fries,Seared Angus tenderloin, and baby Arugala rolls. Many of the items are one bite servings so if sharing, getting the rolls,fries,lobster,kobe slider,pork shank are plausibly big enough to share, even if yu want to eat it yourself.lol The same can be said for the mini eggplant tower but was mehh tastewise.

    When almost done, all happy faces around but it was the fastest $50 we had gone thru as a mini meal. I wanted to reorder some favs but peer pressure won out. Of the 4 diff cocktails, the Amelia declared the fav.

    A setting sun, great ambience, and very friendly staff, which we all agreed would bring us back for revisit and tell friends. Enjoy.

  4. Avatar T&T says:

    Ok, one more thing: We’ve been back twice. servers Ryan and Dana are great. We suspect they all are, but Ryan and Dana are the ones who waited on us so far. They all seem so happy to be there.

  5. Avatar Tom in Lewes says:

    We also believed the cover charge articles too. Glad they changed that. Wife and & are both over 60, we met in a “disco”, so we tried Ivy last weekend and ended up closing the place. All the young people made us feel the same way. Can’t get enough sliders, teriaki pork and the little summer rolls. What a deal for such a spectacle. Servers were all wonderful, by the way.

  6. Avatar Barry & Linda says:

    Well, Mr. RF you hit the nail on the head again. We tried Ivy last night and loved it. watched the sun set, loved the music and lights. So much better than stuffy venus. tried different bites all night. we were there 4 hours! we’re going back with out of town friends next week.

  7. Avatar Always Hungry says:

    Ivy has it all. The food is fantastic, and you can eat as little or as much as you like. The drink choices are wonderful. It’s a bargain for the high quality you get. The lighting combined with the view of the bay is just fabulous. What a great idea to have the bar face the water. This place deserves success all year long and I hope we see it around for a long time.

  8. Avatar T&T says:

    Mom…so you go to a dance bar with a DJ and say they should keep the music down? No offense meant but if you eat there late when the music is running, that’s what they do. And thats probably why they will be successful -it gets crowded and loud in there around 9. You should dine there at 4:30 – 5. The music is barly audible at that time.
    And yes, my wife and i adore the food too.

  9. Avatar Lucky mom says:

    We adored the food, the view and the overall ambiance. Ivy will be successful as long as they keep the music volume down. We went at 7 and sat outside to get away from the music. Luckily the weather was comfortable. The sampler was perfect dining for 4, but we had to each get one more plate, the grilled cheese. It was that good!

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