The Pint closed

/ Updated on February 27, 2018

The Pint Scottish/Irish pub in Millsboro has closed its doors. The Pint had a good run, but owner Tom Holmes has chosen not to renew the lease. There is an upside to this: We’ll see even more of this hospitable guy at his 1776 Steakhouse in Midway!

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  1. Leslie Alter says:

    The Pint closed before we had a chance to take our visiting grandson there to eat in the vault… we had been there the week before and nobody said a word about them closing that weekend… Do you think another restaurant might open at that location? We loved the restaurant!

  2. Pat Fox says:

    What is wrong with this location? It is the second restaurant that has closed here!
    The 1st one Italian was very good and the Pub was a nice place also. So, what is the problem????

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