Hammy’s OPEN

/ June 27, 2022

Hammy's Burgers & Shakes, the popular little spot in St. Michael's Maryland, is open for business at the Safeway center on The Highway. It replaced the old Palate restaurant/Capriotti's.

Hammy's Burgers & Shakes is part of the Theo's / Ava's family of restaurants that have garnered a good reputation here at the beach and in Cambridge & St. Michaels Md.

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  1. Avatar Sharon says:

    I hope you offer a wagyu beef burger! For heart health, we don’t eat beef but I have read wagyu beef is very healthy. My husband and I would love a great tasting burger that was good for you!

  2. Avatar Sophie Z says:

    Grand opening is Thursday, June 2! -Sophie Z, Marketing Director

  3. Avatar Debbie says:

    It would be helpful and less comments to you if you could add when these Restaurants may open, some type of time frame, Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter…no dates needed until you are informed and can list them.
    I am still waiting for Poke Bowl in the Weis Shopping Center, Rehoboth to have some sort of opening Info?? It is all brown papered up over there with nothing mentioning any type of Opening date, month, season???

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      That would be nice, wouldn’t it.
      However, because of supply and help issues, many restaurants won’t even venture a guess as to when they will be open. As they get closer, I will usually offer a guess, but until the lights are on, it could be anything.
      I’d rather not post a bad guess.

  4. Avatar Pat says:

    WhT type of food is on the menu?

  5. Avatar debbie says:

    When is it suppose to Open?

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