All Haley Restaurants Closed Today

/ Updated on September 28, 2014

To mark the memorial service for Matt Haley, all 8 SoDelConcepts restaurants will be closed today, Sunday 9/28. The memorial service will be held at the Freeman Stage starting at 2. The event is open to the public. There will be speakers, music and food, including Matt's latest project, the Big Thunder Roadside Kitchen food truck. Learn more about the Freeman Stage at

If you are so inclined, feel free to scroll through some of my favorite photos of Matt.

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  1. T&T T&T says:

    Will you be speaking at the event? Seems like you should…

  2. Avatar Donna says:

    I am so pleased that Matt’s public will be able to celebrate his life and vision. Wouldn’t miss it!

  3. Avatar Teresa Cason says:

    I am definitely planning to be there

  4. Avatar nancy borreggine says:

    ill be there for sure love u matt

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