Hoot Heats Up

/ Updated on September 17, 2016

Well, the plot thickens regarding the mysteriously abandoned Hooters on the second level of First Street Station in Rehoboth Beach. The Franchisor for that particular Hooters location reports what we here in Rehoboth Beach have known for about a year now: The place is closed and abandoned. The Franchisor (parent company) is seeking legal action to terminate the franchise agreement with the Franchisee, Hoot Owl. The Franchisor has already been victorious in its attempts to do the same thing at several of Hoot Owl's former Hooters locations around Philadelphia.

Apparently there has been no decision at this point, but we can be pretty sure that there would be no chance of a Hooters opening in that location again. But it all remains to be seen! We'll keep you posted as the drama unfolds.

It'll be a hoot.

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  1. Avatar Mary says:

    The location on 123rd street in Ocea City closed after 20 years. There are still two thriving locations in West OC and 5th street and the Boardwalk.

  2. Avatar Sherri Close says:

    I believe West Ocean City Hooters is still open. They had better wings than the one on the strip anyway!

  3. Avatar MarciaCSW says:

    Great location for a restaurant that will meet or exceed the high bar set by all the great Chefs in Rehoboth and Lewes!

  4. Avatar Carey says:

    Hoot, hoot hooray! What an eyesore.

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