Parrot Absorbs Iguana!


Purple Parrot owner Hugh Fuller and partner Ronal Garcia Vargas have (re)purchased the Iguana Grill on Baltimore Avenue from Carmel & Ken Rutter, to whom they originally sold Iguana so many years ago.

In 1993. Hugh and a partner purchased the Front Page Restaurant on Baltimore Avenue (across from Aqua Grill). Shortly thereafter they renamed it The Iguana Grill. Of course, this was not enough for this tireless entrepreneur; he eyed the old Oscar’s space (next to the Hotel Rehoboth, formerly Peg’s diner, then the Homestead restaurant, then Oscar’s, owned by Hotel Rehoboth co-owner Keith Martin’s grandfather). He was determined to bring fine dining to the 4th block, but after a visit to the Bahamas, he decided on the casual, but upbeat Purple Parrot.  In 2003, Fuller transformed his home on Rehoboth Avenue into what is now the famous Purple Parrot. Arguably (perhaps along with Conch Island, Fins, Dos Locos and Dogfish Head) “party central” on Rehoboth Avenue. Never a dull moment at The Parrot.

We’ll keep you posted on Hugh and Ronal’s progress toward opening the Iguana once again! Congrats, Hugh and crew!

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