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At Bluecoast with the Count

It’s not every day that an actual Italian count (and vintner) travels across the Atlantic to a tiny resort town in order to host a five-course feast paired with his products. Of course, when that feast is being prepared and … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Upper Crust

Blink and you’ll miss it. The Upper Crust is a tiny storefront directly across Rt. 9 (East Market Street) from the main entrance to 1 The Circle – the Sussex County Courthouse in Georgetown, DE. Just look for the bail … Continue reading

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Dewey Beach Club

Updated on April 24, 2016

Dewey Beach Club is back! Local bartender Jeff Treacy and his dad Tom have endowed their brand new eatery with the venerable name: Dewey Beach Club. Jeff and his family have lots of restaurant experience and the cozy spot pays … Continue reading

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Chesapeake & Maine

Updated on April 6, 2016

The old Finbar’s is gone (do you remember Potpourri before that?), and Dogfish Head’s latest tribute to Eastern Seaboard seafood is officially open! Those of you who frequented Finbar’s will not recognize the place, except for vestiges of the bar … Continue reading

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You Say Shi-RAHZ. I Say Shi-RAZZ

Certain names resonate strongly within the halls of Australian wine history. Jim Barry Wines is one of them. It was Jim Barry’s drive and community spirit that helped shape South Australia’s Clare Valley as a benchmark in the world of … Continue reading

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Pecorino: From Ewe to Cheeselovers

Updated on March 28, 2016

Once upon a time, way (way) back, call it 6000 BC, we humans invented writing. And one of the things we wrote about was our sheep. Earthquakes, wars and famines make great stories and great history, but we needed a … Continue reading

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SoDel/GirlScout Throwdown!

Updated on April 6, 2016

At 6:00 on Thursday, March 24 at Northeast Seafood Kitchen, SoDel Concepts’ annual Girl Scout Cookie Throwdown drew a sold-out crowd as each of 9 SoDel Concepts chefs competed to win the coveted Girl Scout Cookie Cup that had, up … Continue reading

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Updated on April 17, 2016

“Yolanda Pineda loves our pupusas,” said Cabañas’ co-owner Fredy Garcia. That’s high praise from the very Salvadorean and very experienced proprietor of Mariachi in downtown Rehoboth. If she ventures out of her busy, 2-story restaurant complex onto Coastal Highway for … Continue reading

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Stranded On a Desert Island?

If you are, then (1) isn’t nice you have Internet connectivity! And (2), aren’t you even more lucky that you have wine, Girl Scout cookies and ice cream with you! Those are also my go-to desert-island requirements. In that order. … Continue reading

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Crooked Hammock (Vegetarian Review)

Updated on March 28, 2016

The first time I went to Crooked Hammock I fell in love. The decor is playful with lots of color, and you immediately get this feeling you’re going to have a good time. Kyle was our server and he was … Continue reading

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