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The Hendry Legacy

Family-owned and continuously farmed for over 75 years in Napa Valley, the story of the Hendry Ranch is legendary. I recently had the pleasure of meeting George O. Hendry, the son of Margaret and George W. Hendry, to get a … Continue reading

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Updated on December 3, 2016

The brown paper appeared, then disappeared then appeared again on the windows at the old McQuay’s spot at 510 Rehoboth Avenue, just east of the drawbridge in Rehoboth Beach, as Missi Moore’s new Egg restaurant took shape. Well, the Egg … Continue reading

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Updated on November 24, 2016

Unless the owner is vigilant, hands-on and confident in his or her vision, things can often change drastically when a fine-dining restaurant loses its opening chef and changes to a new chef. We held our collective breath when opening chef … Continue reading

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Pickled Pig Pub

Updated on November 20, 2016

I get so many positive reader comments about Pickled Pig Pub, and in fact it’s one of my go-to spots when I just want good, straight-ahead food and no drama. So I figured it was time to revamp the review … Continue reading

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Updated on October 30, 2016

“Yolanda Pineda loves our pupusas,” said Cabañas’ co-owner Fredy Garcia. That’s high praise from the very Salvadorean and very experienced proprietor of Mariachi in downtown Rehoboth. If she ventures out of her busy, 2-story restaurant complex onto Coastal Highway for … Continue reading

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Beaches open. Finally!

Nick Roth from Cape Gazette clued me in on the exact moment that Beaches opened their doors. He was standing in front of the building with a stopwatch, starter’s pistol and a checkered flag. Goodness knows it’s been a long … Continue reading

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What is blue cheese, and why would I eat moldy cheese just because my spouse said I should?

Updated on November 16, 2016

I will start out by apologizing for applying logic to any sort of history; particularly to the history of the production of blue cheeses. I also apologize for tempering history in order to do a good story. If it helps, … Continue reading

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Grandpa(MAC) Coastal Highway

Updated on November 28, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, and goodness knows that building fought back, but Hari & Orion Cameron’s Grandpa(MAC) #2 on Coastal Highway is open! Their emporium of mac ‘n’ cheese is located next door to Pickled Pig Pub on … Continue reading

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Cantina Ultima: Sneak Peek

Updated on November 15, 2016

Chef Robert Legget of Philadelphia’s Guerrilla Truck has taken over the Milton location of Leo Cabrera’s Modern Mixture Too at 102 Federal Street. Legget’s new Cantina Ultima features upscale pub grub with a BBQ and Latin accent. Listen to Chef … Continue reading

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El Azteca

Updated on September 23, 2016

Our early impressions of the new El Azteca on the Forgotten Mile were pretty good, given the natural growing pains of any new restaurant. The first things that impressed us were the politeness and attentiveness of the staff (though they … Continue reading

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