Blue Water Grill (Millsboro)

/ Updated on May 28, 2020

The very friendly Josh and Jessica Wiggins are thriving at their Blue Water Grill in Millsboro after having been closed due to fire a few years ago. The refurbished digs are spacious, bright and clean. The Foodie has been remiss about updating an earlier review, so we have been motoring out to Millsboro to take several new looks at the place. Blue Water Grill has a full bar and a popular happy hour there on Main Street opposite the recently closed Georgia House (GH's other three locations remain open). Josh is all about uncomplicated, down-home food with an upscale twist. You'll see specials like Seafood Fradiovolo with shrimp, mussels, clams & lobster, and if you're lucky he and his wife Jess will have the fried chicken parm on the menu.

Josh Wiggins is no stranger to professional kitchens. He cooked alongside Baywood Greens’ opening chef Mike Clampitt  at the long-gone Sea Horse in Rehoboth (Mike is now the boss at Po’Boys Creole & Fresh Catch in Milton) and also at the still-going-strong Gilligan’s in Lewes. Combined with Jess’ front-of-house expertise, they eventually fulfilled their dream of restaurant ownership. And their hard-and-fast rule of local sourcing is evidenced by their menu. Whether it’s produce, chicken, fish, beef or whatever, you can be pretty sure that your lunch or dinner grew, flew, swam or grazed nearby.

Lunchtime favorites include Josh’s signature bacon-wrapped scallops and the popular broiled appetizer combo with crab dip, clams casino, crab balls and those scallops. The dinner menu offers a steamed mussels & shrimp combo along with three of Millsboro’s go-to dishes: the shrimp & crab Imperial; the Blue Water pasta (penne topped with shrimp and crab lounging happily in asiago cream sauce alongside tomatoes, spinach, carrots and mushrooms), and the chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes in a roasted red-pepper cream sauce. The Rehoboth/Lewes practice of changing the menu on a moment's notice hasn't totally reached Millsboro yet, but Josh's specials are the stuff of western Delaware legend.

The menu at Blue Water Grill includes a “you-name-it & grits” section, where you can pair cheddar grits and fried green tomatoes with your choice of fish, blackened shrimp, chicken or maybe even a crab cake or a steak if you ask nicely. Or, you can belly up to the bar from 4 – 7 p.m. (and all day Sunday) for happy hour specials like flatbread pizzas and fish tacos.

Josh and Jess also prepare “heat & eat” pre-packaged meals for the homebound, single retirees, people with special dietary needs or simply those who want to eat controlled, health-conscious portions.

On our most recent visit, one of our Millsboro Foodie fans ordered an amazing lemon/garlic chicken dish. The portion was quite generous and resulted in a lemon chicken lunch the next day. I ordered the full rack of ribs. These are the larger St. Louis cut, and were perfectly done with a tasty, not-too-sweet sauce. Josh's creativity in the kitchen is reflected on that specials board, and one of our favorites include the Sriracha-butter poached lobster tail with seaweed salad along with a ginger teriyaki rice cake. Grilled scallions top it off. Truth be told, we did not expect this level of cooking in tiny Millsboro! Many of the dishes at Blue Water Grill would easily stand up to anything one could order in Rehoboth Beach.

Take a look at the gallery for some images of the food. Straight-ahead, informal, family friendly. True neighborhood eating. Listen to Josh & Jess on Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie.

Treat yourself to a visit to Blue Water Grill at 226 Main St. in downtown Millsboro Happy hour is Mon-Sat 4-7 and all day Sunday. They are open Mon.-Sat. from 11:30-9 and Sundays from 11:30-8. Check out their dinner menu here.

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