Seafood Shack now DRIFT

/ Updated on November 30, 2021

You can't miss the extensive construction that's been happening on the old Seafood Shack building in downtown Rehoboth Beach. The building hails from around the late 1800s and served as one of the original camp houses used for prayer meetings.

That was then, and this is now, and word is finally out that Lion and Meg Gardner have teamed up with the boys from The Pines (Tyler, Bob & David) to open a brand new concept there in the second block of Baltimore Avenue. The original idea from Meg & Lion (who purchased the building a while ago) was to call it AXIS, but, as is typical in the restaurant business, one thing led to another… and it's now called DRIFT. And their new sign just went up recently!

Plans are to open in early 2022 with a casual raw bar concept and full-service sit-down dining in the back room and out on the patio.

Lion, Meg, Tyler, Bob and David – the Second Block Hospitality Restaurant Group – will appear soon on my Beach Eats radio show on 92.7FM to give us even more details!

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  1. Avatar Mark Weaver says:

    This group of people has The Magic Touch! Cant wait.

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