NEW DFH open

/ Updated on May 19, 2017

The brand-new long-awaited Dogfish Head Brewpub/Restaurant/Entertainment complex is open!

Early sneak-peek pick hits from The Rehoboth Foodie: The mac & cheese is ridiculously good. Get ready for an upscale taste – this ain’t the stuff in the blue and yellow box. Also, we liked the wings. Chef Zach Dick manages to keep them crispy while still totally saucy. Don’t miss the grilled cheese sandwich. If they keep it like it was at the media party you will order another one. We were also surprised at how good their pizza is. Who wooda thought!?! The dough is made properly (00 flour and all that) to have a nice elastic pull but still providing a nice crunch. I usually don’t like wierd pizzas (I’m a sausage/pepperoni/mushroom kinda guy) but I loved Zach’s chicken pizza. Give it a try. Wash it all down with our favorite: The White Namaste. Yum.

Oh… and the chiccharones. Made in house. Such a happy crunch. Also nice with that Namaste. (See those crispy little rascals in the photo gallery.)

It’s been a long time coming: On Saturday, May 7th, Dogfish Head fans bid a fond farewell to the original brewpub where the entire Dogfish Head brewing legacy began in 1995. But there was no dark cloud – only the silver lining as attendees congratulated Sam on his recent James Beard Award, wished him and his wife Mariah Calagione the best in their new expansion, all the while getting a sneak peek at the new restaurant complex.

Cover photo courtesy Ryan Mavity and Cape Gazette. Take a look at W Films’ video of that memorable night, courtesy of Insight Homes and Cape Gazette!

I was honored to be a part of the media rollout on Wednesday night, and wait until you see the place! Floating staircases, a fully professional stage, lighting and sound system (courtesy the pros at B&B Music & Sound) and an unusual but comfortably pubby menu (see my pick hits above). The holy grail of seating is in the little cylindrical 4-tops by the front windows. It’s fun to watch people peer in and not see you. Check it out!

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