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Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli – Rehoboth

/ Updated on July 17, 2017

The long-awaited Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli is now open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is the second incarnation of the popular deli that started several years ago at 63rd St. bayside in Ocean City. Several new sections are on the menu, including a big selection of Kosher dogs.

It’s pretty much SOP for a brand new restaurant to launch in fits & starts, and Rosenfeld’s Rehoboth was no exception. After all, these are not BLTs, turkey wraps and roast beef hoagies they’re selling here. This is a specialized, ethnic food that must be prepared in a specific way to live up to the name of the restaurant. So after several weeks of weeding out well-meaning but not-familiar-with-the-genre staff, even a few more shakeups and other issues with preparation and presentation, it looks like Warren Rosenfeld’s Rehoboth installation is finally up to the standard he set for himself at the Ocean City mothership. Truth be told, I knew that some of the staples (the corned beef and pastrami in particular) were not up to Warren’s standards during the first few days of business. I also knew that he knew it. So I have not posted this article until now. Lawyer-turned-deliman Rosenfeld is on the premises pretty much every day making sure everything is … well, Kosher … (only a figure of speech, though there is in fact a small area at the front of the store where the Chosen may purchase actual Kosher foods).

The Rehoboth Beach Rosenfelds has a bigger menu than the OC original, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and a wider range of entrees dubbed “Traditional Dinner Favorites.” I will add more photos as we return to check everything out. There’s still the carryout service and deli service just like OC, only bigger and more roomy. You can even stretch out your arms to either side of you and not put somebody’s eye out! That in itself is a nice touch at the brand-new Rehoboth Rosenfeld’s.

Take a look at the breakfast menu HERE.

Take a look at the lunch/dinner menu HERE.

Like it by the pound? Click HERE.

The new Rosenfelds is located at 18949 Coastal Highway, just south of the Wawa at Rt. 24. Call to verify hours or to reserve for large parties at 302-645-1700.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Disappointed in Rosenfeld’s new Deli in Rehoboth. In addition to limp soggy pickles, the corned beef in the Reuben was rubbery and the sauerkraut tasted as if they had washed the sour flavor away with boiling water. But that wasn’t the worst part. The rye bread is soft like Wonder Bread. You can’t have a Jewish Deli without chewy, crusty rye bread. It’s simply not possible. On the plus side, we bought some smoked whitefish to take home and it met and exceeded our expectations. We ate it with rye bread from Old World Bakery.

  2. Gail says:

    Hallelujah on Rosenfeld’s, upcoming Indian, Vietnamese and Ramen restaurants! We have been waiting!!!!!

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