Sweet Charlie’s: Sneak Peek

/ August 11, 2016

Philadelphia's favorite source for “rolled ice cream” has now taken up residence in First Street Station at 70 Rehoboth Avenue. The new ice cream spot shares the little mall next door to the equally delightful Olive Orchard Tasting Room, and near with the new Twist Juice Bar and the Body Shop gym (a little ice cream after a workout never hurt).

Scroll through the gallery to see a step-by-step photo montage of the process (ooohh – that sounded official, didn't it!).  The result? Something very tasty and not only interesting to eat, but also to look at.

The story of Sweet Charlie's starts with a 19-year-old ice cream lover and entrepreneur. He figured out how to create “rolled” ice cream – with tasty fillings – on a chilly surface that stays below 20 degrees F. The batter is not too sweet, and has a slightly vanilla-ish taste, almost like a pancake, but not cakey at all. The ice cream batter and your selected fillings are mixed up on that cold surface. Food Network fans will remember the Anti Griddle from PolyScience, used from time to time on FN's “Chopped.” These devices are not the exact same product, but the concept is the same: A flat surface that very quickly chills/freezes whatever is poured onto it.

Apparently things are looking up at First Street Station, and that's a good thing. Check out Sweet Charlie's on Facebook.

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  1. Avatar PLingo says:

    I stopped by Sweet Charlies twice and both times I thought it was okay. I am not sure if this is a gimmick, because I am just getting ice cream in a roll. What’s the big deal?

    Does it matter if ice cream is scooped, soft served through a machine or rolled? Who cares?

    The prices are steep and make me worry that they might not make it given the over abundance of ice cream shops in Rehoboth.

    As a resident of Rehoboth, I wish them luck, but want to caution that in two weeks, summer will be a fading memory like melting ice cream.

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