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Pickled Pig Pub

/ Updated on June 15, 2017

I get so many positive reader comments about Pickled Pig Pub, and in fact it's one of my go-to spots when I just want good, straight-ahead food and no drama. So I figured it was time to revamp the review and make sure my visitors know about this upbeat and friendly spot. I write all the time about certain restaurants that just keep on keepin' on, day after day, turning out good food and good service. Pickled Pig is one of these, and its sister joint, Pig & Publican in Lewes is another. I'm  impressed by the very popular Pickled Pig Pub and their first installation Pig & Fish Restaurant Company (closed in April 2017). They opened Pig & Publican in Lewes in early 2017 and hands-on owners Doug & Lisa Frampton have kept the quality of the food and service consistently good.

P3 is located in a little strip center on the highway (to the left of Pier One Imports–look for the Starbucks). This diminutive beer bar/bar food emporium has made a big impression serving quality eats disguised as bar food – not to mention tons of cool craft beers. (Original partner “Chef Stigs” went on to open two restaurants and a micro brewery in Newark, DE and north Wilmington called Two Stones Pub.)

(Click here to hear co-owner Lisa Frampton, Chef Ian Mangin and beer guru Ben Cowell on Delaware 105.9's Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie.)

One of my favorite appetizers is  the crispy Fried Pickles. I order them everywhere (including a strange little joint in Kentucky that called them “Frickl'd Pickles” before the place burned to the ground), and I have them pretty much every time at Pickled Pig. The dipping sauce is a kicked-up Russian dressing with a polite burn. My other favorite is the Hummus + Red Pepper Feta Dip, colorfully presented with plenty of warm pita bread, bright diced cucumbers and kalamata olives. Go ahead. Share.

Of course, like most of our local nosheries, P3 varies its menu. Not quite as much as some, but do note that some of these items may not be on the menu when you go. But I can guarantee that the new stuff will be just as good.

The Hog Wings, are actually neatly cut and well-sauced pork shanks. I have since tried them and they are quite delicious: Think baby back rib, but with lots more meat and not quite as “ribby.” They are also at Pig & Fish, by the way, so you can order them at both places. They are conveniently offered as an order of 2 or 4. Order 4 and it's a main course! Gadzooks! Were they removed from the fall 2015 menu? Go and find out. (PS: It's the very end of 2015 and the Hog Wings are back!)

Another unusual appetizer is the B.Y.O.C.B., a selection of artisanal cheeses served with dried fruit and various cured meats. With two cheeses, it's $15.95 (as of this writing). You can add more cheeses for a little more money to make a nice little nosh “for the table.” The Asian Bistro Salad (lunch) is also a star with its citrusy mandarins, cilantro, bok choy, carrots, peanuts and a spicy ginger vinaigrette. They offer all their salads in both appetizer and main-course portions. Great idea, chef!

I usually shy away from restaurant chili, but I was assured by our waitron du jour that the Pub Pork Chili was good, and it was, indeed, a cozy little dish for a windy, rainy night. On an earlier visit I had the Cuban Press sandwich (ham, pork, pickles, swiss and dijon on a crispy panini roll–more about that below).

Two others enjoyed the Pub Fish and Chips. Last and not least, another diner had the Thai Red Curried Shrimp mixed with Pad Thai Noodles and a multi-hued melange of julienne veggies and peanut pieces and coconut overtones. She finished it all. The plate didn't even need to be washed.

UPDATE #1: Yes, I admit P3 is one of my go-to spots for a non-work lunch, and every time it's been quite good. It seems that these people can do no wrong. The Asian Salad is very tasty, and I especially like the Waldorf Chicken Salad platter. I will tell you that the plate arrived with soft and warm triangles of naan bread. (Very similar to pita, but not.) By the way, try the BLT chopped salad. It makes a perfect semi-light lunch.

Thirsty? They offer 14 (count 'em) beer taps and craft beers are a specialty. Their 40 bottled beers include some hard-to-find Belgian imports. They also offer “sample” flights of beers. Beer program manager Ben Cowell will fill you in on all the latest brews. The other night I enjoyed the new Space Otter from Mispillion Brewing Company. (Why is it called that? Click here to listen to the Mispillion gang on my radio show. It's a funny story.)

UPDATE #2: Well, if anything, Pickled Pig Pub continues to get better. Since our last visit, we have enjoyed the Flatliner Sandwich (everything pork between ciabatta). Amazingly, you can taste each of the various pork products, including ham, BBQ pork and bacon. Like pork? Get this. You'd think it would be porkily overwhelming, but it's not.

The Fried Pickles have changed slightly and they are even crispier. Certainly homemade, with a spicy dip, they are a great appetizer.

The Cuban Press and the Ham & Cheese Melt are similar in appearance, but different in taste. Both are quite good and crispy fresh out of the panini press. Though the Cuban was nice, I am addicted to the ham & cheese.

One of the specials we loved was the Pork Belly wrapped in Bacon. Note: It was a special, so it might not be on the menu when you go. Well, the place IS called Picked Pig, after all. The pork belly was crispy and not at all fatty, and of course you could wrap pretty much anything in bacon and it would be good (even had it on ice cream at another place). Though tasty. it was even possibly overshadowed by the deliciously cheesy and slightly crunchy beer gratin potatoes offered and ordered as the side. Whatever sandwich you get, try these potatoes. We hope they make this a regular menu item!

The Thai Chicken was not your typical Thai chicken but it was tasty and nicely presented. Last but not least, our most recent visit included the fried Pirogies. They were slathered in a spiced sauce, and were well-crunched on the outside and filled with seasoned potato. THE RARE UPDATE WITHIN AN UPDATE!! Don't automatically default to downtown Rehoboth when you think Monday night burger night. P3 offers 7 tasty burgers on perfectly fresh and toasted rolls. My favorite is the Banh Mi Burger topped with pickled daikon, carrots, cilantro and a not-too-sweet Asian glaze. Get extra Sriracha on the side. Sadly, it is not available every week. The burger menu is a product of chef Ian Mangin's whims. Last night we ordered the Smoked Cheddar Burger with thick-cut bacon and the “Fun Guy” Burger with three types of mushrooms (get it? Fun Guy?). All were quite good and I can't say enough about the crispy toasted rolls.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Well, OK, one more little update in mid-summer 2016: They're still battin' a thousand over at P3. Tonight we had the Reuben (couldn't resist), and an entree consisting of three nicely cooked short ribs perched atop mac & cheese. It was delicious. We started with another new addition to the menu, the Chorizo Dip with Pita. Everything was tasty and young Jared kept the beers comin' (I love that 16 Mile Old Court Ale). All have been added to the photo gallery. Reminder: Chef Ian likes to change things up, so all these items might not be on the menu at the same time. But I promise you will find things that will tempt you.

The Pickled Pig Pub is on Coastal Highway in the Harbor Square Shopping Center.  Pickled Pig Pub is owned and operated by the same people who have the successful Pig & Publican restaurant in the Beacon Motel in Lewes and both places continue to turn out quality grub and service. Soon there will be three, with the opening of Pig & Publican in the Beacon Motel in Lewes. The Pub offers daily lunch specials and a popular happy hour. They're open 7 days. (302) 645-5444. Click here for a look at Pickled Pig Pub's menu. (L., D., Bar) Price Range: Moderate.

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  1. Avatar Mike Needham says:

    Wow, we finally tried the Pickled Pig one Monday night. Among the other fine dishes we had, I had the best patty melt I have had since we left California. We lived in Monterey County for 10 years and the food thing I missed the most (besides real Mexican = NOT Tex-Mex) was a real, not over-cooked, not greasy, patty melt. Way to go P. Pig!

  2. Avatar Rob Mandelberg says:

    Best shortrib ever. Nuff said

  3. Avatar Leslie Beall says:

    Had lunch at the PPP with friends (formerly of Brooklyn NY). We all ordered the Reuben, and all agreed it was the best Reuben we’d ever had hands down! The perfect amount of ingredients arranged on marble rye and the perfect temperature. Our NY friends had Dr. Brown’s cel ray and were on cloud 9!

  4. Avatar Bob says:

    I go to the gym across the street and never saw anything except the Starbucks in that strip. Stopped in for lunch after lifting on the weekend for some chili, mussels and fish tacos. This place is incredible. Everything was delicious. Glad I read the review or would have missed this one. Looking forward to trying a more on the menu here. Wine selection was good too.

  5. Avatar fightingbluehen says:

    Happy hour $6 dollar muscles with tarragon. Top notch. Would be hard pressed to find a better deal with this quality.

  6. Avatar Thai One says:

    Foodie, you are 100% correct about everything. Love this place! It’s so hard to find a restaurant with consistently good food, good service, and not overpriced. Didn’t even try them until 2013, and now it’s my go-to place for a comforting meal at a value price. Portions are so large I can get 2 meals out of 1.

  7. Avatar Kathy Davison says:

    Continues to be one of our favorite go to places no matter the time of year! Great lunch location for a business meeting too!

  8. Avatar JoeG says:

    What? No mention of the PBJ burger? That’s right, peanut butter and jalapeno jam with cheddar on a burger. It’s awesome.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Actually, Joe — I was one of the judges who awarded that burger a prize at the 16 Mile Burger Throwdown last year. Yes, I am quite familiar with it. And yes, it is very good!

  9. Avatar Cathy says:

    Great Happy Hour

  10. Avatar kissangel says:

    This place never disappoints either. I love it. The fish tacos are my favorite.

  11. Avatar yumybear says:

    Blistering hot day, I joined friends for a cool place to duck into for lunch and cool drinks. Not a big beer drinker, was kindly guided to a nice smooth offering( Brooklyn Summer) with the fried pickles that were as good as I heard. Even better was the fish taco that three of the four of us enjoyed. All of which were nicely stuffed with fresh cut veggies, crispy fish and with a couple of sliced peppers. A nice handful which was made even better by the addition of some of the sauce from the pickles. The hummus and pepper dip with pita points and cucumbers and olives was a nice cooling appy to share.

    Will return another afternoon to expand the samplings and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

  12. Avatar fightingbluehen says:

    Eighteen dollar Foie gras burger had two tiny paper thin slivers of foie gras on it. Couldn’t even taste the foie gras really. Have had bad mussels on two occasions, Won’t order them again. Pig wings are always good, and they go well with the bed of fennel they are served on. Great beer selection.

  13. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    Sandwiches are wonderful and creative. I wish they would bring back the roast beef and cheddar with onions sandwich. The Chicago beef sandwich is dry and tasteless. I have had meals here many times and almost always excellent( need the old roast beef sandwich). Highly recommend the fish and chips and crab cake sliders.

  14. Avatar Martin West says:

    So what does everyone think of the new chef?

  15. Avatar doc martin says:

    we stumbled across the picked pig while stopping at starbucks. we walked right bye on our way to the shoe store next store. what a surprise. i only wish dogfishhead had such good food. we go so often now that our daughter doesn’t think there are any other restaurants on rt. 1. good pub grub and a great selection of local micro brew beer.

  16. Avatar meatball says:

    Also, I’ve been to the last three beer dinners and there isn’t an empty seat in the house.

    Please don’t go to these there is nothing special going on there. The beer is barley perfectly paired with the unique, creatively inspired often themed five courses. $40 is way too cheap for any self proclaimed foodie to slap down on a 2.5 hour gastronomzymurlogical experience with door prizes;)

  17. Avatar meatball says:

    This place has suplanted Nage as my favorite in Rehoboth.I always order the Fish & Chips and another entree. Last time, char grilled quail over foie gras, crispy polenta “toast points” and some sort of cherry reduction. One of the best meals I have ever had and it was $14. My spouse would also agree that the fish tacos are the best she has ever had bar none.

  18. Avatar Vetgirl1 says:

    Best fish tacos I have ever had, and I have tried them everywhere! Crispy hot tender fish, chipotle sauce with a little burn, soft tortilla…it was amazing. Disappointing dessert, the peanut butter “tastycake”. Too much PB, not enough cake and chocolate. Beers were excellent. My date had a burger and was very very happy. Our waitress was friendly and helpful, giving fantastic recommendations. It was a larger space than I was expecting based on the store front size and had a great casual vibe. I’ll be back!

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