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/ Updated on September 10, 2016

Espuma is closed for good. A new and upbeat wine bar under completely different ownership will open there soon. I have left the customer comments (below) re the old Espuma review to help you understand why they are now closed.

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  1. Stan and Terry Stan and Terry says:

    We went to Espuma several weeks ago to celebrate a birthday and they were closed. Is Espuma closed for good? We ended up having a wonderful meal at Back Porch. That will be our new birthday tradition.

  2. Avatar Chuck and Company says:

    Dined on 2/13/16, prix fixe menu.
    I could write a little novella about our experience but will make it as short as possible.
    Portions were small, nothing was hot, and spotty service.
    One dish was cold, not room temp, cold. By the time it was brought back to the table the rest of us were done with our meals. It was all tasty, could not fault that but everything just seemed off. Full staff that seemed overwhelmed that they had a full house. When the “cold” molten lava cake arrived looking like a brownie bite we all just laughed. I mean molten does make one think it will at least be warm. This was an experience we will joke about often. But I do not think it is the type of experience most folks will be able to laugh off .
    I could kick myself for not reading Foodie, I always do! Lesson learned.
    Ok, so it was a bit of a novella, sorry!
    We did get an order of fries later in the evening, we were hungry!

  3. Foodie Sue Foodie Sue says:

    Last Friday night (1/29/16) we had dinner at Espuma. Was so looking forward to their pork. The waiter said it was a tenderloin sous vide cooked for 3 days then seared. My plate contained a fist-sized gray piece of meat and fat. It was not eatable. The dinner took forever to arrive. It was like they had pulled a piece of meat for seasoning soup out of the freezer and boiled it for 30 minutes. The sides of lentils and fried kale were delicious. They did offer to bring something else which I declined and they removed the cost from the bill which was appreciated but still a disappointing dinner. By the way, the short ribs at Heirloom in Lewes are fabulous.

  4. James and Victoria James and Victoria says:

    My husband and I have celebrated our anniversary at Espuma for the last 7 years. Our visit last week was a big disappointment. Flavorless food looked good but didn’t taste all that good, and off handed service. We were told that “Jay Caputo never comes here any more” so maybe thats the problem. We will be going to Back Porch from now on.

    • Avatar Jay caputo says:

      I apologize that you didn’t have a stellar experience last summer at Espuma. Someone just forwarded this review to me and I, as you can imagine, am embarrassed. We certainly strive for a much better experience than that which you received. Please allow me to offer you to return to Espuma, and we will gladly provide you with a much better experience. It’s true that I opened a restaurant on the avenue this summer, but I would love to provide you with a memorable and epic experience at Espuma once again.

      • Avatar theresa says:

        Myfriends and I have had many good experiences at Espuma. Ijust tried to go there and found itclosed. Ipurchased 50$ worth of giftcard worth100$…. so Iguess I’m out for that? Wow. Nice.

  5. Avatar Bill says:

    My wife and I have eaten often at Espuma over the years. We’d felt over the last year or so that it was beginning to get a little stale but we had a wonderful dinner on Saturday night. There were several creative new items on the menu and a red snapper special that was out of this world. Our impression was that there was a new focus at Espuma and hope that it continues.

  6. Avatar Frequent Diner says:

    Have to agree, Espuma is slipping, but slipping from Espuma’s lofty perch still is a very good meal, just no longer exceptional. For years this was a favorite when we wanted bold, unique flavors. While the food remains very good, it no longer feels fresh and inspired. On a recent visit, service was oddly slow given how many open seats were in the restaurant. The delay was made worse as the owner pulled up a chair to a table of guests and sat in the aisle of the restaurant for 30 minutes, not engaging a single other table, spending much of the time on his mobile phone and seemingly unaware of multiple tables commenting on the slow service. (Having eaten here at least 10 times, the service the past two visits was noticeably slower than it used to be) The entire experience felt like he was going through the motions, (albeit, going through the motions at Espuma still provides a good meal) maybe he is more interested in his new venture.

  7. Avatar Diane says:

    Agree with Mike that Espuma is slipping. We have enjoyed eating here in the past, not so on our recent visit. The amuse-bouche was the best part. The rolls were hard and seemed microwaved; the entrees over-salted, barely warm and the side dishes did not seem freshly cooked. Maybe that explains why there were so few diners when we visited. What an expensive disappointment.

  8. Avatar Mike N. says:

    Is Espuma slipping … we have been twice in the last month and the portions seem to be getting smaller and the dishes just don’t seem to be up to what they used to be. Is the owner spread too thin with three restaurants? We are concerned..

  9. Avatar Alisa and Bob says:

    a return visit was not a disappointment! We sat in the bar to order drinks and little dishes! Every dish was most excellent as was our wonderful Bartender David! his service is superb as our the fabulous drinks he makes! We will be here on every visit to the Beach

  10. Avatar Alisa and Bob says:

    We started our evening with drinks and snacks so we ventured to Espuma! For 3 seasons we talked about going and now I wonder why I never did until now! Yicks! It was wonderful. We sat at the bar (David was wonderful!) The muddled cucumber martini I had was light and refreshing – a total ahhhhh!. We ordered 4 small appetizers and every one was a delight! Just enough to start the evening! We moved on to Jays other restaurant, Porcini House (which I loved as well) so dinner at Espuma will have to wait until our next visit in Septemeber.

  11. Avatar B Guy says:

    It was nice meeting you at the Bouchaine dinner. You had asked me to check out your website. The funny thing is – I have used your site in the past to get restaurant information. I hope you had a good time. I think Jay Caputo did a great job with the food. I can’t wait to see you photos from the dinner.

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