Hobos OUT, ?? IN

/ Updated on November 5, 2016

Entrepreneur, owner and head chef Gretchen Hanson has closed Hobos restaurant. Say what you will (goodness knows we do that with everybody), but this colorful, outspoken and often unpredictable woman was never boring. Her adventures will always be remembered in Rehoboth and on Baltimore Avenue. Knowing her, I suspect that this is not the last we will see of Gretchen! But for now, I think she just wants to spend some quiet time in her bunny slippers with her kids.

Those of you with gift cards or gift certificates should keep an eye on Gretchen's FB page. She will happily honor them for future classes and catering.

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  1. Avatar Meyer Persow says:

    Bob, let’s be honest here. The reason Gretchen closed was the $108,000 fine levied against her by the US Department of Labor for failing to pay overtime and her servers minimum wage. And she stiffed a lot of vendors and former employees. And now she’s filed for Chapter 7. Those of us who are owed money are being left holding the bag once again.

  2. Avatar barbara says:

    I have to admit, I don’t go in town in season unless I have to or have company who wants to go the boardwalk. This was a difficult hot summer and we had a rainy May. Restaurants are closing all over the place!. Locals, go out and eat and shop, now is the time! If you find you are waiting 2 hours for the “hip” place in Lewes or Rehoboth, try something new! I hope restaurants keep the Foodie informed on specials, when I go for cheap eats I usually end up making it up on wine. And always tip on the full value of the meal too. Also consider Uber into town if you don’t live too far out, door to door and no worries about driving while drinking or looking for a parking place forever. I am shocked about Hobos. Very nice that Gretchen is handling the gift certificates this way.

    • Avatar Meyer says:

      She just filed for Chapter 7, leaving behind vendors and former employees who are owed money. In addition, she was fined $108,000 by the US Department of Labor because she failed to pay her kitchen staff overtime or her servers minimum wage.

  3. Avatar GretchenHanson says:

    Thanks Bob. You always say what you want *wink* but I will have to buy some bunny slippers to fulfill that prophecy!

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