Chesapeake & Maine Open 3/7

/ Updated on March 14, 2016

Beermeister and entrepreneur Sam Calagione has transformed the old Finbar's location into a brand new concept to be part of his highly anticipated Dogfish Head complex there in the 4th block of Rehoboth Avenue. Chesapeake & Maine will open on March 7, 2016. The seafood joint is inspired by Sam's summers spent in Dogfish Head, Maine and Dogfish’s connection to the Chesapeake region!

The menu will consist of sustainably sourced seafood from Maine and the Chesapeake Bay with a unique take on classic New England dishes such as Maine lobster bolognese and a seafood charcuterie. With an inviting and casual maritime theme, the restaurant will feature porthole windows and oyster shell chandeliers. As usual, the Foodie will keep you posted.

Menu highlights also include a seafood take on classic dishes such as the Seacuterie, comprised of crab cake scotch eggs, lobster sausage, smoked bluefish rillettes, scallop chip and pickled seabeans, lobster poutine served with fries and cheese curds, and the cornmeal crusted B\bluenose catfish served with sweet creamed corn succotash, crispy hushpuppies and ancho chili remoulade.

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  1. Avatar Resident of Reho! says:

    Wish the portions were a little larger. Ordered lobster risotto (small portion) and it was just enough but really a small portion. Certainly not enough to feed a grown adult male. Especially for the price. Hubby would not be satisfied….come on guys – its Risotto! Price vs portions – not good. Romaine wasn’t washed enough – it still had sand in it. Loved the décor and surely hope you do well long term. Small side salad & a appetizer size main = S25. Too expensive. We never mind spending $$ on great food but please feed us.
    Not necessary to post this…but, please pass it along to the owners. Would love to come back again! Thanks.

  2. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    Everything you have described sounds wonderful. Cannot wait for the opening.

  3. Avatar Marcia Sabo Williams says:

    Patiently awaiting having a fantastic fresh seafood meal with a fantastic fresh Dogfish brew!

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