Bacchus OUT, ?? IN

/ Updated on November 5, 2016

Well, you heard it here first kids, but we are sad to announce that co-owner Debbie Sulkovsky made a shocking announcement at Tuesday night's anniversary dinner at Bacchus Wine Bar in Milton. Apparently they are closing permanently.

Rich and Debbie told the Rehoboth Foodie, “After an annual assessment, [we] are closing Bacchus Wine Bar. We own the building. If you know of any interested parties, it’s not only a conceptually sound business, it’s an amazing building with an amazing history! Purchase/leasing options are available. Turn the key, and you have a dream opportunity! We are most honored to have worked with and served Miltonians. We are also thankful for having THE BEST staff in the business–Stephanie, Nina, Loreto, Nick and David. The best!”

We will keep you posted as details become available. Rich, Debbie and Chefanie and the rest of the gang will be missed.

Thank you, Foodie and Bacchus fan Rob M. for the early morning update!

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  1. Avatar John Edelmann says:

    This was a wonderful addition to the Milton dining scene. It will be missed. I think the name had a lot to do with the demise, people didn’t know it was a restaurant hidden in a wine bar. And it should have been open for lunch. Also, Open Table is a good way to get folks in who eat out often. Go after the $

    • Avatar Jim Austin says:

      The locals knew what Bacchus was, and to an extent supported it. But it’s a small town with diverse ages and income levels. Not enough likely patrons to make a specialty restaurant a success, as others have also discovered at Milton locations. (An obvious exception is Po’ Boys.)

      Whoever tries at that location next would be smart to brand it as a restaurant first, with an ambitious wine presence instead of the other way around — if they would want to stay with a wine-prominent approach. Probably change the name. And do significant marketing outside of Milton to draw in the Foodies.

      In the meantime, Bacchus will be missed. Best wishes!

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