Royal Farms Open 3/9

/ Updated on February 19, 2017

I have probably gotten as many emails about the Royal Farms at Rt. 24 and Coastal Highway as I have about new restaurant openings. I can only guess that it’s gotta be the chicken. Whatever it is, the construction is just about complete, the lights are on and I swear I can smell chicken frying there on the corner formerly occupied by the old Exxon and the old Millman’s Appliance store. The original delay, among others, was due to permitting issues; particularly those involved with the burying of underground tanks for gasoline. Those (and others) have been resolved.

In an interesting turn of events, the Wawa directly across the highway will close for a month-long renovation starting this weekend (2/20/17). Gotta stay with the program, I guess. Given the vagaries of that intersection and the extreme difficulty and time involved in reversing course, there is enough business for both of these gas/convenience store/fast-food giants.

So, late-nite fried chicken lovers take heart! Those wee-hour pullet emergencies will be easier to resolve in just a week or so. And remember this special Rehoboth Foodie hint: If you like your fried chicken with a crispy coating, DO NOT LET THEM SEAL THE BAG on that hot chicken! It will wilt in its own steam and will be like eating a sponge. Let the chicken breathe and it will be crispier. Yes, I need to get a life, but that’s life is too short to eat soggy chicken.

This is a much bigger installation than the smaller (though very convenient) Royal Farms at the circle in Rehoboth, and that store will remain open. The foodie will provide updates as work progresses.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Acme has good crisp fried chicken. On Mondays it’s only $6.99 for 8 pieces.

    • Walt says:

      Trouble with Royal Farms chicken is that not all chicken tastes the same from location to location. Too much salt.

      • Susan says:

        Only lower salted chicken I’ve eaten is at Jimmy’s Grill! It’s wonderful

        • Jim Austin says:

          I prefer Royal Farms. When it is fresh, it’s the best. Some lower volume locations like Ellendale don’t always have it as fresh as others, though it was made on premises.

          Jimmy’s is overrated. and not that tasty.

  2. Hunn-E Watkins says:

    Hallelujah! Won’t have to go to the Georgetown competitor anymore.
    RF chicken is the best!

    • Ray says:

      Ditto about the Georgetown Royal Farms Store. I live in Georgetown and dislike this store very much. There is always trash bursting out of the trash receptacles and spilling out on to the floors. Trashy store with no management it appears to me. I cringe just to think if I have to go in the Georgetown Store !!!

      • Ray says:

        Also FYI, although I do agree their chicken is good. They are too expensive compared to other establishments and their wings ,legs and thighs are small in portion size.

    • Dick Coyne says:

      No need to go to Georgetown pending the new Royal Farms at 24 and 1. Try the closer store on Rt. 24 and Oak Orchard, between Millsboro and Long Neck. We have their chicken from time to time, very good. Also, the Kickn Chicken just a mile or so east on 24 has good chicken.

  3. Leslie says:

    Someone told me about the chicken – and I was doubtful, but gave it a try. The chicken is outstanding! Now we won’t have to travel to Millsboro.

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