The Buttery (vegetarian review)

/ Updated on May 30, 2014

Thank you dear readers, for nudging me back to The Buttery. My last visit was over a year ago when I sold a townhome to lovely buyers from Middletown. The builder’s sales agent gave both myself and the buyers gift certificates to The Buttery, so off we went. From all the hoopla I’d heard about the place, I was disappointed to see that my only option on the menu at that time was hummus. To be fair, we sat out on the porch on a picture perfect day, the setting was casually elegant but not stuffy, the service was impeccable and our lunch was free, so how dare I complain. The hummus was decent, but not extraordinary. Nothing to inspire a return visit particularly since I had no further gift certificates.

So when some readers of the “Cheese” asked for a review of The Buttery I found myself less than motivated. But I really do adore my readers so I hopped online to see if there had been any updates to the menu  and was very pleasantly surprised. Several interesting new selections caught my eye and I’m happy to report that none of them involve hummus.

On my first visit we found ourselves there at an odd hour and decided to eat in the Pub. I ordered the Chef’s Soup Du Jour which was Chilled Carrots and Leeks with Lime Cilantro, Creme Fraiche and Almonds. Oh, dear reader, let me tell you that it was DIVINE! O…M…G! What a magnificent blend of flavors, light and refreshing, nothing overpowering anything else and just heaven on a spoon. I hope it stays through the summer months because I’d go back just for that soup.

So having finished my soup course, I’m sitting in the pub, happy as a clam with my watermelon margarita, when along comes the bruschetta. The Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta is truly extraordinary, consisting of Toasted Sourdough Crostini with Watermelon, Crumbled Feta, Basil, EVOO and Balsamic Reduction. There were also perfectly ripe yellow and red tomatoes. The combination of the watermelon, the feta and the balsamic reduction is just genius. (Writing about has my mouth watering to the point that I need a paper towel for the keyboard.)

You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally where she fakes the orgasm in the diner? I wasn’t faking.

My dining companion ordered the Prosciutto & Melon with Asaigo, Toasted Hazelnuts, Micro Arugula & Poppy Seed Vinaigrette and was deliriously happy as well. Not being of the sort to resist dessert, we opted to share the Honey Goat Cheese Tart: Local Honey, Fresh Chevre & Mascarpone Cheese, Baked in a Graham Cracker Crust Served with Strawberry Thai Basil Sorbet. The tart was lovely but the sorbet was amazing. What a fun blend of flavors that just worked exceptionally well together.

We went back again in the same week for dinner so that I could try the Thai Curry Tofu: Organic Linguini & Summer Squash, Tomatillos, Cilantro, Scallion and Black Currants in Kaffir Lime Yellow Curry Coconut Sauce. Oh sweet mystery of life now that I’ve found you! The Buttery needs to open a store and sell the Strawberry Thai Basil Sorbet and this incredible Kaffir Lime Yellow Curry Coconut Sauce. Yowza! The sauce permeated the squash beautifully and the linguini was cooked to perfection. The only regret was that the tofu had not been sauteed or treated in any way other than being tossed in the sauce, so the texture was too mushy for my taste. Almost an afterthought to the dish.

Other vegetarian choices include the Buttery House Garden Salad and the Buttery Bleu Cheese Salad. In terms of culinary adventures, this was a very satisfying week. I raise my glass to you, Sue, Barb, Charlie and Terry for sending me back to The Buttery. It’s been sublime. By the way, since these groundbreaking trips, a new chef, Aaron Berg, has taken the reins at The Buttery. And his menu (which changes like the wind) does pay homage to the veggie sensibility. Take a look at that menu here. At the corner of Second and Savannah. 302-645-7755

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