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/ Updated on October 29, 2018

Kristen Heathcote-Latham, Stephanie Przygocki, Marc Latham, Dan Gilbert and Margan Schwab have opened their Suburban Farmhouse at 108 Federal St. In Milton. The strangely eclectic little spot is an amalgam of coffee shop/bakery (sort of)/home decor/shabby chic emporium offering products from candles to jewels to chocolates to pillows to cool antique-looking tchotchkes.

Click to meet Kristen and the gang on Delaware 105.9FM. The show aired on Saturday, Nov. 18th.

But the real goodies lie behind the Suburban Farmhouse counter where Kristen Latham works her magic. Magic in the form of, say … the CRUFFIN. Is it a croissant? Is it a muffin? Who cares! It's cheesy, savory (with your choice of sausage or bacon), moist and amazingly satisfying. Leave your diet at home, as you're going to remember this thing for a while. Be sure to consume it when it's warm.

Kristen also has sticky buns (made with croissant dough!), cookies and these amazing marshmallows that sell out fast. Think of a marshmallow colliding with a multi-layered Smith Island Cake. This is what would happen. And there are the drinks. I had a coffee that looked like a milkshake (it's the Almond Joy latte. Be afraid!), and of course there is a fully functional espresso machine for all your caffeinated needs.

There is a little sitting area that will be expanded soon (by popular demand, and as of this writing Suburban Farmhouse has only been open for two days). The Suburban Farmhouse is open from 6:30 am until 5 pm Monday – Friday, and from 7 am until 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Early returns from my vast network of spies, moles and operatives suggest that the Almond Joy latte and the iced chai are don't miss bites (and sips).

If you are coming from Coastal Highway, turn WEST on Rt. 16 like you are going to Po'Boys. Pass Po'Boys and turn left at the next light (Union St.). Drive down into Milton. When you get to the M&T bank, turn RIGHT on Federal St. Cantina Ultima will be on your right and Suburban Farmhouse is right next door. Enjoy! Call them at (302) 750-3276.

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  1. Avatar M J Ostinato says:

    LOVE Suburban Farmhouse, so great to have a real coffee shop that is so charming and welcoming. Those cruffins really are delicious, I like the tomato spinach one, and her baked goods are all yummy. She has been adding more and more items every day.

  2. Avatar Always Hungry says:

    The Foodie insisted I try the breakfast cruffin. GET IT! I am a fan of the breakfast sandwich and this may be the best one yet. The scrambled eggs are smuggled into a croissant dough…very tasty!

  3. Avatar Helen Camenisch says:

    Try the mac and cheese cruffin…something everyone must try, creamy , cheesy and oh so satisfying. I have also tried their oatmeal cookie and the death or killer brownie…all were delish. The coffee shop is a bright spot that has been needed in our little downtown Milton. Welcome to our precious hometown!!

  4. Avatar Kristen Latham says:

    Thank you Deny and Bob for this lovely review of our new venture! I want to add that my business partner needs to be included in this article! My backbone in this venture, NICOLE KOTWIKA, has absolutely been here from the very beginning and without her, we simply couldn’t have done any of this! She was working elsewhere when Bob and Deny paid their separate visits!! So, I am shouting to the roof tops a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE that matters to the Farmhouse …. Kristen Latham, Nicole Kotwika, Marc Latham and Steph Przygocki!! This is our team. Look for us every day at the Suburban Farmhouse!!

  5. Avatar Diane Silhanek says:


    So excited to hear about your new coffee shop opening in Milton-I am moving to the area soon and was hoping for a nearby coffee shop.
    Please keep me posted.
    Thanks much.

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