Sofi’s Crepes

/ Updated on October 31, 2015

RakeMaster Jennifer treated us to a little crepe-making demo last night on the Boardwalk at William Frankis’ new crepe walkup, Sofi’s Crepes. His son, Mitch, 21, operates the outlet for both savory and sweet crepes. Sofi’s, which debuted in Annapolis and Baltimore, is located next to Funland, immediately below the Greene Turtle on the Boardwalk; within giggling distance of the mysterious Zoltar who has actually taken on a sense of humor.

Early picks from The Foodie: The ham, gruyere and mustard, the Kevin Bacon (turkey, bacon, cheese and tomatoes – by the way, actually named by actor Kevin Bacon!), the S’mores crepe and the basic cinnamon & sugar. We are still researching and will add more once we’re hungry again.

It’s all about the fingers, with no knives, plates or forks. Crepes are served in foil to be nibbled while strolling the Boardwalk. As we staggered away, Zoltar’s mesmerizing voice ringing in our heads, we heard Jennifer say, “It’s all in how you rake it!”

Words to live by.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Had a crepe there this week…EXCELLENT!!

  2. blase p. says:

    nice did it replace the green turtle gift shop on the boards?

  3. blase p. says:

    Hi Foodie 🙂 Is Sofi’s going to be right next to Thrashers at the end of Wilmington?

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