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Smitty McGee’s

/ Updated on May 29, 2014

No Foodie-in-Training, Foodette, Foodie-at-Arms or Foodlette can truly call him- or herself a foodie until he or she has made the obligatory pilgrimage to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, believed to be the birthplace of the Buffalo Wing. As you might suspect, this Foodie has indeed made that hallowed trek, and was as surprised as anybody to discover that the wings at the Anchor Bar can't touch the Buffalo wings at Smitty McGee's, right here on the Delaware shore in West Fenwick Island. Perhaps that dish should be renamed Fenwick Wings. Just sayin'….

You go to Smitty's for the wings. They arrive at the table hot and crispy, even after being slathered in the sauce. You can order them by the basket of 10, 20 or even 50 if you happen to be hungry. Of course they come with the standard blue cheese dip (it dulls the pain) and a few little celery sticks to cool down the experience a bit. The available sauces run from the wimpy “mild,” to “medium,” and then on to “Nuclear” (this will at least get your attention) and finally “Inferno” (nice and hot). If you still feel attached to your taste buds, order them medium and ask for “Nuclear” or “Inferno” on the side. That way you can carefully dip until you find your comfort–or discomfort–zone. There are other sauces available, like BBQ, “Key West,” Old Bay, etc., etc. No Buffalo wing purist would ever taint his precious wings with these sweet sauces, but I guess “each to his own.” (I don't really believe that. I'm just trying to be nice.)

After washing down the wings with a nice, cold draft, I like to move on to the “Death Burgers.” These are basically sliders available as a “six pack” and a “twelve pack” on eggy little potato rolls. (I suspect they are the “Martin's” potato dinner roll.) Topped simply with American cheese, these beefy little pods arrive with an official toppings kit consisting of onions, lettuce, some little pieces of tomato and pickles. I ask for extra pickles, load 'em up with mustard and dig in. The regular burgers are also quite good. Smitty McGee's has an interesting variety of burgers and sandwiches, so please post a comment below if you have a favorite or two.

Smitty McGee's bills itself as a raw bar, and they have a selection of Little Necks and oysters (raw or steamed) and other preparations such as Clams Casino, Stuffed Mushroom Caps and a particularly interesting concoction called “Baked Oysters Imperial,” Think Crab Imperial, but with the crab inside the oysters. Of course, there are the standard salads, and each one can be topped with all kinds of seafood.

If you're driving south, turn right onto Rt. 54 (the southernmost intersection in Delaware at the DE/MD line, just before you cross into Ocean City, MD). A few miles down the road you'll see Smitty's on the left in a little strip center. They are open 364 days a year (closed Xmas Day), 11am to 1pm, so no hot-wing craving need go unfulfilled. You can carry out just about anything if you call 302-436-4716. Click here for Smitty's menu selections. (L., D., Bar) Price range: Inexpensive +.

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  1. Avatar Mike D. says:

    Went with a large party for wings. We sampled a variety of toppings and the Old Bay wings were the hands down winner.

  2. Avatar George Bowman says:

    The Crabby Patty is AWESOME!!!!! I had one last year, and we leave in the morning to go back to OC. Yes we are stopping on the way. I might even get one to go. Cheeseburger with a crab dip. I have had other burgers with crab meat, but the Crabby Patty is to die for.

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