Modern Mixture (vegetarian review)

/ Updated on May 30, 2014

When I’'m traveling and trying to decide where to dine, I'’ll often ask the locals. When I did that in San Francisco, I ended up at a tiny little Chinese restaurant partially hidden beneath an underpass. Despite the odd location and ten tiny tables, the place was doing a roaring business because the food was absolutely fabulous.

Modern Mixture is one of those tucked away places in Rehoboth Beach that locals know and love, but visitors may never find on their own. I'’m here to tell you to please make the effort. The cuisine is a mix between Mexican and Mediterranean. The food is wonderful and constantly changing.

My first addiction was the Middle Eastern Chopped Salad with its mixed greens, quinoa salad, radishes, feta cheese, and cucumber with a lime mint-herb vinaigrette. It’'s served with a side of some of the lightest, yummiest falafel that I’'ve ever had. And when they say chopped, they MEAN chopped, which translates to every bite having a taste of all the ingredients. In terms of flavor, this salad knocks it right out of the park.

A big part of why I love coming here is the owner, Leo Cabrera. He is one of the nicest people I've met since moving to the beach, and he is more than willing to tweak a dish to make it exactly how you like it. Leo offers a vegetarian special every week to celebrate Meatless Monday. Last week he posted the special on Facebook a day early, and by the time I got there on Monday, it was sold out. However, he did have a small number of portabello mushrooms left over, which he graciously substituted for bacon in the Modern Mixture quesadilla. It was exquisite! Portabello mushrooms, potato and Chihuahua cheese served with guacamole and sour cream. I think it should be a regular item on the menu. Let me work on that. (I am an only child you know, and my powers of persuasion are legendary.)

Other vegetarian items include the Tamale filled with Chihuahua cheese, tomato and jalapeno along with one or two other ingredients depending on the day. There's also a Vegetarian Burrito with sauteed squash, spinach, tomatoes and onions in olive oil and garlic, Chihuahua cheese, quinoa, corn and bean salsa. A wonderful mixture, and good for you too!

Popular items include the Tortas, another name for hot sandwiches. The vegetarian option here includes that light and flavorful falafel, yogurt dipping sauce, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, quinoa salad and guacamole. One of my friends is vegan, and Leo will happily leave the cheese off of any menu item to suit her tastes — and yours too.

Brunch is available all day and breakfast burritos are served with fresh fruit. Don't forget desserts! Each one is homemade and to die for. The flan cheesecake is just extraordinary and on is available (on occasion) in chocolate as well.

As I'm writing this particular review, it's a cold, blustery winter day, and nothing warms me more than stopping into Modern Mixture, grabbing a delicious hot chocolate and seeing Leo's big smile. And thankfully, he's always on the menu.

Modern Mixture is in the ocean block at 62A Rehoboth Ave., just a couple of doors east of First Street Station shopping mall and directly across from Back Porch restaurant. He has a bright orange awning that is a beacon for all who are in the know. In the off season, always call and check his hours (302) 227-0600. Click here to see the menu.

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