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Leo’s Modern Mixture

/ Updated on October 29, 2018

Modern Mixture is now Leo's Modern Mixture. Actually, it always was, but he wanted to mark his re-dedication to the tiny eatery by branding it with his name. Welcome back, Leo! We missed you.

Leo's menu invites you to “Come enjoy the Yum!” In order to accomplish that, you first have to find the place. The location on the ocean block of Rehoboth Avenue is certainly tucked away, and in the past it has proven a challenge to catch customers' attention. But owner Leo Cabrera's International Orange awning goes a long way to help pinpoint the tiny spot. By the way, it's immediately east of the newly remodeled First Street Station, directly across the street from Back Porch Cafe. So there. Leo's popular Modern Mixture Too in Milton is now closed after Leo came to grips with the fact that he simply could not be in two places at once. And that's a good thing for Rehoboth eaters!

Another 2016 smart move in Rehoboth was, (1) to place tables out front between the sidewalk and the front doors. Now when people stroll by, it's obvious that it's a restaurant. And (2), Leo built a small yet inviting bar where fans can plop and sip his creative cocktails. Good move, Leo. By the way, I categorized Modern Mixture under “Mexican” because I don't have a category for “Mexican, Cuban, Mediterranean, American Fusion & Chopped Salads.” So know that Cabrera dishes up a lot more than burritos and stuff like that.

He is no stranger to the Rehoboth restaurant world. Most will recognize him as the smiling face of Mariachi restaurant, working with Yolanda Pineda to keep her big facility running smoothly. He's also a fitness instructor at the gym near Walmart. His knack for making you feel welcome and his ability to address any and all problems is a big plus at Modern Mixture.

On our first visit, I had to have the Modern Mixture House Chop Salad. I was fascinated by the promise of nopalitos (cactus paddles) — cool, slightly citrusy, crispy and perfectly paired with the simple lime juice dressing. When I ordered it, Leo warned me that it was light (he had obviously seen me eat at Yolanda's). But I rose to the occasion and was surprised to find that the crunchy melange of romaine, onion, pico, and other fresh goodies was indeed quite filling and satisfying. I suspect that the side of fried mac & cheese didn't hurt either. There are some high-quality frozen mac & cheese products out there that a few local restaurants serve with great success. When I asked Leo if he also took advantage of that convenience, he frowned and made it very clear to me that he makes them himself, from scratch. Do not miss these. The richly moist and cheesy insides are lovingly encased in a seasoned, panko-like crust.

On another visit, we tried the Middle Eastern Chop Salad Hummus, tabbouleh (parsley and tomatoes made with bulghur wheat and lemon), radishes, feta and cucumber are mixed with fresh greens and topped with a delightfully minty lime vinaigrette. The salad is accompanied by 3 plump falafel (a mixture of garbanzo beans, parsley, garlic and other spices, breaded and fried). These particular ones  are surprisingly creamy and not too garlicky. In fact, these homemade little orbs are the first that I have genuinely liked.

Get the guacamole! It has a wonderful little kick to it. Leo revealed that the kick comes from a tiny dash of pureed jalapeños, and it tastes like it. And please don't wimp out because of the peppers — it's just a hint, and it imparts a soft warmth to the cool avocado. Speaking of sides, the Flautas could be a meal in themselves. Leo's nicely spiced chicken is rolled into 2 flour tortillas, fried to a golden crisp, then showered with cool lettuce, that great guac, sour cream and crumbled queso fresco. Visit the fixins' bar by the back counter to get several versions of hot and/or mild salsas.

The queso fresco served at Modern Mixture deserves some explanation. This is not the mild white cheese we so often encounter in chili con queso. This variety rivals the acidic kick of feta and chevre as the perfect summer cheese. Made either with cow's milk, or in combination with goat's milk, it is slightly salty, with a pronounced feta-like edge. It certainly stands on its own, and is a refreshing change from so many of the tasteless melting cheeses out there. Leo crumbles it on just about everything.

In Mexico, a Torta is a hot sandwich. Think Panini without the Italian accent. Modern Mixture serves up four varieties. The Torta Cubana (same thing as a Cuban Press), with roasted pork, cured ham, provolone, mustard and dill pickles is very good — especially on what the menu calls a “French inspired Mexican roll.” Think ciabatta, but with more heft. It grills-up attractively, and the cheese melts just enough to keep everything in place as you politely chow down. The Torta Libanesa is a vegetarian version filled with what is basically the Middle Eastern Chop salad plus provolone. The tzatziki sauce is Leo's own, and has a slightly sweet edge. I'm a tzatziki maniac, and I will admit it took me a while to get used to it, but if you don't think of it as tzatziki and as just a tasty dipping sauce, it will grow on you.

The Super Gyro stands alone on the menu. It's the traditional lamb with onions and is served on a pita with lettuce, tomato and tzatziki.

On our most recent visit I ordered the Burrito Moderno. This is Modern Mixture's tribute to carnivores everywhere! Cabrera's homemade Barbacoa (spiced and steamed beef — quite good), chorizo (Mexican sausage), bacon, cheese and … wait for it … fried Vienna Sausage … are wrapped tightly in a flour tortilla with mustard, pico and jalapeños. If you are in the mood for MEAT, this is the entree for you. If you go for it, I suggest you pass on the appetizers. It's over-the-top savory and filling. You won't need to eat again for a while. Possibly about a week.

The Simply Burrito comes with your choice of Carne Asada (marinated and grilled skirt or flank steak), that deeply spiced Barbacoa or grilled Chicken Breast. No matter what you choose, it will be wrapped up with slices of avocado, chopped romaine and pico de gallo. Be sure to slather it with some of the salsas from the fixins' bar. Spice lovers get the green version with the tomatillos. Trust me on this.

UPDATE! On a subsequent visit, Leo talked us into the fish tacos. The freshly fried chunks of fish are accompanied by what might possibly be the best slaw I have ever eaten. It is made in-house with crunchy purple cabbage and … wait for it … mango. The combination of tastes with the fish are amazing, and the CRUNCH factor is off the charts. I will say without equivocation that it is superior to a fish taco served at another recently opened restaurant where you will pay about three times as much for it. I discuss desserts below, but also treat yourself to Modern Mixture's Fried Ice Cream. The photo says it all.

Modern Mixture's desserts are all homemade. Though all are tasty, there are two stars of the show: The Cheesecake Flan and the Avocado Key Lime Pie. The first delivers exactly what you would expect. The texture is creamy cheesecake, but the taste is the softly sweet and eggy caramel of Flan. The mouth-feel is amazing. And yes, we were also momentarily put off by the thought of avocado and key lime. Boy were we wrong. It is perfectly delicious. Cabrera is particularly proud of his desserts and they would be a bargain at twice the price anywhere else in town. Do note that like all Rehoboth Beach eateries, what's on the menu today might not be on the menu tomorrow. But if you call and ask Leo to whip up something, he probably will. He is very accommodating.

Our visits to Modern Mixture ranged from mid-morning to mid-afternoon to early evening. Leo was there every time. I'm not sure when he sleeps. But he's all over the place in there, making sure everything is right.

Eating there is easy: You sidle up to the counter (he will happily wait on large parties), choose your goodies, and Leo or one of his loyal minions will bring it out to you. They keep an eye on the tables, refilling drinks as necessary. When it's all over, you simply pay at the counter. And that's another surprise: Everything is very reasonably priced. You can also get smoothies and various coffees in the morning, including breakfast entrees like a ham and cheese croissant and, of course, the required breakfast burrito.

Modern Mixture is at 62A Rehoboth Avenue, on the south side, just a couple of doors down from S. First St. Look for the bright orange awning. There's even a cute kids' menu (the menu's cute, not necessarily the kids…) that features PB&J and of all things, apple slices. You've got to hand it to this guy.

Modern Mixture is open from 11 am to around 10 pm 7 days in season. Be sure to call (302) 278-7493 in the off season to make sure. Y'never know. Check out the menu. Leo's fresh margaritas and infused drinks are delicious. (L., D, Bar) Price range: Inexpensive -. Follow Leo's Modern Mixture on Facebook.

(Yes, Modern Mixture earned a rather impressive 5 stars for food, and no, it's not fine-dining. But they got those stars for being exactly what they set out to be and giving you your money's worth of quality product. Check out Ratings and Standards to learn more.)

Off-season Specials & Hours

Specials & Moods change quickly. Always call a restaurant first.

pp = per person.
BOGO = buy one, get one.
Bloody = bloody mary.
domestics = American-made beers (e.g., Bud).
imports = foreign beers (e.g., Heineken).
Rails = non call-brand alcohol.
Prix Fixe = one set price.
Mains = entrees.
Margs = margaritas.
Chix = chicken.
AYCE = all you can eat.
Lite = Miller Lite
drafts = draught beer.
Early Birds = arrive before a certain time.
Apps = Appetizers.
bottles = beer in a bottle.
à la carte = order off the menu (no prix fixe).
crafts = micro/artisanal brews (e.g., Old Leghumper Lager)

62A Rehoboth Avenue
(302) 278-7493

ALWAYS call first! Sometimes they close early.

Open 11-7
Open 11-9
Open 11-9
Open 11-9
Open 11-9
Open 11-9:30
Open 11-9:30
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  1. Avatar Mike Moreland says:

    Modern mixture is probably some of the best food at the most reasonable prices here at the beach. everything I have had is excellent, lunch brunch or dinner. I honestly hope too many people don’t find out about it so that us foodies in the know can keep it all to ourselves!!!

  2. Avatar Erik says:

    This is a great, cheap food option that I found because of the website. Great veggie options as well. We bagged lunch for under $30 and got a ton of food. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully they will be open for the Sea Witch! Thanks Foodie! Great suggestion!

  3. Avatar Chuck and Company says:

    Since Leo opened his doors we have been enjoying everything on the menu. Our last visit over the Labor Day weekend was very spur of the moment, will any place in town have seating for 6? They moved things around and soon all of us were enjoying ourselves. Yes the fish taco’s are about the best in Rehoboth so try them! Leo and his staff keep impressing!

  4. Avatar Jack & Lana says:

    Leo is serving some of the most innovative and tasty food in Rehoboth at bargain prices. Hard to pigeon hole but always fabulous.

  5. Avatar Lynn says:

    I agree with everybody else. This place is so fabulous, I dream of my next meals there. We discovered this place in August – and probably had half a dozen meals there since. Everything is so delicious, it doesn’t feel like a small menu at all. I could eat here every day for a week and have a different delicious meal. The fish tacos are superb. Crunchy fish, terrific mango slaw. My favorite fish tacos in town. To me this is the perfect amount of food for lunch.

    The chopped salads are unique and delicious. I’ve had the house chopped salad (the one with cactus) – wonderful, zippy, refreshing. The Greek and Cobb salads were also terrific. Just the right balance of flavors and ingredients.
    And I have to agree with the Foodie – Modern Mixture has the only falafels I’ve ever really enjoyed. Healthy, diverse, unique food. Everyone spread the word. We’re going back to Rehoboth later this month – and will have to fit at least two meals in here. I can’t wait.

  6. Avatar luckymom says:

    Fresh, fast, fabulous. Everything everyone else said and more. Can’t wait to go back and try a salad. Flautas, chocolate flan, mac and cheese balls…..if I only had more room! What a find foodie!

  7. Avatar Yummy bear says:

    Had to share Leos superb offerings with more friends so last week I chose the lunch place. A nice mix at the table I had the Burrito Mixto (chicken) and was extremely happy. A nice blend of fresh ingrediants that allowed me to taste the corn and bean salsa along with the avocado’s coolness.Another friend raved about the spicy heat in his Torta de Milanesa which means it’s my next choice. The Fried Mc and Cheese of course still ‘slap yur momma good’ and well worth the cooling off for safe eating.

    Leo could not have been more slammed with guest and yet, he insisted we sit, he’d bring our order to us. Look up energizer bunny and his face is there I’m sure. His ability to offer congenial fast service of reasonably priced fresh food is a case study in small business done right.

    On the way out, my friends commented they really enjoyed this intro to a new place and wld return. He deserves no less, returning happy new converts.

  8. Avatar robgreeneyes says:

    Went there last night and was delighted we did. I got the special burrito with shrimp and fish. delicious. My friend had a Torta and raved about how this was as authentic mexican as you can get. I am now a big fan of this place and its delightful owners. Please everyone go so they can beat the curse of this tucked away location. You will become a fan too.

  9. Avatar Bob says:

    I visited Modern Mixture Saturday and started with the guacamole. It was awesome! Lots of flavor and a very slight hint of jalapenos. I followed up with a generous portion of the Modern Mixture House Chopped Salad. It was quite flavorful with a complimenting light dressing.
    Leo is incredible.He will work with you to ensure your dining experience is a pleasurable one and will mix and match ingredients to accommodate your individual tastes.
    I am definitely going back soon to try the many other offerings on the menu!

  10. Avatar joe b says:

    Saturday nite 8/18. Stopped in the new resturant Modern Mixture on rehoboth ave. that little ole space that used to be the art shop creative expressions. I crave chopped salads. i ordered the Rehoboth Beach Cobb Chop salad. Leo the owner whipped it up to perfection ! It was to die for, but i am still alive and will return for another salad in the very near future. i also tried the Macaroni & Cheese balls, once again to die 4 !
    All i can say is try it soon, and enjoy the great tastes. Joe B. here of Man-Maid Cleaning. The Best of Luck to Leo, the incredible friendly new owner.

  11. Avatar Bob Pfister says:

    We had the pleasure at eating here while vacationing August 1. Wife, daughter and myself had a terrific lunch. I had the fish tacos, and they were fresh and superb! I also stole all of their chips and smothered them in the fresh sauces. The Pico de Gallo is fantastic, but I fell in love with the cucumber-onion-habenero salad. I literally couldnt stop eating it! We also had a falafel dish, and one of the chicken dishes. I am trying to copy the cucumber salad…it was unbelievable…hot-sour-sweet…a mixture of flavors, combined with the Pico…and Leo the owner rocks! Also try the purple tea, pure energy. Love it! My favorite place at RB!

  12. Avatar Valerie says:

    We have visited Modern Mixture often and have always been happy. While a huge fan of the salads, the veggie burrito was fantastic! Hubby loved the fish tacos and our son orders the Gyro everytime! The staff is wonderful, everything is made to order and delicious. I hope this Gem is here to stay, Rehoboth desperately needs quick, healthy choices!

  13. Avatar Susan says:

    We stopped by for a light supper and were delighted with the food! We ordered the recommended items and of course the Flan was spectacular! We’ll be sure to visit again!

  14. Avatar barbara sewell says:

    Had lunch there today. Excellent. Best falafel I ever ate. And they are so nice–make everything to order and any way you want it. Highly recommend.

  15. Avatar Margareta Grandinett says:

    What a wonderful exciting new addition of flavors to rehoboth Beach !! Always fresh Ingredients…

  16. Avatar Rob says:

    Went there on foodie’s recommendation and glad I did. That cole slaw you raved about is the bomb. I could have just that on my Taco and be quite happy, but add the crunch of the fish, and I was in heaven. The chop salads and the guac were delicious as well. Cant wait to go back and try more items on their menu. I hope and pray the curse of this location is finally broken

  17. Avatar Yummy bear says:

    Based on great review I finally ventured a visit. Fought thru tons of Friday nite traffic and parking hassles, I must be nutts.Fed the meter for 10 minutes and ran into store.

    Took advantage of fish taco special that night and rewarded with 2 heaping full and delicious fish tacos.A handful of fresh ingrediants and nice sauce on top.Side of beans and corn came with and was very flavorful. Ordered the mac n cheese balls and even when I ate at home,they were slap your momma good. Easily could have had another order even though these are big,fresh, and calorie intensive,well worth the treamill tme. Home fried chips were perfectly crunchy and choice of salsa’s came along.

    The staff couldn’t have been freindlier even though I was offically past closing time. Can’t wait to sample ambience and regular items.

    This is a gem for those looking for special,fresh foods for very reasonable prices. Impress yourself first, then your friends,it’s that kinda place.

  18. Avatar Always Hungry says:

    This place is a well-kept secret but shouldn’t be, for long. The fried mac and cheese balls are reason enough to go, and complement the “light” dishes quite nicely. I failed to try the guacamole the first time I went, but a friend said it was excellent. Will try it next time.

  19. Avatar Doug says:

    I’ve been several times and LOVE it every time. The menu is smaller than most places, but so is the restaurant. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed in the quality of the food. I’ve had tried pretty much each type of main entree…burritos, salad or a hot sandwich. It’s left me a happy camper each time. One other thing I was impressed by is how clean the place is. When you order you get to see the prep area and it is always spotless. The staff is so friendly and they are willing to have you add and delete items so you get exactly what you order. They are more than happy to make things your way. Oh and the smoothies are GREAT!!! I’ll certainly be back.

  20. Avatar Edd ie K. says:

    Modern Mixture is a treasure…a must visit food establishment. Hands down…the best salads in Rehoboth and perfect for health conscience individuals, too. The gift with purchase is Leo’s (the always present owner and manager) brillaint smile and never say no attitude and approach to life. This place is a real treat and a huge improvement to Rehoboth’s food choices.
    I need to stop writing so I can race back to Modern Mixture!!!

  21. Avatar Mark says:

    Love the Modern Mixture! Everything from the waffle fries, cuban sandwich, salads, to the deserts..YUM! I recently ordered the Flautas and couldn’t believe how crisp they were on the outside and flavorful on the inside. They are served with a salad, just the right size and delicicious. Leo was nice enough to add some of his refried beans which took them over the top!!

    Go enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.

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