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Jimmy’s Grille Rehoboth

/ Updated on July 9, 2016

First of all, you won’t want to miss the Rehoboth Foodie’s LIVE broadcast from Jimmy’s Grand Opening on June 11th, 2016! Slip on your bunny slippers, pour yourself a dry martini (or pop a PBR), and feast your ears:

Hear Hour #1 with owner Alex Pires and Chef Pete McMahon

Hear Hour #2 with Jimmy’s GM and Outlet Liquors’ Dave Hill.

OK. Couldn’t resist letting you in on that. Now let’s get down to business. The much-beleaguered Jimmy’s Grille Rehoboth is indeed open. Scroll through the gallery to get a look at some of the menu items and the interior.

The 5000 sq.ft. restaurant is the second to open since entrepreneur Alex Pires acquired the original Bridgeville location. Location #2 is in Dewey across from Pires’ Bottle & Cork. Highway One LP Executive Chef Pete McMahon said the prices will remain the same as the Bridgeville location, and he spoke the truth. The Rehoboth Jimmy’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days, with retail items such as their pies and tasty baked goods available too. The old PNC Bank in Shore Plaza on Coastal Highway in Rehoboth was torn down in 2015 to make room for Jimmy’s Grille number three. And that’s when the road to success got a little rocky. (Of course, if it were not rocky, everyone would be doing it.) Several issues, now in the past, brought construction to a screeching halt several times. But the 5000 sq. ft. facility is indeed lit up and busy most of the time.

The kitchen alone is larger than many local restaurants, and runs the entire length of the property from front to back. There is a designated station specifically for dredging (breading) their “no-antibiotic-ever” fried chicken – never frozen, and sourced from Coleman Farms. There are steam-jacketed kettles for soups and sauces. There are multiple prep stations, including a separate area outfitted with a wall (quite literally!) of ovens just for baking. There is a special window just for carryout items. Flattop grill square footage (pass the pancakes and burgers, please) takes up about the same space as my car. And a retail area will be jam-packed with sauces, chicken-making ingredients, cakes, cookies, pies and who knows what else. It’s going to be like an army base in there.

The senior officer of this battleground is none other than Highway One LP Executive Chef Pete McMahon. And he’s fully qualified for that commission. Pete’s grandfather worked at the Russian Tea Room in New York for more than twenty-five years. Pete earned his culinary degree from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI., and has been thriving in food service for almost 30 years; 13 of which were spent at Rehoboth’s famous Blue Moon. His flair for keeping the fine-dining menu beach friendly helped contribute to Th’Moon’s longevity and reputation. In 2005 he left the Blue Moon and partnered with Pires to open JD Shuckers in Lewes. Pete realized he wasn’t on Rehoboth’s Baltimore Avenue any more, as Shuckers’ location clearly defined it as a neighborhood watering hole with no patience for high-minded cookery. He rose to the occasion, and his resourcefulness paid off: After five years, he and Pires sold to partner Jamie Davis and walked away debt-free. Davis kept it running smoothly and is preparing to open Shuckers number two in Georgetown. You don’t hear that every day in this business of eating!

Pete took over the kitchen at Dewey’s Venus on the Half Shell, eventually morphing it into the upbeat Ivy with dancing under the lights, an eclectic menu and a long, long list of bookings for weddings and other events that crave an unobstructed view of Rehoboth Bay sunsets. Pete now oversees the food operations at Dewey’s insanely busy Rusty Rudder, the “happy beach food” (Alex’ words) at Northbeach, the original Jimmy’s Grille in Bridgeville, the noisy and inviting Jimmy’s Grille (mostly a bar) in Dewey Beach, the slightly more upscale installation in Rehoboth, and of course, Ivy.

People ask me how it is. I say, “It’s Jimmy’s. Haven’t you every eaten at the mothership in Bridgeville?” (A Delaware traveler rite of passage.) Freshly baked pies (love the cherry and the pecan), cakes (don’t miss the coconut cake – see it in the photo gallery) and cookies are available at the tables or in the retail section by the entrance. My very first visit was when I did the live broadcast referenced above, and I had a scrapple, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich ($3.95). It was quite good, with a creamy, white cheese. Then, as on-the-air time approached, I fortified myself with a BLT. Not huge and overstuffed, but it was also only $5.95. Pete was right: The Bridgeville prices remain the same in Rehoboth.

On our next visit, I wasn’t surrounded by 36 miles of cable, and things were a lot more relaxed. I decided to try several things at once on the Eastern Shore Platter. Ribs. Fried Fish. A crab cake. And chicken, of course. Oh, and two sides. A carnivore’s happy place for less than $25. (Lovin’ the cucumber salad side, btw.) Of course there are better versions of the individual items around here at 2 or 3 times the price, but everything on the plate was well-prepared and very generously portioned. Again: This is Jimmy’s Grille. Down-home Delaware cooking at a very reasonable price. We also had the chicken pot pie, a massive undertaking at only $11.50. Feeling Thanksgiving-ish? You can get a turkey dinner with dressing and trimmins’ also for $11.50. Fine dining? Of course not. Straight-ahead Delaware favorites served hot and in generous amounts? Yes.

Some of the stars of the show are the cakes and pies. So far we have had the coconut cake (delicious in any setting, and a huge slice to boot), the cherry pie and the pecan sour cream pie. All tasty and obviously freshly baked. All of these are in the photo gallery. Just press the pointers to scroll to your heart’s content. See Jimmy’s Grille Rehoboth’s menu here.

Click here to learn more about Jimmy’s Rehoboth layout and the menu from Exec. Chef Pete McMahon on Delaware 105.9’s Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie. This interview was broadcast long before the restaurant opened.

Click to hear The Foodie’s on-air promo for the grand opening show in June, 2016! Thought you might like this.

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