Hooters Midway: Sneak Peek

/ Updated on July 31, 2018

That storied building in Midway between La Tonalteca and the Midway Galleria Strip Center has seen many incarnations over many years. Rag Tops … Crystal Palace … Roadhouse Steak Joint … Old Bay … Delaware Distilling Company … and most recently Roadhouse Bar & Grill. Well, now it’s Hooters, located in what is probably a more appropriate location than the failed Hooters that occupied the second level of First Street Station in downtown Rehoboth (where Cooter Brown’s Twisted Southern Kitchen is now enjoying popularity). The ownership of the Midway Hooters is not the same as the franchisees who operated the Hooters in downtown Rehoboth Beach.

The new occupants installed much-needed windows in that traditionally dark interior. They installed light wood floors and even more windows in the front and the sides. It’s finally bright and welcoming in there. It’s just what that building needed.

I rate restaurants on how they deliver on what they promise. A well-prepared pizza served hot and fresh at a local pizzeria will get the same rating as a beautifully prepared, braised and presented osso bucco at a fine-dining restaurant. They both gave you what you came there for and they both delivered on what is expected of them at that price point.

And I am pleased to report that our brand new Hooters in Midway – even in those always-rough first couple of weeks after opening – is serving up the standard Hooters fare properly and with a smile. On my first visit I sat at the bar and the service from the Hooters outfit-clad barkeeps was upbeat and extremely courteous. With good help being so hard to find here in this seasonal resort, that ways a lot for the ownership.

I posted some of the dishes we enjoyed. Scroll the gallery and take a look! Click here to see the entire menu.

Our new Hooters is in Midway Center at 18693 Coastal Highway. Their temporary hours are 3-11 every day. Around early August they will add lunch hours. If you feel the need to call them, you can do so at 302-569-9955.

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  1. Avatar Jack Bostic says:

    I’ll certainly give it a try…when my wife’s at work!

  2. Avatar James says:

    So glad Hooters is back! Great location and a variety of menu items for everyone !

  3. Avatar Barbara says:

    I am glad this is open! Traditional Hooters have some good things on the menu. The wings which are heavily breaded can be ordered naked or unbreaded, and if you prefer wing drums a surcharge of $1/10 eliminates wing tips. If the grouper sandwich is on the menu, that would be a welcome addition to menus around here, crossing my fingers! Last but not least, the bucketful of oysters that come gently steamed are tender and served with melted butter. Yum! (I would pass on the raw, too many better places around for that) See you there during NFL season!

  4. Avatar Greg says:

    Any word on opening date

  5. Avatar Jane says:

    I would rather see a Longhorn Steakhouse or a Boston Market.

  6. Avatar Jim Austin says:

    If people don’t like the Hooters “concept,” they won’t go. But it will be interesting to watch and learn if Hooters has success out on the highway that wasn’t good enough to keep them downtown. If anything, they should be more visible there, and chances are the rent is lower. So if it’s a fail, perhaps people have had enough of the “concept.”

  7. Avatar Moe says:

    I agree with Sean. Love to see a Texas Roadhouse.

  8. Avatar Bladenandrews@gmail.com says:

    I’d rather have a Boston market!!!!!

  9. Avatar Sean says:

    Too bad it isn’t something good, like Texas Roadhouse.

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