Un-wined @ the Beach

/ Updated on October 10, 2022

Un-wined at the Beach restaurant is open in the old Chez la Mer spot at the corner of 2nd and Wilmington where Azzurro Italian Oven used to be. Though it sounds like a wine bar, in fact it's more about good food and occasional live entertainment.

This will be #2 for them. Their other location is in Northeast, MD.

CLICK HERE to get to know the owner and the GM on the podcast of their radio broadcast with The Rehoboth Foodie that aired on 5/28.

And check out The Treehouse! It's high atop the building and is THE spot for viewing sunsets. The app menu is creative, featuring our favorite Bacon-Wrapped Scallops and the Old Bay Pretzel Sticks. other apps include their Crab Dip (you'll love the parmesan crisps!) and a huge pile of Southwestern Nachos. In the salad dept., the star of the show is currently the Summer Pear Salad. Obviously it's seasonal, so grab it while you can. There are 5 nice salads from which to choose.

Entrees at Un-Wined at the Beach offer something for everyone. I had the Carolina Burger (BBQ sauce added), and also the Archie's Alfredo which is particularly tasty with grilled chicken perched atop. Followers have sent me photos of the crab dip and the huge Crab Burger – the best of a burger AND a crab cake. This one's a don't miss for sure. Scroll through the photo gallery to see some of the other goodies.

Again – weather permitting, treat yourself to the treehouse! The view is great, and it's a fun, intimate atmosphere up there. We've enjoyed the treehouse in previous incarnations of this building, and Un-wined at the Beach owner John Bragg has cleaned it up and made it even more welcoming. He even kept the communal hi-tops.

Current hours at Un-wined at the Beach are Sun. noon-9, Wed. & Thurs. 3 – 9, Fridays 3 – 10, and Saturdays noon – 10. They are currently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but call to verify. These things can change like the tides.

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  1. Avatar Judy Maness says:

    I know they take reservations in Elkton.
    Do they take Reservations in Rehoboth???

  2. Avatar Julie Field says:

    We stopped in for the view and have a drink. Very disappointed- one type of cheap off brand tequila/ numerous whiskeys.
    The bartenders were not informed about the menu or specialty drinks. They said they had to purchase them in order to try them. A restaurant would hopefully allow their staff to try the drinks and food so they can help their customers make an j formed decision on what to order. Will not b back…too many other great restaurant options.

  3. Avatar Liz says:

    That’s why it’s called UN-WINED !!!

  4. Avatar Ellie says:

    This is NOT a wine bar at all! Hubby and I stopped in last weekend hoping to get a glass of wine and the choices were red or white of one label (one that we’ve never heard of). Not worth your time if you’re looking for wine.

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Thanks for your note.
      I agree that the name is unfortunate but I checked my posts and descriptions and neither the restaurant nor I describe the restaurant as a wine bar. Again – a possibly misleading choice of names, but as far as I can discover they don’t advertise themselves as a wine bar.
      Thanks for your note.

  5. Avatar Sue B says:

    Ditto on the Vegan food choices!

  6. Avatar Sandra Curson says:

    I am so happy to see a new restaurant opening in this site. The beautiful patio will be a great place to get a drink. Best of luck to the new owners. Any chance of getting some vegan items on the menu?

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