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/ Updated on April 28, 2019

It has taken me forever to get over to Karly Gamaitoni's new G Rehoboth (formerly G Cask Kitchen, but only for a while…). I even had her and Chef Ross Thompson (Lewes boy – born & bred!) on my radio show [click here to get to know them better on the Feb. 19, 2018 broadcast of Sip & Bite], but then they were closed for a few months. But I made it. Finally.

The first thing I noticed is how much they have changed the look of the old Cloud 9 building from how Meg Hudson had it decked out for Lula Brazil. The colors are muted, and the dance floor in the back is now a comfortable lounge with its own bar. Nice touch. They still have the outdoor patio in the back, and it was almost filled on the very mild night we visited.

The drinks are nicely presented [see the gallery] with a decent selection of the standard spirits.

The menu at G Rehoboth is well laid out and easy to navigate. We started with the Spicy Cucumber Fennel Salad (cucumber, fennel, onion, garlic, red pepper, vinegar). It carried a bright and refreshing heat, and we loved it. We also couldn't resist the Sexy Salad (thin-as-air slices of watermelon radish & candy cane beets, avocado, arugula, multi colored sesame seeds and garlic jalapeno vinaigrette). It made for a great photo [scroll the gallery] and the crunch was light and tasty. The dressings on both salads are winners.

See the new dinner menu for 2018

See the new bar menu for 2018

My Favored Foodie companion started with the crab/corn chowder. It arrived nice and hot with a bit of cheddar cheese mixed in. Lots of crab and a light creamy broth that was not at all floury or gritty. After we finished the two salads, it only seemed right to check out the short rib grilled cheese (I had been thinking about it since they described it on the radio show). This ain't yo' momma's grilled cheese. The sandwich is built on a crunchy ciabatta-style baguette stuffed with flavorful, braised shortrib intermingled with a white cheese. The bread was fresh and made for a full entree portion.

The entree we shared was the Braised Short Rib platter sporting tagliatelle pasta (apparently house-made), mushrooms, garlic cream and asiago cheese. This is one of the stars of the show at G Rehoboth. It was a savory amalgam of beef stroganoff, standing rib (without the rib) and beefy pasta. Through no fault of our own, we were very short-rib-centric on this visit, but our curiosity was piqued by the Double Bone Pork Chop brined in juniper & ginger with mashers, black eyes and collards. G seems to be making a respectful nod to their Indian neighbor to the east with a Chicken Tikka Masala entree and a halibut dish redolent of masala spice. It will be fun to check these out on another visit. In the meantime, check out the photos in the gallery. More will be added very soon.

G Rehoboth is at 234 Rehoboth Avenue (3rd block from the ocean) directly across The Avenue from Lupo Italian Kitchen and Catchers. The open at 4 for dinner. Double-check off-season hours at (302) 278-7677.  Follow G Rehoboth on Facebook!

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  1. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    My wife and I, brother-in-law and lovely girlfriend recently dined at this establishment. The menu is very creative and everything we ordered was executed with perfection. My brother-in-law really enjoyed his G creation cocktail. His signature laugh echoed thru out the restaurant. They enjoyed the salmon entree. Braised short rib with home made pasta excellent. My wife found the burger and fries outstanding. She used the cheese that came with the complimentary crackers to accent the fries.Service was excellent and made us feel very welcome. I can highly recommend “G”.

  2. Avatar Joel Fradin says:

    We eat out in RB very often and decided to give G a try. Very disappointing. Its been years since we sent anything back but we did it twice tonight! Beef tartare had an off color, appeared to be ground instead of chopped, and was quite tasteless. Halibut was thoroughly overcooked (not even close). Both were sent back. The pasta shrimp creole: dreadful doughy pasta–hard to believe, really, texture approximated potato dumplings. The crab corn chowder was good, the chicken tikka masala passable.

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