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/ Updated on February 29, 2016

Cafe a-go-go is under new ownership as of 2016, as Maria and Jesus have moved on to greener pastures. I have left the old article up just FYI, but expect a new review soon.

Over 25 years ago, Maria and Jesús Ramirez left their oil company jobs in Mexico (Jesús on an offshore rig, Maria in the office and also teaching 7th and 8th grade mathematics) to find their dream in the United States. No strangers to hard work, they jump-started their Rehoboth careers on July 4th weekend, 1990, by banging on the back door of the old La La Land restaurant on Wilmington Ave. The door opened, and the chef said, “Do you know how to wash pans?” Maria spoke no English, but she immediately spied the vacant dishwashing station. She nodded, “Si.” Just a few years later she was managing the joint, working there for the next 16 years.

In 2005, they liquidated pretty much everything they had in order to fit up a tiny Rehoboth Avenue storefront to open their own place. Jesús’ love for American ’70s music prompted the name Café a go-go, and they were off and running with their signature Mexican coffee drinks — plus the always-in-demand lattes, specialty coffees, breakfast/lunch sandwiches and sweet treats.

Jesús and/or Maria are always on the premises, so good service is a given. There are a lot of coffee places in Rehoboth, but people love Café a go-go because Maria has a knack for remembering everybody — and sometimes even their preferred drink. My favorite, hands down, is the Mocha Loco Latte. If you like spice, proceed directly to the corner of First St. and Rehoboth Ave. for this little cup of heaven. The Ramirez’ mix hot coffee with Mexican cocoa and their own dried and powdered ancho chilis. Ask for it extra spicy (if you dare!). And don’t ask for it iced. The magical potion doesn’t work without the heat of the fresh coffee.

Another don’t-miss at Café a go-go is the Iced Triple Latte. This one will also trigger the visions (or continue them, depending on how much you got around in the ’60s). Feeling dainty? Get it with skim milk.

They also sell bagels, bagel sandwiches, smoothies (and Mexican smoothies — get the Horchata — just like rice pudding, but in a cup). Breakfast and lunch wraps round things out.

Go with the Mexican coffees. Not all of them are hot and spicy, but they are all delicious. My favorite Foodette can’t get enough of the Azteca Mocha (espresso, spiced cocoa and steaming milk) and the Cafe con Leche (Mexican espresso, brown sugar and cinnamon).

Café a go-go is located at 102 Rehoboth Avenue, next to the Candy Kitchen on the corner. There are cushy couches and newspapers for customers, and a wonderful little bar across the front window: People watching at its best. Hi-tops along the side make it sort of a festive place to be. They are open 7 days in-season, 7 am – 9 pm, but be sure to call in the off-season. They usually close for a while in the dead of winter and return to Mexico to stock up on ancho peppers. (B, L.,D.) Price range: Moderate -.

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  1. JL says:

    I will miss Maria & Jesus and their Mexican Mocha and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Café a Go-Go was the only place in Rehoboth I’d get coffee. My best wishes for the next chapter of their lives.

  2. Kris says:

    First time I went to Rehoboth and walked into this coffee shop, not knowing what they offered, I asked if they served La Colombe coffee…the owner (Jesus) flipped out on me…his poor wife was trying to quiet him, but forget it. So I just left feeling very shocked and surprised after hearing how nice this shop was…what’s wrong with a little La Colombe to start the day!?

  3. Johnny G says:

    My favorite place. Must stop on the avenue. Cafe con lache y breakfast buritto. Muy Buen.

  4. sue heil says:

    Intersting, I just left this coffee shop about an hour ago. I left smiling because the owners were so friendly, my frozen latte was very good also. When I left there I thought to myself that I would return!

  5. Susan and John says:

    We look forward to those smiling faces, strong coffee, tasty pastries, and bacon/egg/cheese bagels. Maria and Jesus have created a welcoming spot for locals and visitors alike. We’re lucky to have their cafe in our downtown!!

  6. Hoyte says:

    RF: You nailed it! J & M have a knack for who you are and what you like. Plus, Jesus makes the best foam in town!

  7. Always Hungry says:

    Maria and Jesus are an inspiration and I love their shop. It’s not just about the coffee, but the warm and friendly atmosphere.

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