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The NEW a(MUSE.)

/ Updated on June 30, 2019

a(MUSE.), at 44 Baltimore Ave., started out as one of the most unusual restaurants in Rehoboth Beach, and probably for many miles around. With 3-time James Beard nominee Hari Cameron’s modernist cooking style, it took a while for the restaurant to gain a strong following. But it certainly did, and reservations became a must for weekend feasts featuring Hari’s small-plate flights and dishes that were as pleasant to look at as they were to eat. But with the success of Hari (and his brother Orion’s) Grandpa MAC stores, it was time for change at a(MUSE.). And as of spring 2019 that change has happened. Even more small plates, a greater variety of popular “pubby” dishes and an even more friendly price point is now the hallmark at a(MUSE.)

The new menu still retains Hari’s humor, and is divided into nine sections. “Snacks” contains some of Hari’s signature plates that survived the cut: Potted Chicken, Jar of Pickles (a longtime Rehoboth Foodie pick hit!), and the marinated olives. But some of the new items are equally wonderful: do NOT miss the Mixed Nuts (sweet, salty, crunchy), the Pigs in a Blanket (you need to see – and taste – these to believe them) and the Piminto Cheese Toast (order it to share!).

I will repeat that, like many Cape Region restauarants, the menu at a(MUSE.) varies from week to week. Some things remain, others go by the wayside. So use this article and the photos as a guideline ONLY. Y’never know what goodies are in store for you at this popular restaurant.

As of this writing, “Mains” offers a selection of 6 dishes. We enjoyed the Roasted Spring Chicken (the baked chickpes/herb sauce is the topper). Hari’s signature duck breast and his flat iron steak are also standouts. “Hand-held” contains the newest items at a(MUSE.). Who wooda thought you could order a hamburger (actually a brisket burger), a hot dog (Wagyu beef, topped with DFH beer mustard – so it ain’t yo’momma’s hot dog!), or open-faced fried mortadella at a Cameron establishment!? Things must change, and I will admit that these are changes for the better.

One of our favorites at the media rollout was the Bread & Butter Calamari Salad on the “Small Plates – Seafood” column. We also loved the smoked fish pate and the crunchy softshell. “Small Plates – Meat” lists that wonderful fried mortadella with pistachio (you KNOW you want it!) and Hari’s own Cherry Cola Wings. “Small Plates – Grain” includes some of the most delicious rice I’ve had around here: the American-Grown Jasmine Rice dish speckled with crab, egg, onion, ginger, garlic and cilantro. This one’s a bouncy castle in your mouth! “Small Plates – Veggie” tops off the small-plate department with fava beans, collards, asparagus, lettuce and celery. Let me remind you: Things will change in the blink of an eye! So be ready for surprises when you visit a(MUSE.).

Of course, there would be no a(MUSE.) without Hari Cameron’s “Bespoke Chef Tasting.” “Bespoke” means customized-to-order, and that’s just what it is. You select 5 courses at a per-person prix fixe. You can add wines to each course for an additional charge.

With the (merciful!) removal of that evil bar-hiding wall, passersby can now see that a(MUSE.) indeed has a lively bar, overseen by none other than the formerly leopard-spotted mixologist himself, David Engel (Renegade/La La Land/Nage/Espuma). The happy hour and  late-night crowd includes chefs, other restaurateurs, servers and those who love them. Everyone in-the-know (and those who do not take themselves too seriously) are drawn to David’s snarky commentary and deadpan repartee as he mixes, slices, dices, blends, dishes, shakes, mulls and pours.

Why not a(MUSE.) yourself by experiencing this one-of-a-kind eatery by going to 44 Baltimore Ave. Wait ’til you see the bathrooms! Both sinks are custom cast. Out of almost 300 reviews, this is the first rating of  5 stars ever awarded to a bathroom.

a(MUSE.) is on Baltimore Ave.; be sure to call if you are bringing in a big party 302-227-7107. (D., Bar) Price range: Expensive -.

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Off-season Specials & Hours

Specials & Moods change quickly. Always call a restaurant first.

pp = per person.
BOGO = buy one, get one.
Bloody = bloody mary.
domestics = American-made beers (e.g., Bud).
imports = foreign beers (e.g., Heineken).
Rails = non call-brand alcohol.
Prix Fixe = one set price.
Mains = entrees.
Margs = margaritas.
Chix = chicken.
AYCE = all you can eat.
Lite = Miller Lite
drafts = draught beer.
Early Birds = arrive before a certain time.
Apps = Appetizers.
bottles = beer in a bottle.
à la carte = order off the menu (no prix fixe).
crafts = micro/artisanal brews (e.g., Old Leghumper Lager)

44 Baltimore Ave.

Off-season 2019-20 menu at a(MUSE) is in full effect!

Open 4 for happy hour. Dinner 5-11
Five Course Chef Tasting for only $50
Happy Hour 4-6
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
Monday Nights for all things Noodle. In addition to our regular menu we will feature various pasta, ramen, and noodle specials. Menu will fluctuate each week.
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
Open 4 for happy hour. Dinner 5-11
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
Open 4 for happy hour. Dinner 5-11
Happy Hour 4-6
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
Open at 4 for happy hour. Dinner 5-11
Happy Hour 4-6
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
Open at 4 for happy hour. Dinner 5-11
Happy Hour 4-6
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
Open at 4 for happy hour. Dinner 5-11
Happy Hour 4-6
Late-nite $5 - $10 menu!
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  1. Avatar Ron Bass says:

    Here is our most recent experience at Amuse restaurant in Rehoboth. We went with two ladies that we met on a cruise. Amuse now has a five dollar burger night on Thursdays. Unfortunately it took us about 45 minutes to get our burger. Five dollar burgers turned out not to be a very good value. Adding cheese to the burger cost four dollars for Cold (artisanal) cheese while two dollar melted cheese is available. Onions are not usually available or provided but could be purchased from those cooked for a different sandwich for an additional dollar. Mayonnaise costs an additional dollar. I got the five dollar burger with the two dollar cheese the one dollar mayonnaise and the one dollar onions. Three others got the more expensive burgers which start at $12-$14 before cheese, onions, mayo and a number of other possible additions were added. The Lamb burger was $14 +4 dollars worth of cheese one dollar worth of mayonnaise and one dollar worth of onions. Suddenly the five dollar burger night turned into a meal costing over $100 for the four of us.

    On top of this the burgers were undercooked and cold. We complained to the waiter and were told that we would receive free drinks at our next excursion to amuse. I think those drinks will be waiting for a while.

  2. Avatar Stephen says:

    (a)muse is our favorite restaurant in Rehoboth. Hari is a fantastic chef, the new manager is very knowledgeable about wine, and the wait staff are always friendly.
    We had the opportunity of eating at the bar one night, it was really enjoyable. David made wonderful drinks for my wife and I enjoyed my conversation with him. He made our night and I would gladly sit at the bar to eat the wonderful food.
    Can’t wait to go back.

  3. Avatar Bob says:

    We tried the tastings menu last night with the wine pairing. It was one of the best dining experiences I’ve had. I loved stating we had no dining restrictions and then the waiter brought us amazing dishes. We tried food we would never have ordered and everything was delicious. The wine choices were excellent as well. It was a truly exciting dining adventure.

  4. Avatar Teresa says:

    Hands down a(muse) is the finest dining in the area. I love to do the tasting menu for my birthday and anniversaries. Chef Hari is amazing, if he were in DC, we couldn’t get a table for months.

  5. Avatar Bob&Kathy Ackerman says:

    Recent first timers, we were stunned by this establishment in every regard. We tried a variety of selections — seafood and meats. The preparation of the tuna was the best I’d ever encountered. Service-impecable, right there when we wanted it, but not hovering. As I said to the owner/chef if this place was in Manhattan it would take 6 months to get a reservation. Bravo to the extraordinary Muse.

  6. Avatar Nancy Sakaduski says:

    If you are an adventurous eater and appreciate creative food, look no further. Hari Cameron is the most inventive, inspired chef around and he consistently surprises and delights.

  7. Avatar Gayle says:

    What an experience. Heard about it word of mouth, will pass it on. This is the place to go to have your “needs” met. I was so pleased by every aspect of our plate tasting. It is a warming feeling to share food with your friends and indulge in such unique Beverages. Off the scale, yes, I tip my hat to the Chef. Worldly and beyond knowledgable. One can learn to cook and pass it off as excellent. The food here comes straight from the heart and is filled to the brim with soul. What a perfect experience. My mouth left with a pleasing smile, anticipating my next visit. Hands down the utmost experience in dining pleasures…shhhhh…best kept secret!

  8. Avatar Tom Schwab says:

    Fantastic experience…every dish was seasoned perfectly. The chef’s combinations of flavor,texture,and visual presentation were outstanding. There was an explosion of tastes with each bite. The service was top notch…truly a wonderful dining adventure. Highly recommend for people who want a unique dining experience.

  9. Avatar Always Hungry says:

    The lavender fields dessert is special, one of the best in town. It’s a chocolate lover’s delight not to be missed, even more unique than just chocolate. As the Foodie says, this whole place is different but keep an open mind. I am (as my title suggests) always hungry, and I did not leave hungry after having one of each of the excellent courses. In fact, I might even cut it by one course next time. I was that full. The soft shell crab is one of the best I’ve ever had. An upscale place without the pretense. Definitely try it out. And they have secured the best bartender around!

  10. Avatar S. Woody says:

    Foodie, you forgot to mention that the Lavender Fields dessert is also a fun take on the classic s’mores. There’s what I’m sure are house-made marshmallows on the plate, and some graham cracker, to go with the chocolate ganache and the honey ice cream. Delicious, and well-humored at the same time.

  11. Avatar Mia Malloy says:

    I am a forty something, well traveled and well fed self proclaimed epicure. I never would imagine that I would have the best meal of my life at the beach but that is exactly what happened at Rehobeth’s a(Muse.). I stopped there out of curiosity and a drink. As I was enjoying an incredibly refreshing basil cucumber margerita, I saw the food come out of the kitchen and had to order a bite, or an “amuse bouche”. I was hooked. I returned two days later with my family and we ate everything on the menu. I’m usually polite but dismissive when the chef visits the table but because these dishes were so perfectly executed, I hung on his every word. This restuarant is an experience that I wll be sure to return to next visit to Rehobeth. Thank you Hari. PSST……. Don’t tell my husband, the chef.

  12. Avatar Chuck & Terry says:

    You want him to fail because you waited for your food when he’s only been open a couple of weeks? Are you sure you don’t work at a competing restaurant?

  13. Avatar wayne hodge says:

    I have eaten at A(Muse) several times now and have had a great experience each time, the menu changes constantly so there is always a surprise for you to try. I have my favorites but will say try the soft crab while it is in season , the potted chicken and newly added Hickman steak are also great. ON a side note to comment on a review above, I have been at A(Muse) at least seven times since they opend seating in the dining room as well as the bar, trying everything from a small bite or two to a full five course dinner and never have I had to wait (this includes Memorial Day weekend). Sometimes things can go wrong for a number of reasons, it has happened to me in some of the best restaurants in NYC. I do not hold it against the restaurant for one bad experience, nor do I predict failure and regrets. Hari is trying a totally new dining experience for our little town of Rehoboth. I suggest everyone give it a try and experience something only a lucky few in NY or SF get to enjoy

  14. Avatar Billie Criswell says:

    My husband and I have been twice now. Recently we took in a party of 12 people and had a FABULOUS time! Chef Hari has impeccable skills in visiting his diners and being an executive chef. This restaurant is practicing a level of culinary expertise that is unmatched in this area. Not only will this restaurant be a great success, but it is a wonderful place to bring guests for a dining experience!
    The food is beautifully presented in a succinct tasting menu that is for sophisticated and adventurous diners. If you are looking for something to entice you, to inspire you and to play to your sense of culinary adventure, you MUST try a(MUSE.)
    Cutting edge. Fun. Playful. Full of love and heart, Hari Cameron is a great person and a wonderful chef destined for a career that inspires diners.

  15. Avatar T&T says:

    We came because of your review, but Chef Hari spent most of his time visiting tables while a couple of our courses took WAY too long. As a result my wife and I left hungry.
    Hari! Do what you do best. Be the boss and light a fire under your kitchen people!
    Schmooze AFTER the dinner rush, not during.

  16. Avatar picky patrick says:

    what a disaster !!!!
    went for a special anniversary dinner and nothing went right…had 7;45 resv on a friday after memorial day ..got visited by 3 different staff before we could actually order a drink..the wine showed up @ 8:30. our first course @ 9:00.the 2nd @ 9:30 and finally our main course @ 10:05. Hari was working the room instead of working the kitchen. the food…nothing special…cold soft shells..yuk !!! the only outstanding dish was the tile fish. after spending $150 we left hungry and pissed…went to royal treat for desert..yummy. l predict hari will close after this 1 summer and regret leaving nage

  17. Avatar Barbara Teal says:

    Had dinner at a(Muse) Thursday evening an loved everything. The Jar of Pickles was good, and the soft shell and lavender fields were wonderful. Good job, Hari.

  18. Avatar Barry and Jeanne K says:

    We ate there early this week and loved it. Stopped just for a snack at the bar, so the portions were perfect. We agree that a dish from each section would add up to be a satisfying meal. We’re taking frinnds back in there next week.

  19. Avatar FoodieFollower says:

    Great review! My husband and I have eaten here twice since they’ve opened and we just love it. I have enjoyed everything that I’ve tried……and have become mildly obsessed with the “Taste of Spring” and “Lavender Fields”. They also offer a late night menu at the bar. So if you like your small plates served up with a side of cutting wit (I sure do!), the late night bar menu will NOT disappoint! With all the yummy selections on the menu, I can’t WAIT to eat there again!

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