Vietnamese SOON in RB

/ Updated on May 12, 2017

Minh’s Bistro is well on the way to opening in several weeks, right next door to the new Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli in the new Schell building at Rt. 24 in Rehoboth Beach, across from the new Royal Farms.

Rockville, Md. businessman Thinh Pham plans on serving a wide array of Vietnamese favorites, and members of his family will be on hand to help out and suggest their favorites.

The Foodie’s in for a sneak peek and I’ll post some pics as soon as Thinh lets me in the door.

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  1. David Wagner says:

    We will make the drive up from Bethany for Minh’s pho sho…

  2. Roses says:

    That’s wonderful to bring all these ethnic culinary delicacy to our area. However we are Lacking a really good Bakery with REAL Italian bread baked fresh daily on the premises and a large selection of treats. Just throwing it out there!

    • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

      Touch of Italy bakes fresh Italian and sesame semolina bread every night for their restaurants and other restaurants at their bakery in Five Points. It is available for public sale (often still warm) every morning there in Lewes. There is also freshly handmade mozzarella every day – which is quite good when consumed with that bread.

  3. Sue Sandelli says:

    Loved Pho 75 in Arlington for 30 years and have missed it since we moved here two years ago. So excited to have a new Vietnamese restaurant in Rehoboth!!!

    • John Edelmann says:

      I live two blocks to Pho 75 in Arlington and love it. I am so pleased to have Vietnamese in Rehoboth! I am in Milton and it is not too far.

  4. virginia gouse & Marty Rockey says:

    we are so excited to have a Vietnamese restaurant we moved from pa ands we miss the soup pho & the spring rolls glad you are coming to the area

  5. Karen Aszman says:

    Can’t wait! Having spent many years living in Houston, I miss being able to sit down to a wonderful bowl of Pho! This is just what we needed and I agree with Jayel…Indian food please!

  6. Jayel says:

    Ooh, first Zen Saigon in Bethany Beach, now the second Vietnamese restaurant in the area in Rehoboth? Mmmm! Now…when can we expect an Indian food?

  7. Mike Surowiec says:

    Great to hear! Nice to add Vietnamese food to our local mix. Can’t wait.

  8. Sophie Krezel says:

    So excited! Love Vietnamese food! Great that we are getting more diversity in Rehoboth.

  9. Jude says:

    Cannot wait for some good Vietnamese food.

  10. Karen Dilcher says:

    Absolutely super!!!

  11. Linda Lorber says:


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