From Sydney to Ray in 2018

/ Updated on November 14, 2017

That classic spot at 236 Rehoboth Avenue has played host to so many interesting businesses. Astral Plane (where budding restaurateur Alyson Blyth waited tables). Sydney’s – the creole restaurant that became a hub for live music and jazz even in the off season (and probably the seed from which the current Jazz Festival grew) and of course Doug & Lisa’s Pig & Fish restaurant – the first of the three little pigs, two of which are going strong on Coastal Highway (Pickled Pig Pub) and in Lewes (Pig & Publican).

In 2018 a new venture will appear in that spot under the name of Cuvee Ray. It will be a wine bar and also a full-service restaurant. We will keep you informed as Ray and his partners being the process of lighting up that historic building once again.

(We thank The Buzzlette for the accompanying image. Disguised as a jazz musician (complete with the black wardrobe, sunglasses and a trunk full of autographed CDs), she had her Instamatic professionally converted into a fully functioning stand-up bass fiddle in order to blend into the Jazz Fest crowd as she surreptitiously snapped the groundbreaking photo.)

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