Sodel Concepts eyes Crust & Craft

/ Updated on February 14, 2019

The RehobothFoodie is pleased to announce that SoDel Concepts hopes to take over Brenton Wallace’s Crust & Craft restaurant very soon. SoDel Concepts CEO Scott Kammerer tells the Rehoboth Foodie that pretty much everything will remain the same. “Why mess with success,” Kammerer says. “Brenton is a talented guy and has built a great restaurant there.”

SDC Vice President Doug Ruley, who oversees the culinary division, chimes in, “It’s a unique concept at the beach that complements our other restaurants. Brenton created a restaurant that’s committed to quality ingredients and customer service.”

There are still hoops through which they must jump, it looks like the changeover will take place some time around March 1.  The result will be a good deal for everyone concerned! Congratulations Crust & Craft, creator Brenton Wallace and SoDel Concepts! We hope it all works out.

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