Thompson Island Brewery

/ Updated on June 30, 2019

SoDel Concepts is well into the process of building their 12th Cape Region Restaurant, Thompson Island Brewery. Located adjacent to Bluecoast Rehoboth (between that and the Wawa), the restaurant will feature craft brews and mostly non-seafood items, including some amazing concoctions from SDC VP Doug Ruley himself. They are working very closely with Troeg’s Brewery in Hershey, PA to make sure the brewing system is perfect.

Get the whole story! CLICK HERE to listen to the Sip & Bite broadcast with SoDel Concepts Marketing Director Nelia Dolan, Dir. of Ops Matt Patton and VP Doug Ruley. They talk Thompson Island beers, brewing, menus and recipes!

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  1. Jack Bostic says:

    SoDel is a fantastic success story of quality and excellent in the food/drink industry. I so look forward to the fall when Thompson Island opens…likely another turn to gold venture.


    Very excited to see this Breaking Chew! We love the idea of a pub/craft beer addition to Bluecoast Seafood, all within walking distance to our Keys of Marsh Harbor neighborhood.

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