Preshy’s OUT -1st State Cravings IN

/ Updated on September 15, 2023
1st State Corn's Kathryn Robinson & her husband are taking over the old Preshy's space in Midway Center.
The Robinsons started with that popular truck behind Chick-fil-A, then occupied the old Glazed/Shrimpy's walk-up next to Ice Cream Store in downtown RB.
They are finally bringing their clever concept to the sit-down venue in Midway. And none too soon. Though some Preshy's patrons chose to find it cute, the rude and often abusive behavior of Preshy's owner (even to little kids) was wearing thin. The great majority of comments posted here at only praised the restaurant for low prices, justifying it by calling the owner “a character.” Sorry; not buying it. You get what you pay for. I'd rather get decent portions and reasonably polite service than save a few bucks.
I've eaten at 1st State Corn and I believe that it will be a welcome addition to Midway for food and even professional behavior. 1st State Cravings' projected opening is around December.
  1. Avatar Gary says:

    Best news ever! I’m happy to see Preshy’s gone. We witnessed the owner’s rudeness to handicapped people. Good luck to the new owners!

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