PATTY’S Coming to Lewes

/ February 11, 2020

Patty's famous carryout in Georgetown will soon be opening smack dab on the medical mile on Savannah in Lewes. Patty lost her lease in Georgetown, and that's good news for us beach people!

The NEW Patty's (With seating! Finally!) will open in about a month or so in the Hazzard Auto Repair / Liberty gas station complex where the BBQ place and the hot dog places used to be. It's just past the train tracks across from Bryan Hecksher's Auto Gallery.

DO NOT MISS Patty's egg salad, her amazing oatmeal cookies and breakfast burritos!

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  1. Avatar Sue says:

    So happy to hear Patty’s is coming to Lewes! Not in GT often enough and got a fix from time to time at Oak Creek Liquors wine tastings. LOVE their white fish dip, cheeses, flatbreads – everything fresh/flavorful/savory! Welcome!!!

  2. Avatar BJ Young says:

    I LOVE Patty’s. I would stop in almost ever week when she was in Lewes. I stopped by a few times when it was in Georgetown and purchased sandwiches.
    Of course it was to far to go However I am thrilled she is back. Loved the coffee, sandwiches, white fish and just her friendly hello!

  3. Avatar Rick Thomas says:

    Mr. P’s is sooooooo excited, right behind us!!!!!!! Great news. Our motto is “locals supporting locals” welcome Patty! if you need anything, we would love to assist!. I see trades in our future…wink!
    Great addition to savannah rd and lewes, YEA!

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