From Papa’s to Azzurro 4/’18

/ Updated on April 14, 2018

Well, you heard it first from the Rehoboth Foodie, kids! (Yet again….)

Tonya and Francesco Agostino will be opening their brand new Azzurro Italian Oven and Bar in the old Papa Grande’s location at the corner of 2nd St. and Wilmington Ave. in Rehoboth. That space hosted Nancy Wolfe’s popular Chez la Mer restaurant for many years, then went through two rather dismal failures. For the last few years it played host to the Rehoboth incarnation of Fenwick Island’s Papa Grande’s Coastal Taqueria (one of the most popular stops on the food tours).

The Agostino family owns a number of restaurants in Europe, and will be bringing some of those concepts to Rehoboth, including the Italian tradition of Aperitivo – a small plate delivered alongside before-dinner cocktails. Their wood-fired oven will provide traditional rustic Italian goodies, and there will even be a little post-dinner surprise! (I don’t want to give everything away!)

The changeover from Mexican to Italian will take a while, and Azzurro is slated to open in early April, 2018. The Rehoboth Foodie will keep you posted, of course.

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  1. Andrea says:

    What happened to Papa Grande?!

  2. Tom Browning says:

    This is great news! Hoping to finally get a good pizza! The Italian dining experience is so unique and wonderful and I am certain that the people of our area will fully support this restaurant. Ciao Bello!

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