Miyagi Ramen in Rehoboth

/ Updated on June 14, 2017

Well (yet again), you heard it first from The Rehoboth Foodie, kids! Miyagi Ramen Bar will soon be opening in the Safeway Shopping Center where Saladworks opened … and closed.

Co-owner and host Jeong Hoon Kim (Remember him? The tall, silky haired and rather inscrutable front-of-house host at Saketumi?) is pleased to bring one of his favorite dishes to the Cape Region. “These are not the Ramen noodles you buy in the store and throw into boiling water,” Kim warns. “We make these entirely from scratch with our own, proprietary recipe. We will serve the real thing.” There will be a selection of proteins to combine with your noodles, including chicken and beef. There will also be an extensive selection of veggie-only items.

Kim made a huge impression on Saketumi’s customers, so much so that Saketumi owner Tammy Wang has partnered with him in this exciting Ramen venture. This is a power duo if there ever was one.

Prices will range from $8 to about $15. Kim chimes in once again “I want Miyagi Ramen Bar to be a place you can dine 2 or 3 nights a week and be able to easily afford it. It will be the essential neighborhood eatery.”

Of course, there are licenses, inspections and still a bit of hoop-jumping to endure, but Kim is confident that he will be opening very soon. Of course we will keep you informed!

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  1. Rob Doyle says:

    Grew up in Ha. ’60s ’70s I need my ramen! The duck sounds great.

  2. Susan says:

    I love you duck noodles ! Will you have them? Do your noodles have a lot of carbs in them? What’s the difference in yours except wonderful taste… then the ones they warn us not to eat because they don’t digest?

  3. Charlie says:

    When is Miyagi planning on opening? Can’t wait. The last Ramen restaurant I enjoyed was in New York called Ivan Ramen. Yum

  4. Karen Aszman says:

    Will Mr. Kim include Duck Noodles on the menu? I used to have that for lunch frequently many years ago when I lived in Singapore. Miss them so much! Looking forward to this!

  5. Ramen Lover says:

    This is fantastic. I am so excited. You didn’t mention pork. I hope they have tonkotsu ramen with that emulsified rich thick pork broth! It is the best. Have never had beef in ramen, but it could be good.

    If anybody has their doubts about ramen or has never had real ramen… Check out Tampopo, Ramen Girl or watch the Chef’s Table (on Netflix) episode about Ivan Ramen.

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