Lula OUT, G Cask Kitchen IN

/ Updated on April 27, 2017

Though we mourn the demise of Meg Hudson’s Lula Brazil, the new G Cask Kitchen is about to light up that storied Cloud 9 building in the 4th block of Rehoboth Avenue. G Cask Kitchen will tout upscale dining and live DJs. We’ll keep you posted.

See more (and apply for a job if you wish!) by clicking here.

(The Buzzlette has yet again come to the rescue of her intrepid, though somewhat overworked Rehoboth Foodie by kindly providing the photos of the signs. She cleaves through the night, moist, yet wraithlike; her presence marked only by a sudden chill in the air, or perhaps an unexplained sense of dread, and for those blessed enough to see it, the lightening-like flash of her magical Brownie Hawkeye.)

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