iPhone Owners: Update!


If you own an iPhone, and your attempts to open your Rehoboth in my Pocket travel app result in a sad, mysterious crash, you can thank iOS-10!

But all is not lost: If you upgraded to iOS-10 since you last opened Rehoboth in my Pocket, you need to:

  • Go into your app management and delete Rehoboth in my Pocket from your phone.
  • Go to iTunes (The App Store) and re-“buy” Rehoboth in my Pocket. There is NO CHARGE if you are using the same Apple ID you used when you originally bought it.
  • Allow it to download. Make sure that the app icon on your home screen is the GREEN one.
  • Enjoy everything Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes. The app updates with new entries every time you open it, so you are always in the know!

New downloads after your upgraded to iOS-10 will not exhibit this problem. Learn more about Rehoboth in my Pocket here (over 35,000 users and counting!)

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